yo baby daddy what's going on guys NV Esther here back out again and today did I eat you oh come to us in town anyway get out you soon from UAB future see and today I don't need that have anymore but today what we're going to be checking out is something very special this is for you races out there now what this is this is the proton from flight club and this is a born and bred like they're being industry a little while and they're making some top-notch stuff this is a hardcore fpv racing frame so when you take this thing up and rip it around if you've got the goods well you're gonna bring home the bacon now be sure to nvs throw in the guys over at fly club because this is sort of a frame I know he does a lot of work with them and I've got his exact specs on this rain so this is the part one the bench breakdown moment stick it on the bench break it down look at the text and specs and what if you're serious I mean like serious about fpv racing multigp getting on that podium why this might be the frame for you and then in the pop Tube video definitely go and check this link out up here your card should pop out that's when we take it out to the field rip it around do some real track flowing with it and then give it over to grab your tray of press this colour and here would speak on Sally and find out is this gonna be the right premium racer for you hardcore racing fans out there now it's a bit of a bonus to a massive shadow to my patreon supporters and also to you subscribers because I've got two frames here to give away so I'm not sure I've got a stretch deck this one is the stretch next version and you can see that here I'm going to be giving away the stretch text version probably to my youtube subscribers so definitely check the Official Rules and all that sort of jazz down below for that and make sure you like subscribe yada yada yada and a massive shout out to for my patreon supporters because look I couldn't make this content out without you guys and without your support I couldn't do this as my career and I couldn't share this message and how much fun fbb is and getting out and flying with your friends I couldn't do that with you guys so where do be throwing this in that for you guys as well so this is for one of the painter and supporters someone out there they're going to be getting the proton regular eggs anyway not friendly here let's stick him on the bench and find out why not only and the astronaut loves the flight club proton but why it might be right for you all right let's do it all righty so here it is on the bench in all its glory and this black beauty are right here this midnight beast this thing looks intense like it looks like a weapon it's not flamboyant it's not like in-your-face or anything like that it just looks like Knight Rider like it's an absolute screamer so essentially what this is this is a hard core in this mode anyway the proton this is a hard core fpv races quad so it's like an old July it's going to go very very fast to be extremely responsive and I wonder actually I don't know how beginners they're going to go in this configuration I think it would have way too much power to boot and this is for some of those hardcore races out there who are after an ultra light that is going to sort of give them the edge over the competition and let them come first when they're looking at the podium now one thing we should do let's stick it on the scales find out how much it's going to weigh so the bottom fly version that's coming in a good lunch to it well I guess – 291 grams let's tear this off let's do this again and hopefully it's going to be the same all right take your guesses 291 grams all right coming in at 290 grams and when you think about a full-size FPV racer I mean with some serious motors on here you can understand just how fast this thing is going to go with that sort of work and that sort of those sort of motors behind pumping out that thrust with such a light weight and if you're wondering the bare frame itself or I guess for the normal X version when it's just build-up that's coming in at about 78 grams now what I'm going to do first things first I'm gonna take these whole key props off and I don't know if they sell a bone and fly version or not of this I know they sell the frame and I'll link everything down below and we're talking about the frame a lot in detail but I'm not sure if they send bone and flies or not so if you want one just send them an email hassle them and say hey I saw this great video on UAB futures hasslein because you never know I know they sell a lot of stuff over there you might get lucky and maybe we can convince him if you want these Bynum flies maybe they'll start making it but who knows anyway that's a bit better with the props off makes it a bit easier to work with you conserved but the stretched X version built up here I'm just gonna call it the butterfly I don't know if they're going to actually offer that model and we've got the the normal X version over here what we're going to be doing in this video in the bench breakdown Texan specs we're going to start looking at the components then we'll talk about some of the design choices and that's we'll talk about we'll talk about how the frame comes together and some things it does really well in that sort of design part then we'll look at the quality the pros and the cons and then sort of wrap it up with some final thoughts so let's kick it off let's jump in because I'm quickly going to go through some of the components on my proton before I talk about some of the cool design features and that's really where I want to spend a bit of time talking about the actual frame itself so on mine this thing is fully tricked-out this is like a copy of envy Astros race frame one that he sort of chooses his specs and this thing should be an absolute beast to sort of deal with on the race course so what we've got I've got the stretch text version we've got the tee motors f42 pros on the outside so that should be fantastic 2600 kV so it should absolutely scream and then towards the middle you can see we don't have any ESC s on the arm we've just got our four and one ESC in the middle on top of that I'll flash a picture on the screen you're gonna think that's a race light bulb but that's not that's one of the free sky or fr sky however you want to say it one of the fr Sky flight