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hey guys jim bowers Dimity back out to here on one freakin cold last day I'm gonna go over the list of the top 12 mistakes that you need to remember when you're out there flying you're cruising along you're bored out of your skull and looking for something fun to do so you take both of your sticks and push him straight up then you push one up and one down then both of them straight out to the side and then the last critical fatal mistake you make is you take both of your sticks and pull them down and into the center and what's gonna happen your drone is gonna fall out on the sky and break it a dozen pieces because you're gonna disarm it it's called a CS see you only want to use that when you're arming the bird to take off do not pull those sticks down into the middle or down and out because some birds will also disarm the motors even in flight mistake number two is the mistake ins a lot of guys make – and that is you know you keep your your drone in the case you take it out you put your gimbal on you put your camera on you put your props on well most of the props out there nowadays are self tightening so they just figure they can tighten down the prop give it a little snug or if it's the click on style like the inspire has you just push down do a half turn and they're locked in place what they're not doing though is is once you push down and turn to lock them in place pull up on them pull up on the prop wiggle it back and forth and you'll feel that positive lock because guys get out there and they just assume that since the props are self tightening they're just going to get tighter and tighter but remember when you flying long-haul and ask your first pass and you hit the brakes the props will actually stop momentarily while it's Auto correcting itself and when it makes that hard to stop the prop can continue to spin right off you're drunk so make sure your props are locked mistake number three return to home you get way out there somewhere like maybe even beyond line of sight and you're behind the trees or back behind buildings or whatever and you lose signal what's the drone gonna do it's gonna go into an auto return to home so when it does head home if it's below 60 feet off the ground this is in general it's going to raise up 20 feet before it heads home if it's above 60 feet off the ground it's not going to raise up at all it's just going to head home now if there's a 10-story building in the way it does not give a rat's ass it's gonna fly right through that building and you better hope it's a parking garage cuz it's just got to keep on going and if something's in the way you are scar rude go into the settings and manually set your return to home height at a hundred and fifty feet now 150 feet is definitely going to be about power lines above the tallest trees etc so it's just a good practice to get into mistake number four is an auto landing that you have no control over and that's because pilots are getting out there and they're getting a low battery warning and just figuring oh I know I've got least three more minutes to fly and so they keep on flying then it goes to critical low battery warning and you figure well I can start heading home now but you're just a little bit too far out and the drone decides screw you buddy I'm landing right here it's going to keep going down in most cases you'll still have pitch in y'all control but you have no control over its descent you can't force it to rise back up again it's going to land by the way if you've got an expensive drone I recommend you get over there and order the Marco Polo tracker and it'll save your ass one of these days when your drone goes bye-bye holy crap it's way out there flying your drone that far away is beyond line of sight and that's what a lot of pilots do they get cocky especially the noobs they figure out I can fly it right here I must be able to fly it wait a frickin hell out there remember you can't see the aircraft anymore everything is visual on your tablet so one of the mistakes they make is they decide well I'm a little bit close to this tree so I'll back up that's where they just made their mistake backing up and not being able to see what the hell's right behind them so they've run into buildings or trees or power lines I didn't if you are gonna fly way the hell out there go Scout the area first see what's out there know where you're flying or keep it in line aside the next mistake that some guys will make is if you go to land it somewhere other than its return to home location don't forget cancel the return to home before you start landing it anyplace else other than its original return to home spot got it good the next bad mistake that pilots will make is just sheer brain fart and that's flying in an environment that is just not a safe place to fly you're either around a bunch of tall buildings there's power lines over there and power lines over there or you're in the middle of a thick forest or whatever let it be here there's nothing to freaking hip out here anywhere so fly in an open area or at least try to and if you're around a congested area scout it out first before you take off breaking distance a lot of guys get out there and they're flying around haulin ass and all of a sudden they turn to the right and there's a freaking telephone pole it's called inertia aircraft or a drone it's gonna take a certain amount of time before it comes to a complete stop know how long it's going to take the aircraft to stop because if you're hauling ass at 25 or 30 miles an hour and all of a sudden you see that telephone line in front of you chances are by the time you see that telephone line it's too late you're going to hit it and here you're heading for the ground buddy give it plenty of time for braking distance to allow you to stop I see this happen all the damn time it's when you're taking your prop guards off when you put your prop guards on they come with a longer screw so you put that longer screw in there to give it enough length to grab a hold of the threads down inside of there but then three months later you think you're some hotshot badass pilot and you don't need prop guards anymore so you take your prop guards off and you put those screws back in there and you take off and all of a sudden you see the thing start smoking it's because you use those long screws to put back in the aircraft remember if you take your prop guards off you have to switch back to the short original screws that it came with if you put the long screws in there it's going to hit the motor windings in the motor and short out all four your motors you're going to have destroyed those motors and you gonna have to replace every single one of them so make sure you switch back to the short screws if you take your prop guards off the biggest mistake that a rookie can make is getting frickin cocky remember as long as the aircraft is pointing it away from you your left is your left and your right is your right on your sticks but as soon as you turn the aircraft to face you now your left is your right in your right is your left so that's the mistake they make they turn it toward them they start pushing forward and they start turning right the aircraft's going left they start panicking and they all and they've hit a tree remember this tip always imagine yourself sitting in the cockpit you're sitting in the aircraft that way when you're flying toward you you're picturing yourself in that aircraft and you know which way is going to turn the aircraft left alright there's two more I want to mention to you real quick one is be careful when you're flying indoors if you're in a gym or you're in your freakin living room or whatever it is raining like hell outside and you just can't freakin wait to get your drone off the ground and you take off in your living room you got to remember you have no GPS or most of the time you don't so it's relying on its onboard sensors if you're lucky the sonar optical flow sensor on the bottom of the aircraft some of them do now so they're measuring the carpet texture or your wood floors and they know how far they are off the ground and what position they're in and they'll hold their position pretty well but remember it doesn't have GPS lock so it can drift you can easily hit the wall or the lamp or your Uncle Fester over there or whatever so be careful when you decide that you want to fly indoors with a 450 size quad because it isn't as easy as it is flying it outdoors trust me on that one and this last one is just for you guys who want to try flying waypoints the first mistake that a rookie makes is they set their first Waypoint way out there like you know 500 feet then their second Waypoint their third Waypoint etc but what they failed to remember is that the drone is sitting on the ground as soon as you hit launch it doesn't know to go up and then over to one it just knows oh I gotta go over there so it just takes off across the ground and gradually rises up to Waypoint number one at a hundred and ten feet or whatever you haven't set eye while it's trying to climb up to weight point number one there's a tree or a car or a building in between you and Waypoint number one so your run right into it alright so make sure your first Waypoint and your last Waypoint are directly over your head don't forget go on over to aces deals dot biz and buy anything you can buy something for three bucks whatever he's got over there a battery or a set of prop guards whatever because you'll be entered to win one of four terrific droves on tax day April the 15th Peter and I are gonna give one lucky random customer from his website either gonna be your choice a pro drone bird and austell X star a unique typhoon H or the Traxxas Aton trainer drone you get your pick let's get into it for these tips stupid-ass things that a lot of girls toilets do including me in the past Jim Bowers here demon seeds a little bit broken but I'm still out it aren't you guys have a good evening don't forget kiss the wife for me make it a wet one give your Nana a big hug tell her you lover

