$37 Mini Spy Drone DM002

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what's up guys today I got the little DM 0 0 2 and we're gonna fly it today using these Fatshark teleporter v floors and the eachine double-oh-seven and it takes these little three hundred million power three point seven volt batteries and flight time is about three minutes for this thing and it's actually pretty sweet little setup this whole setup cost about thirty seven dollars i'm banggood the drone comes with this awesome little real controller right here and it's not perfect it has actually little dead space in the yaw so you got a go a little bit farther for it to actually start using the yaw but for the most part it's a sweet little setup for $37.00 and probably the most fun that you can have you will have to pick up the glasses or the goggles separately and but for this camera on this drone you can't be at $37 and you can pick these goggles up for about 39.99 that's the oisin double-oh-seven s and let's do some fly

This is the coolest drone you can buy for less than $37. The DM002 is so small that you can fly it outdoors and indoors. You will need to pick up a pair of FPV goggles if you do not already own some. This first person video was a recording of the Eachine 007 pro goggles that I picked up for $40. Wait for a flash sale to get the best prices. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe!

DM002 Mini Drone:

Eachine 007 Pro goggles:

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