controllers on there which has a built-in xsr which enables us to keep the weight down get some telemetry and it's gonna be a very very very nice stack we've got in there on top of that we've got our TBS sort of unifier Pro on the top right there at the front getting into the front part of our fpv we've got our micro fpv camera which is from foxy which is great and then I really love this part so we've got an LED on the backyard yeah that's pretty cool but check out this awesome part which we'll talk about in the design as well probably a good segue but some people you know when you go to races you want the best video that you can have we've got a really strong little one of the axial stubby antennas right here but you might want to swap that out so our gosh I'm getting some interference everyone's running right hand got polarized well I might just switch out to left hand polarized all you've got to do unscrew it pretend this is your other one screw that on you're ready to rock and roll it doesn't get in the way it doesn't call any drag it's not going to get clipped by the antennas or anything I'm going to say that is the best-looking antenna mount that I've ever seen you know I'll flash a picture on the screen I'm a big fan of how that looks and just how easy it is to swap out to the correct antenna that you're going to use to have the best video that could make the difference when it comes to you know crashing or coming first on the podium in those serious races now with the components out of the way of what I want to talk is the frame itself because the proton it's a really cool frame it does a lot of cool things and you know we've spoken about the antenna mount in the design but you can see it's made up of four individual arms and I've got a you know hats off to the guys they give you a spare arm so when you're gonna get one of these in the kit you buy one a lot of the times that's something I have an issue with with the ultralights I think they tend to break a bit more because they're going so fast you know the the lighter weight does help them hold up and it is good quality carbon in here but the frame itself it's nice you get a spare arm when you got to buy it so that goes a long way for me and I think that's good you know with good customer relations as well now speaking of those arms they're four millimeters thick so some pretty stiff Cartman there but there is so many versions there's a 6 inch 5 inch five and a half inch stretch Dex there's a whole bunch of different versions you can use and they all go into the same baseplate so it's nice to have so many options when it comes to building your quad now what I'm going to do I know take this top plate off here because there's a really I guess interesting they call their nucleus sort of brace plate or the nucleolus board in the middle that I think's a great idea as well so I'm just gonna unscrew it it's made up with four stand off so each one of those so let's quickly take this apart all righty so I've taken the top plate off and you can see this Nicholas board it's sort of where traditionally frames use another piece of carbon to brace it but I think this is a much better idea in this configuration I think it's going to be stronger than two carbon plates pressed together and offers some great things to like you don't need a screw on the top because you can simply screw through the arms you don't need a bolt on because the threads they're actually in there in the aluminium aluminium however you want to say it the threads are actually in there so you can screw straight into that plate and then you don't have some of those awkward bolts that are sticking up at the top that's going to save you weight and I think that's a fantastic design choice and it makes swapping out arms very very easy because you don't have to balance a bit on the top you can simply screw in to the board you'll screw into the plate I should say now some of the things I like – you can see these big holes there that's for some rubber grommets which is designed for some soft mounts and you can sort of see that coming into play I'll flash a picture off the screen of my buying and fly proton but that means you're going to get a very nice sort of noise free in your jar on your flight controller that's gonna make it rock solid and perform even better and you sort of need that performance when it comes to this high level of racing now towards the front in this version because there is also a canopy version of Flash canapé version on the screen but this is what they call the skeleton version when they're rocking this around and you've got these two little parts in the middle and it's kind of interesting the way these wonder if I can get this apart but that's I'm just going to leave it like that they're just two little t4u mounds that you fold down together and that's how you actually screw in your camera so that's going to be the perfect size for your little micro now there's some other little touches too you know you've got a bit of extra motor protection you can see with these sort of bumpers on the outside of the arms all that sort of stuffs you can tell this you know it looks pretty simple to make a quadcopter but when you want to get all these little things right you need to have a bit of experience and I think the proton does it really well and I'm a big fan of this middle plate anyway all righty so with that out of the way let's talk about the quality and I've really got to take my hat off to them not only with the proton frame which I think is absolutely fantastic the prints are amazing I only give it like a 9 out of 10 like it's not chamfered or anything like that but the quality of the carbon that they're using it feels extremely stiff you're like really stiff which is really important when it comes to some of these like skeleton all these ultralight sorts of frames because they do have some durability issues in those hard crashes because they're made to be so light and use the least amount of government they can but the carbon in this one it feels very very nice as far as the print goes and the designs I think the quality is right up there really really nice I'm at I'm still in love with this feature on the back right there and then if they do do the Bynum flies depending on if you can twist their arm or not I'm gonna say this build looks stellar like I