Here are the TOP 12 critical errors that you’ve HAD, or your going to have. So, sit your flabby ass down and Pay Attention! One of these tips might save you $1000!

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30 comments on “12 MISTAKES that "Drone Noobs Make" – Demunseed

  1. Kidfixer

    This guy acts like that obnoxious uncle at your wedding who gets drunk and wont shut the fuck up.  Very informative video…but the delivery is bat-shit-crazy!!

  2. Rebecca Armstrong

    You missed something

    If someones flying drones model aircraft etc in the area u plan to .. plz walk up to the other pilots and talk to them .. if you happen to start flying around and 1 or more of your channels are set to the same u could find urself chasing your drone into the trees with loss of control

    Had this happen today .. i herd the guy was going to fly his drone i shouted sure let me land my plane ..set myself up.. flew around the comunity centre setting myself up for landing on the football fields and i have a unfortunate video of his drone heading off into the woods with him chasing after it ..

    Feel for the guy ..

    Its always good to be standing near each other .. and u never know u might meet a friend and perhaps have ago of flying something dif to what u might have too

  3. Peter Rod

    i have done it all for that really good shot, waterfalls i drown, metropolitan shot i hit a building, backwards props i broke all of them at least more than 3 times. hit trees. start the motors in home mode, the pro is that i learn the hard way how to rebuild them and replace all broken parts. i learn how to solder i learn to upgrade etc. i have not crash or broke anything in over 3 months that is a record.

  4. Chris Done

    If you crash a dji drone ?, give up cause your not controlling it they pretty much do it for you . All you do is request it to do a maneuver. Learn to fly properly this is the number 1 rule of how not to crash a rc quadcopter..

  5. glevideo

    WRONG! Inertia is NOT "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". That is Newton's Third Law of Motion. Inertia is the resistance, of any physical object, to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object's speed, or direction of motion.

  6. Droning Harry

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah. LOL! S#@t happens. Thought my Phantom was booking once and I dropped it in the corn field. Took a long while but I got it back, looked at the video at home and I was flying it. First time error was I sat the height at 400 meters instead of feet. It was gone, could not find it. My wife saved my butt. She searched and locked in got it back overhead and I was able to get her home while some guy who was nice and respectful talked my ears off. Been lucky and never done it again, yet. Good video Jim.

  7. Richard Ewels

    In regards to flying weigh points, if you are doing so over undulating terrain, will a GPS drone adjust its height to stay above the terrain? Or do you have to get the drone to a suitable height to clear the highest weight point before initiating?


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