Oh pilots and ground crew welcome back to my channel I've done another one of them like trick tutorials but the gist for new pilots like so it's no flashy flashy well this is like the second one I've done right but the next one I'd go on now probably only do one more right I want to do a couple more advanced tricks all right and if I can find somewhere I want to where show you a mati flip and I'm not great but at least I'll be able to tell you how to do it if you know what I mean I'll able to show you one if I get it right but I'm not spot-on with it all right the ad difficult I bought our are a couple of different tricks or whatever but so a little bit harder but this one like the first one how to thing I did alright it's it's three very simple little tricks I bought for new pilots I asked them don't these particular trick thing is I but for new powers right it's just someone else to be grist to and practice right so if you've been flying years you're not gonna enjoy this go watch someone else what am I in the videos right there now yet what I'm gonna do is I've started it different just to give a brief idea alright that there's three not a shot I the first one there is just some I call the flippy flip thing a year alright is as you've got your quad all right iรญve got the video coming but I just thought I'd get a quick rundown and the three tricks so you can see the quad do it if you know I mean as you coming down on the first one you tilt you caught all the way down so it's the camera itself now remember the cameras got a degree angle coming up so depending on where you cameras but you tilt you camera down so the camera angle is facing straight down on top of the bush or a tree or in this case me alright in the field that you'll see and then as you drop right power you do a complete backflip out of it and roll now the idea is to come out of it as close to the ground as possible and as you come out you skim salt like skim the ground and it does look good when it's done right all right but yeah so you flying along you tilt forward you let the quad drop drop drop then you do a back roll and as you come out of the back roll you should be real close to the ground and he just power out it sounds more difficult than what it actually is right because you're really only Malini sticks twice but you'll see that in their video coming up the next one really simple there's a proper name for this and Adorno the end of it it's sort of like a half power lope as you come in right and you're coming down right you go into a back roll as if you've got to do a power lope alright but you keep going on when you get to this point here you simply roll out let it drop let it drop drop regain power and fly off I don't know if that was on camera so I'll do it a little bit closer you come out you do a half roll all right and then let it drop a bit then straighten up and fly all again okay that's the second trick you're gonna see in a minute the last one is similar to that but it's in Reverse and you do it a little bit lured to the ground what you want to be doing is flying over sir AB or Shore well I say a person but don't go flying over people's a fly or B ruin it if you wanted yeah your rent tough all right disclaimer not my fault if you crush you into yourself no but you don't really want to be flying other people obviously but if you find like a bush or a small tree is somewhat you don't want a massive tree don't really work but you want to be skimming along and a quick little pulse and as you punch alright you flip over flip around so you're facing the back of the object and you will you will carry on traveling backwards if you know what I mean so you're coming forwards towards your object imagine this is your ground level you coming forward towards your object you could make a quick punch you flip over and flip backwards at the same time and your quad the momentum will keep the quad going the way you was going but you'll be going backwards right it's so tempting just to grab the throttle and stop yourself and all that all the time all the time when I'm doing that trick I get to that point and I punch the throttle and it just stops dead if you let it go with it all right and then you'll get more momentum you're coming forward quick punch you go over your object flip around flip back again and it'll just keep going in reverse if you know what I mean as you're looking down at the object but any other later three I said this is just for new power-ups right and I know in the video I mentioned a couple of bits which is common sense like you back revolt age dropping because you pull it more power it's just common sense but for absolutely new pilots these little tricks that I we're just getting going and staying to practice like that first trick little how cool thing I did and then this one and I could see the next next one well it'll be but I'll put a couple more had a trick soon okay then that'll probably be my last right okay then pilots let's jump to the video now and then you'll see them three tricks all put together alright and I've done there a stick camera again it's not the right tool they're filled an Impala so beacon see the transmitter again let's just get her up and just get a quick field cause like I said before it always feels a bit strange with me not I've been an actual where strapped on the transmitter feels a bit weird to me so just do a couple of passes get the feel oh yeah right me flippy flops lippy flip you flip flip flip think whatever you want plenty call it right start off with this is all you want to practice it all right go a bit high drop you throttle first the ground and you fall in and then catch it similar to the rule but you really want to be first in the ground this town all right really fierce in the ground and then catch it that was a bit low when you practice in it start it a bit higher up I'll do it over me then you'll get a better idea about what you're looking for actually you really want to be ready there you go really want to be fierce in the ground really hard if you know I mean you dropping your left hand maude till we fit in and then you catching it all right okay the next part I'll take it up a bit higher next part is once you're at that point you go backwards and catch it all right now you're doing that is you already got your throttle dropped so daughtry raise you throttle because has you facing down you've got your throttle dropped udall back flip and then catch it so it's kinda like facing down then a back flip but when you're actually doing it over something it looks quite cool I'll see if I can get a gist over me looking down and then cut there you go that was a really good one he says cockily what do it