5 Scariest Mysteries Caught on CCTV & Drones!

If there’s one thing George Orwell taught us it’s that terrifying characters from one of literature’s greatest books can be re-appropriated as the name of a reality show. But if there’s another thing he taught us, it’s that cameras are everywhere. And nowadays, with the invention of drones, they’re even in the sky. And sometimes the things they capture are deeply unsettling. From ghosts to goblins- these are the 5 scariest mysteries caught on CCTV & drones!

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41 comments on “5 Scariest Mysteries Caught on CCTV & Drones!

  1. Joey Cappella

    Thats it video 2 that’s something real it’s not bob because film producers would love ❤️ a kid who can mimic an alien like that trust me that alien is lost confused he’s out there we must grab him o my god how much $$$$$ money 💴 he be worth because he’s friendly also that can be a cover up her husband probably works for government and like American dad people do hide aliens let’s not forget if I caught an alien I would never let no one know I have it especially the government so let’s say that family has one yeah blame it on the kid be honest if you found an amazing alien you would go around saying yeah I got one please

  2. Joey Cappella

    Im gonna make it simple the aliens 👽 are real the issue we don’t know is that 🛸 are hard to fine but sometimes we catch them on video so the question is the 🛸 that we catch are those the aliens 👽 from it remember for some reason they must not be seen at all cost but sometimes even in human lives we make mistake like that video of the alien that was caught in ring walking and dancing like a chicken the thing is it seam we run from everything we must band together if they run into something that’s amazing grab the fucker because only then we can prove if it’s real or hoax period

  3. Gregory Bonds

    Okay…how the hell can you tell that is a CLOWN?? How stupid to label this a clown when there are absolutely NO FEATURES to see on the “white blur”?? What are you guys smoking?

  4. Mellimellz

    The star topic would have been more to see if it were video instead of still photo% and I watch scientists try to debunk crop circles and now I look for tracks to and from the crop circles and proximity to a road that someone could drive up and get out and do this and I noticed that some had pedestrian tracks leading to and from

  5. Cojak 6

    sorry to be that guy but ALL your "star topics" are fake af. just delete that portion or start using footage that actually could be something, its kinda ridiculous cuz I enjoy this channel. I know most stuff is fake but at least its not blatantly obvious.

  6. Dusty

    10:00 The shadows between their feet suggest that there is a light directly above the "aliens" but they are walking in the driveway of the home and there would not be a light in that position…I say this one is hogwash!!!

  7. Kate Robarts

    Why doesn’t she have footage of it going to front of house only leaving,therefore it must of been sick skinny child in a tight suit as I’m sure you know,parents have made their children do a lot worse,just to get a viral video ‘???

  8. Louis Double

    That Hampshire pub ghost in Yateley is fake cus I live in Yateley and that was just a massive joke that went around our town plus my mum worked there and she said it was false


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