5 Cool Drones You Can Buy | 2019

what if filming took care of itself if you were able to swim explore and dive while your camera followed hi I'm Ben and this is Kevin well divers run to exploring marveling at the beauty of the ocean and bringing back memories of our underwater adventures if you are like us you know how cool it is to share your diving experiences with people on land you also know how filming gets in the way of simply enjoying the moments which is why we dive in the first place that's why a year ago we had the dream with imagine an autonomous underwater drone that follows you during your – lets you capture beautiful footage hands-free so you can focus on the diving now Iberville is in pass of becoming a reality this camera is completely autonomous autonomous means that you don't have to do anything at all we've created and patented an underwater localization technology it enables ibubble to know where you are and to keep you or your surroundings in the frame now you can record your diving adventures with no camera handling whatsoever I bubble comes loaded with a built-in library of carefully designed camera movements all you have to do is choose your shot from the control bracelet and I bubble execute the results are incredible beautiful underwater footage from completely new perspectives you might wonder how I bubble performs when you have let's say a specific close-up to shoot good question you just call I bubble back with your bracelet grab it and film as you want when you're done let ibubble go and it goes right back to follow mode we've all dreamed of following a turtle or month away while it swim fast and far away so we've enabled eye beable to do just that all by itself press the target locking button for a few seconds and eye bubble will recognize the shape it needs to follow release it and watch as it glides by turtles and sharks captured what's out of and I'm edgers we are the founders of Hell doc we have got some big news about airdog and there was no doubt we want to share it here on Kickstarter Kirk's verdict is a tight family of passionate innovators and adventures and we love what we do we wanted to document our experiences in the outdoors so we started their dog with the dream to create an hands-free video capture what was once reserved for elite athletes with a film crew can now be done by yourself anywhere and hands-free we change the game with air dog won by eliminating the traditional remote control going hands-free countless hours of User Content independent air dog forums and a steady stream of flight log objects from the end of one played a major role in the development of the 82 flight performance and versatility is what puts 82 in a class of its own now you can capture the world around you in the most challenging conditions our goal was to deliver the best entry camera drone on the there are many new advancements that we incorporate in the ad to revolutionary industry first customizable flight bus allow the user to set and save speedy following without an ad altitude that provide precise obstacle avoidance five preset scenic capture modes allow you to document the world around you flight and camera movements are synchronized to provide a unique and perfectly timed shot the durable lightweight were proof early tracking device allows for easy mid-action control the all-new backlit LCD interface allows the user to read the display even in the harshest sunlight the advanced camera stabilization system brings ultra smooth pro grade video capture with every shot every time regardless of the subjects change in direction elevation or speed the 82 integration with GoPro 5 camera ensures automatic start and stop of recording as well as charging the GoPro battery the battery has a redesigned housing and a more advanced our management system providing high safety and longer flight times we have completely redesigned the entire electronics and software guaranteeing and easy out-of-the-box flight experience that gets you airborne in a couple of minutes no doubt the pursuit of hands-free intelligent technology is extremely challenging we already have 250 units in production that are shipping in arms your support is essential not only to a successful release of the 82 but more importantly it guarantees our continued development of this new and untapped territory everybody has a story to tell and so do you the more you share the more you inspire so keep creating even firing every single day on this planet someone is injured or killed by a landmine removing them is very time-consuming and dangerous millions of landmines leathered landscapes of the world turn countries around the world my name is Massoud ahsani and I want to change this our mission is to solve the landmine problems within 10 years in 2012 we have launched our first Kickstarter campaign it is called the mine kafon a low-cost wind power and the landmine detonator it rolls along on a desert when it hits a landmine it blows itself up and storage the landmine in the same time after 3 years of hard work we brought our mission to the next level now we are very excited to introduce you our newest robotic invention the man cave and Rome it is an airborne de mining system which aims to reduce landmines in less than 10 years globally mine kafon drone flies above a dangerous area if the generates a 3d map then at the techs land mines with a metal detector and GPS coordinates the drone has a robotic arm which places detonators on top of a landmine and blows them up from a safe distance these three methodologies combined makes the mine kafon drones up to 20 times faster than the traditional technologies at the saber and