that way cuts of people at that side so I'll do it coming toward me again yeah but when you practice in its title for the Isle of come real I know all right face down backflip catch it before you hit the ground and the idea is it's before you hit the ground that makes it look cool if you just did that down round or down wow yeah that's cool all right especially when you're learning all right but this maneuver is to make you flip look a little bit more interesting because you only just catching it before it eats the ground I remember drop you throttle are you looking over the object and then back forth and catch it oh it was quite higher then but that's all it is right you may have seen it before I might even have a proper name dropping a backflip then you catch it I'm doing it quite high there for sure yeah because there's nothing to actually do it over here if it's over a bush or a small tree it looks better I'm a little bit lower as you drop you throw any go I look round and then catch it with your throttle so you basically keeping your throttle down constantly until you're catching it throttle down for a hoedown throwdown quick back and catch and believe me over it three is sum up it looks much better throttle down throttle down flip up a cat today a girl you see what I mean when you catch it really low to the ground it does look quite cool both's yeah if there's me flippy floppy flip and a catch so I'm just going to learn now because my battery is getting very low so I'm bringing it in for a landing I'll change lipos whoops I'll change Labor's then we'll move on to someone else okay right there in there tick – so to speak and I'll be back this one is a lot easier but for new pilots it might seem a little bit scary alright what it is it's like a half power low and then you rule out of it at the end so you're facing the opposite way there's probably a proper name for it but how's this sure yeah we go what's this transmitters you do a half power lobe and once you see the ground drop you throttle roll out of it and then catch it again so you keeping your power on it's not a proper power law alright cuz you keep any power on all the way until you see the ground right I'm rolling back I'm rolling back to pile on top of power off then rolling out and then catching it so it's almost like turning around you'll go again how long how long I can see the ground I'm rolling out of it and I saw a guy on a bike course and what on that threw me off yeah but you get the gist now we'll just do another one in the open field and another nobody about where you going up keeping your power on and see the ground catch it and that's all it is all right and that's the start of a power law all right rolling back keeping the power on dropping your power roll around and coming down and catching it and like I say this is your basic start of a power law to learn power lobes and I'm not very good at all but people turning up everywhere enough do one back this way yeah how will we know you're rolling back you see the ground you cut your power roll forward and you're off and a proper power law here's one you're going off and then he cut your power there all right that didn't work because forget that that went here why yeah I just saw me bolt battery's voltage at the same time screaming at me so I pulled out all that in fact I'm gonna lose this any second now my battery's gonna go yeah the battery voltage is killing me but so you saw what I wanted to show you that half lobe now after lockdown I yield guessing and the battery voltages come up cuz I've slowed right down you see that as a tip for new pilots the more power you giving right just in case you didn't know all right the more battery voltage you're obviously using right and if you've got battery voltage on the on screen display it's gonna go down all right and you're gonna use it quick but it's over three minutes for me so that's why I'm bringing it in but you got the gist I'll show you it one more time when I swap batteries before moving on to the third and final thing and then pilots they will go again last one what this is it's sort of like looking beyond yourself you're doing a flip similar to what we did on the first one but instead of rule on that first little tutor instead they're going up and in round the object you're looking at this Sam you going straight over the top of it all right flipping over straighten it off all right if you watch me left thumb right which is my throttle on mod 2 you punch them up you flip in and pull them back and once again this is probably got a popping in but I don't know but your left thumb you give it a bit of power you left them drops you're a little side down pull it back round but not that slow yeah towards your object whatever it is in this case me all your shop nope you power let it go and then you'll keep traveling backwards a little bit with it ok I'll do it one more time we'll do it higher you give it a pause she drop your power you flip upside down and you catch it again all right we'll do it toward me so you get a better idea of what's going on you reading towards your target you give it quick punch drop your power come back round so that as you float you're not at the top of the object you float in facing the object but at the same time yet you're coming down if you know what I mean so you're not punishing right over the top of it and keeping going which is what would happen if you did someone like that you'd keep going so you're pulling yourself out of it again all right I'll do one more because battery's running shot again all right you're coming towards your object you pawnshop you drop your power you flip upside down and if you notice I was still going backwards and I to catch you I was going so far well there a couple more little basic yeah tricks right in a couple of weeks I might do another one of these but somewhat bit more advanced I'd love to show you a Mattie flip even though I'm not that good at it myself but I've got really nothing crown deer to practice and Matt you flip on so if a fan somewhat I'll show you one but for now thanks for watching pilots and ground crew and Cheers you

3 more tricks for new fpv quad pilots, nothing to fancy but a little harder than the first lot in part 1.
(Link to part 1)

Gear I used
HSKRC Freestyle 250 248mm Carbon Fiber True X RC Drone FPV Racing Frame Kit 118g


Racerstar motors 2205 2300kv


Racerstar V2 5048 PROPS


Foxeer Classic HS1177 v2 FPV Camera


Spedix 25A ESC’s


HGLRC flight board with built in 500 mw VTX


HD Cam
Hawkeye Firefly 160 Degree HD 1080P FPV Micro Action Camera Mini Cam DVR Built-in Mic for RC Drone


Turnigy Evolution Transmitter


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