4K Drone under the FAA 250 gram regulations. Smooth video, no jello, and ready to start filming. Pretty sweet for those looking for a 4K drone under 250 grams.

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32 comments on “4K DRONE under 250 grams! – FULLSPEED TURBOWHOOP 4K – FULL REVIEW 🔥

  1. Chestnuts FPV

    In your opinion "for cinematic purposes only" would you spend the extra $$$ on the Geprc 4K or get this one and print some TPU replacement ducts….??? torn on which one to go for….

  2. UgpFpv

    I don't know why people don't show the cinewhoop ducked quad the way they were meant to be used… People are almost always flying them out doors and in spots where a 5" could easily fly… Get them indoors or in tight spaces and actually catching cinematic footage, seeing how well the camera will do indoors is much more important to me than if it can do a powerloop or not.
    Sorry not bagging on dronecamps could have posted this on almost any recent reviews of cinewhoops

  3. Damein Anderson

    Justin I wanted to know how this compares to the recently reviewed "Diatone TMC Airblade 4k". I currently have a FIMI X8 but would like something that shoots 4k in a smaller package that I can whip around in. Under 250 grams is nice, but not a priority for me. If you do not get around to this no worries. Thank you in advance.

  4. EpicElite Master, Grand

    Ive been using my beeper as a “safety” measure for flying indoors around people. Ive discovered people dont freak out as much when they hear the quad get near. My experience before that was different, people would stress out even with my geprc 4k which is smaller than my 4 inch custom built ducted rig that has a active buzzer. So i added a second buzzer on my geprc and now i dont get any flak at all flying near people. Its the strangest thing.

  5. Ian Beaty

    Seems like the point of this quad is that it is a 2" micro with ducts, and the ducts don't hold up, so… what's the point? If the ducts were durable, this would be fantastic.


    Hey man love your videos and channel i have a question if you have time . I have a bunch of 850 4s lipos and im looking for a 3 inch kwad with hd video is there one you would recommend ? There is so many that keep coming out i cant keep up . Right now i fly a babyhawk r3 and love it i just want to record my videos better i want something with good power i want to be able to do freestyle with it

  7. David Reynolds

    That is a really nice video that quad makes, which is one of the reasons why I bought one. Just not sure which of my quads I’m in the middle of building I’m going to put it in though. A very smooth flyer, which no doubt helps with the video quality. I might have to look at it for doing cinema style videos.

  8. Larry Jenkins

    Thx for the Video, Justin you think this would be a good beginner/Intermediate quad since the power is on the slower side? Just seems like it's an easy glider…but there again you make flying look easy ;p

  9. NAT GEO AND STUFF Paul brannan

    hi justing do you have s shop bro selling any cheap bits.i run a progect traching 12 kids in my area who are untrouble alot to fly and change there lifes as i did mine.been donated alot of items from various tubers and companys towards this progect.just trying to find cheap parts ore any items not being used that will hell us out.love the look of this one bro looks great


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