up to 200 times cheaper imagine if we could fly with hundred of mine kafon drones all over the affected landscapes worldwide and freed the world from land mines now is our final goal to bring the man Kapaun drones to a pilot in order to be able to test them on different environments and weather conditions this is needed to prove and show to the demining organizations that the monofin drone is faster cheaper and safer than the existing technologies with such a deceptive approach we could save thousands of lives we need your support to make this happen please join our campaign and let's have a landmine free world because one less landmine means one save life we are looking forward to collaborate with you on this project do you like flying fpb would you like to push your limits but I afraid your plane might be damaged then we have the right plane for you hi I'm Marcus and I'm Jonathan we love flying FPD planes and we love to fight him fast and low to the ground until now every curve meant the end of the flying session and was followed by time-consuming repairs of the plane and components we wanted to build a plane for a carefree flying experience even when low to the ground and close to obstacles last year we came up with the idea of a fast agile East to transport and very crash resistant plane we proudly present you a mini race wing the first step was to make the plane very crash resistant we achieved this with a full carbon fiber fuselage all the fpv and assi gear is kept safe inside but still the wings took a beating after some rough landings and crashes after many attempts we finally succeeded by creating a wing mount that releases the wings at a certain impact force from now on no matter how happy crashed we couldn't damage the mini racing anymore the nice side effect of the crash release is that the mini race ring doesn't stick to trees you always take it home with you but that's not all because everything is nicely packed into the fuselage we are free to choose the best profit thickness and use 100% of the wingspan for lift therefore the mini race ring has a much wider speed envelope than similar flying wings it's highly efficient and surprisingly quiet you can launch the mini ray swing out of your hand it's easy and safe we designed the wing for very high top speeds while still keeping an eye on the angle of attack for tight turns and easy landings and even if you come in hot and the landing isn't an a-plus landing the mini ray swing does not care the mini ray swing has a lot of Handy features built in that we have come to love the center of gravity can easily be adjusted by moving the wing and motor mounts with just a few turns of the screwdriver the thrust angle can be changed there is a dedicated compartment with a protective plate for your fpv camera several mount points for fpv antennas and of course the space for your favorite HD camera this makes the mini race being not only perfect for flight in stock configuration but also for building your own wings the adjustable wing and motor mounts make an excellent platform to test your ideas in the richard carbon fuselage is keeping an electronics safe while testing and at the end of the day you dismount the wings and pack the mini razoring into your backpack or suitcase and take it wherever you want normal mode is the easiest mode to pilot simply move the rolling spider with the accelerometer and turn with the joystick located on the right side of the screen so now let's fly before every flight be sure your mini drone is placed on a flat surface now to start flying press the takeoff button you see as you can see it remains stable to raise the drone slide your thumb up or down on the joystick located on the left side of the screen to rotate the rolling spider slide your left thumb to the right or to the left to move the rolling spider just maintain your right thumb on the joystick and tilt the smartphone forward backward left and right it's very simple and very intuitive tool and make sure the drone is above a flat surface then press the landing button in case of emergency press the emergency button engines will cut and rolling spider will fall [Applause]

5 Cool Drones You Can Buy | 2019

With the advancement of technology photography and videography have risen to the next level. Drones are the New Big Thing. Various drones have immerged in the market and here are 5 of the coolest drones that money could buy.

Cool Drones

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  1. K C

    Too bad the rest of these companies don’t try as hard as you guys like DJI there products are not reliable I know I’m a RC pilot as of 15 years I have a massive fleet of commercial drones can’t wait to get the Air dog 2 I wanna review it over all my others Thanks guys for giving us an option of a whole new selection 👎🏻

  2. K C

    Gotta have the Air dog 2 awesome job guys on the drones especially the land mind drone that’s gonna save millions of lives enjoyed all your products when are they gonna be available??? Thanks Mike Southern California

  3. Back to life

    The title DRONE is not accurate, rc quadcopter is more fitting. the Negative image created by military DRONES has created a similar image with models, most likely exactly what the government wanted to do by allowing the word drone to pasted over an innocent RC Hobby allowing the negative image to take steam of them

  4. Amachetay Cybo

    nice but your secret earth groups has tiny insect sized drones with cloaking tech and can see threw anything LOL. course u are them prolly got 1's with unlimited flight time other races certianly do!


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