Abusing Shields In The Laser Spear Challenge in Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

here we go again goat drove in the danger zone already planned the challenges today because they're challenging I think there's the endless spear challenge and then the minded transfer challenge and the spirit reach titanium using the spear and you get a fire sword so that we've got that going for us our forest what's the little wrapper like for real does that even a word is that like I don't know like words he's I don't I don't know what that means anyway we've got it we've got bronze I've got a pig pokey stick go okay okay a big dude with the hammer a little dude with a sword and then there's two big news with hammers if I group them up I bet they're gonna they're gonna have a lot of friendly fire here okay let's just grow up um there you go yeah I knew it there's so dumb hey no don't attack me okay you can dodge duck dive and weed okay come over oh yes then that would work nope hit fine whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa world of energy okay running away running away I love running err this that worked good we'll take we'll take it what when I have a chance wow that was really close to being dead I don't know my range I don't know my range of the spirit hey why don't you swing and then right after your swing I'll stab you in the gut I don't work and then you'll dead and you'll dead really oh that I took his upper body up high don't jump up there it's not good for your health okay you do it your swing and I'll move and then I'll stab you perfect it's not so bad not so bad at all okay so I'm gonna get the kick because there's just something very satisfying about kicking things into into these wow this level looks just the same okay I mean these guys aren't too hard they're really dumb too he's just gonna walk right on the saw blade right yeah he's dead and then we're move over a little bit and he'll die like like that whoa okay that was really easy hello friend ah oh oh so easy peasy lemon squeezy okay next up we're going with the clone sin started it can kick and this way if I die I'm not going totally dead aha Oh more sawblades this is beautiful I love saw blades except they're shooting at me with arrows maybe I'll go destroy the archer dudes first hello I don't have a shield please don't shoot me and kick her right into the saw blade Oh get up oh no he was gonna go on the sublet those guys sound like they died peekaboo it's me here we go what oh I should have stabbed him when I had the first chance hike okay I growing up we're going up where's the oh there he is excuse me and you're dead perfect and the hello and you're dead perfect and I'm gonna jump to this side over here we're gonna make this guy follow me right onto the subways why take the risk if I don't have to yeah you're dead someone else is alive still sometimes they get dumb and they just hide behind something no perfect ha ha it's like Red Dead Redemption and putting people on railroad tracks okay I can get another clone no I'm just not gonna buy anything oh this is a good one not to buy anything on a very good one these guys are so dumb and they just walked right down in the center Hey look oh that didn't kill him oh I took an arrow to the face and that that was in his face is just like but good robots really have faces Wow oh he got up you dirty cheater get in there okay I need to go get this robot over here oh oh that was a bad Archer hit I just keep moving in the circles gonna be good hey really get in there and get beautiful and get in there nope oh I don't want to go in there I almost went in there myself there we go there we go disemboweled him hello hello my dude bye my dude goodbye my dude now we have a problem oh nice okay so I've got two upgrades we're gonna get the shield and the shield bash cuz I didn't want to buy it last time because I couldn't kicked it oh that's dirty Oh spider Tron bro at least I can block heroes now bingo if I just sit here for a while I think that'll be good news maybe not you can't sit in one spot oh especially with a spider Tron okay so the question is do I go through the archers first or the spider truck archers archers every day oh hi I don't like you Wow Wow okay he got blasted is he gonna stand up is he in okay he's gonna be dead he's gonna be cut up by the saw blades good I'm gonna go I'm gonna take that spider Toronto I just have to make sure that was bad that was good okay I've got one left feel like a surgeon just got precision and now what do I do kick power we're gonna do another clone and we'll see what we get it's gonna be the tunnel yeah this one's not hard I mean it's easier if I just do this I just watch all my little little blue dudes go down and then they're gonna go in the saw blades and then I'll go up and take these two out oh no oh no photo Gilda whoo well that was bad well I mean it worked hey how do I do this though how do I get up there then easy is he okay I did it okay now you kill your friend and I won't say anything we won't tell oh that was so sad hey guys this dude killed his friend and all those look dead and that one looks dead maybe oh no you better die down there oh no this is not gonna be good we gotta go down there and kill him oh no you die I really don't know what I'm gonna get kicked out I guess just so I can smash him harder I probably should have got energy that would have been a better choice I never buy the energy upgrade though oh no way no way no oh that was easy okay hi Oh oh my word whoa we just got super dead but super lucky at the same time wow that was an absolute mess it's like the game said you did really good at those first couple levels now we're just gonna kill you because oh really oh I don't like this here no I just want a bob oh man oh no way good shield oh no I forgot they had weapons hi okay if I get closer to him oh man okay that was excellent I don't know how that guy died but he did so I'm happy with that I just got to get close in smashing Wow oh I don't have energy Airness okay wow I can't breathe after that I'm gonna have to go like asleep for an hour I got to get energy capacity but I have to get a clone too oh I messed it up by getting that kick power so let's see among the pillars all those guys are bad that guy's bad those guys are all bad okay we got to go after spider charge