am so excited with the components they've put on here the what the component it's a top-notch quality as well as this thing should absolutely scream I'm sure the quality of the flight is going to be incredible as well alrighty now I guess it's time to move on to the pros and the cons oh I'm gonna get a big con for me out of the way the price point you know a frame the quad like this is definitely top tier you're not going to get it buying this bite and fly if you're expecting just to get into the hallway I think it's too much for beginners it's going to be so fast and almost you're gonna need the skills to sort of control this thing and rip it around the course it's gonna be like giving a learner driver Ferrari or even more like an f1 because this is up there with like the f1 versions you know it's like the Americas the Hilux this is the race that ultra lights these things are extremely quick and so if you don't have the skills to pay the bills this isn't going to be the right quad for you and then other thing you know that price you've gotta weigh it up is it right for you and I think for some people it's a no-brainer they need the best of the best because they want to be competitive but I understand that price is not going to be for everybody as well now the other con for me is these arms you know I know you get a spare arm that's fantastic then it's not really a fault of the proton but this style of frame they're not the most durable so they they die design and they do take crashes and they design well to hold up as best as they can but it's not going to be as I guess crash resistant as a rooster or sort of something like that you're really trading off between durability versus flat-out speed so don't buy this if you're going to be doing on doing some bando flying or smashing this thing into concrete you know that's not what this is about this is flags and field super-quick racing at its finest and as a result they've had to really cut the weight down and by doing that they've cut some of the carbon out but that moves me on to the pros I mean if you want a serious racer that is going to absolutely scream if you care about finishing on that podium a machine like this is really going to help you do that it's well designed I love how easy it is to change out the antenna everything in here is streamlined so if you do break an arm at race day this has to be one of the easiest quads I've ever seen to switch it in and out that is absolutely fantastic so I think for the racer out there and I mean the hardcore race that's going after the podiums this thing everything about it they're going to absolutely fall in love with and on top of that because you get a spare arm like this as well they sort of understand that that's part of the frame so it is nice that's a good little pro that they understand the frame and its limitations on what these Ultra looks like and they do throw one of these in as well so I think that goes a long way for some good customer service so overall look I can't wait to show you the part two I guess when it comes to these ultra light races I'm probably not their target audience I love lap flying you know but I'm worried that my skills aren't gonna pay the bills I've seen some of the laps you know like go watch envy Astros some of his qualifying races and those sorts of things that man is a machine he you know this is sort of his rig the way he spected out and sort of his components and those sorts of things and it's definitely a pro racers racer so I just hope I can do it justice in the part two but anyway I'm gonna give it my best shot and I'm pretty excited and I wonder how fast this thing is going to go in the speed run all right so there it is it is bench breakdown looking at the Texan specs of the flight club a proton no like their logo – I was going to say fire club but the flight club proton it overall it really is a racist frame the way it's designed I know it takes a lot of info in innovation innovation from some of those other like quads out there and you know big shadow for people like Brian Morris is sort of the brainchild of this hyper light movement and I think definitely if you're hardcore into racing there is definitely a big following along these are very alive crafts and when you spec it out with something like this it's gonna go very fast there I love the antenna ideas they've got on here I like the aluminium bracing plate that they're going to use it's cool how to get a spare arm as well I think that's really important that shows some good customer service and this thing is going to absolutely Rick so anyway what do you guys think of drop your comments down below if you want me the stress decks make sure you read the official rules that sort of competition all that stuff shout out to my patreon supporters go and watch part two which should be linked down below and as always yo baby dad also – I'm gonna say if you don't know who MB Estero ah go check them out they do some really cool stuff some right battery torture tests and they're a bunch of a bunch of characters as well I enjoy watching their video and that's another good thing about this channel I get to sort of haul out some people that you might want to phone about or you might want to see in the make great content so I'm a big fan of those boys over there you know one day you guys you're doing it you're doing a fantastic thing guys anyway happy flying what's going on guys envy Astro you're back at it with another video yo baby daddy all righty so hopefully you guys enjoyed that video definitely subscribe if you're new to the channel and check out these videos and I'm also going to leave a little link here to my patreon page because I've got some fantastic patreon supporters and I'd like to give back to them as well so if you want to join the UAV futures family there's things like bonus velcro straps little bundles of fpv goodies and things like that but also get sent out anyway happy flying

The PROTON from FlightCLub is a premium pure FPV racing drone that is designed to be as fast and agile as possible. We break it down on the bench and find out what makes it so special. link –

NOTE: the standard proton only comes with 4 arms. These ones had extras included for review purposes only. My mistake. You do not get an extra arm sorry.


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