100% Pure New Zealand – 2017 Drone Footage

Drone footage of DJI MAVIC PRO during our 3 week visit in New Zealand – sorry for the duration but we had an extensive touring plan and little time for filming.


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Jameson Nathan Dope – Evolutions II

10 comments on “100% Pure New Zealand – 2017 Drone Footage

  1. Hello Rachel

    Hi kamykkamyk! May I ask permission to use some of the shots for personal use? I’m trying to make a video blog about my vacation in New Zealand. And I want to insert some very nice NZ drone footages in between scenes, sort of a transition footage. I will give you credit for the shots. Let me know if it's ok. This is so beautiful!

  2. Vika To'oala

    Hi Kamykkamyk, my name is Vika from 40 Days Touring. Was wondering if we could use some of your footage for a 'Lyric Video' we're producing for a reggae music artist. Looking forward to your response. Vika

  3. Jarred Palanca

    YOOOO sick edit!!! your drone footage is on point!! ive always wanted to visit New Zealand and you captured it really cinematically and well 🙌🏽 i recently made a snorkelling adventure video, feel free to check it out!! just subbed im keen to see more of your work keep it up!!! ((:


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