first we got it oh boy really I got it oh whoa whoa oh no this is not good blow him up good oh that was excellent okay I hit him nope Oh saved by the exploding thing nice nice oh just I don't like this gap get up what oh I can't get up I can't no don't die on me get oh I lost the leg man down man down okay you're dead yes no yeah I gotta move I can't I can't do anything a spider bro here I missed I how did I miss spider bro would you not hit me please wow the ruthlessness of these purple dudes and I just gotta stab them and knock your head up charge him and knock him down in a second oh it's so hard though Wow no no no get off of me okay get just keep moving I got it back up I got to go get Spyder Tron I feel like that's the best move cuz I got messed up so much by them I'm getting close I think there he is there it is okay good now we're a little bit better off okay and attack got him slowed down got him and just hit charge get 11 get my energy back okay energy back and charge got him oh you do it to 408 ok got his leg really Oh finally this is so hard I just need it I need that energy capacity I have to have it actually the get up would be good too but now I can dodge three times I think that's a little better alright oh good finally an easy level just let these guys jump on the spikes oh that sounded painful oh that sounded really painful like earth-shatteringly painful it all who died they're dead yeah then we go up we get we collect you more except we dodged past them we go up and we collect these three and then we dodge over we land on here bad guys fall on top of us we dodged back this way and they fall down they get stabbed do to follow I'm glad I have an easy level high okay I don't like you you know that and then we go take out archers because there's only two left hello goodbye hey hey you hey you don't shoot yourself don't don't shoot yourself now you hear me just don't shoot yourself Oh goodbye okay Oh is he gonna roll oh it's gonna be painful when he stands up no you little turd nugget you're not supposed to do that fine I'll just end your life okay I got to get another clone cuz I'm concerned we're at level 10 Oh what do we have here is this lava no it's just red stuff okay is there well their eyes deadly things on the outside okay I gotta go like knock these dudes down oh that was terrible damn gonna go is to try to stab this guy in the face got one got to those are perfect attempts okay I'm gonna dodge over and hopefully we can get some dudes to fall down on this thing I gotta keep moving though and there's too many yeah jump on that jump on that stay on the sidewalk death beautiful you to stay on the sidewalk of death stamp nope just will stay on the sidewalk of death I mean that kind of worked but you've moved at the wrong time oh you hit your friend how's that what get touch me up the gingerbread blitz I'm moving away so far and so fast got him I like this shield got him ready aim fire now it's just me and you a hammer buddy are you ready for this Wow woah okay yes oh oh we're on Diamond now hot dang jet pack bouts everywhere and traps oh great spiders around 5000 – I'm gonna go for clone I have to home okay Oh fire traps diamond tier hahaha finally oh that was good oh go boom oh boy I like it already okay I'm gonna just stab him in the face get over there get out of there Oh get ready I gotta go get that other one okay you guys keep doing what you do I'm just gonna walk close to the lava stuff and then go stab this guy right in the head right in the big glowy red part right there oh that was perfect shot okay oh don't know come at me bro what almost burned up okay nope nope nope nope nope nope nice maneuver blitz thank you wait he's not dead he's dead ah is this the last one oh that was fantastic oh that was fun okay so I can get up I like to get up I'm gonna get up I've got three little dudes with Spears we'll make this we can do it I've got a little bit of energy oh no oh no okay you know what just breathe we'll be fine we will oh we're not gonna be fine we're not gonna be fine I don't know what's going on oh nice lasers and fire oh do you know that there's the end of the tunnel over there you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna cheat it hopefully those big ugly guys to come over this way now and they'll fall off let's look through the map can I see through nope not quite oh good they're all dead so now I just need to kill the archers how I don't want to do that I don't want it ah homeboy I mean do I block all the arrows does that no that's not gonna be the best way what was what was that okay you're out whoa alright alright we got one down oh man I really don't like this level okay he's out oh I turned around just in time we got two left this is so hard so hard Hey shoot me hard to be really good no I want to block it back at him block it back in oh no Paul that was so close oh no no I'm alive how do i how do I do this though there's no way up no I dodged you far it's a simple jump oh okay you're down oh man okay and then I stab him okay did we did it we did it oh that took way too many lives oh now I gotta jump out of here too I'm okay I'm okay I only have one life left and we got two levels okay I'm gonna grab armor armor just so weird glowing yellow wow this isn't too bad I'll take this I'll do this all day yeah I'll just I'm gonna go up an egg grow everything I feel like that's always easier especially when I just stab this guy in the head oh okay we're not a green everything oh really wow there's archers for days all right kill this leg you're down got it okay we're going up we're gonna get the next guy it was probably some big news up here oh no now purple dudes not the purple dudes purple dudes ended me so many times maybe we'll take the archers out next just because you're easier hey buddy this isn't okay that's not being okay being an archer like that except when you kill the purple dudes that's fine oh okay then ready aim fire ready aim fire I was trying to do a pro move there oh good thing I bought armor whoo yes yes blue guy you're the MVP I should let you live just kidding I'm not going to oh how am I gonna do this now oh I just booked him enough no nope nope nope nope nope nope I gotta like stand with them to knock them over here we go and there's two left way up top I can easy peasy mode easy peasy mode we're just gonna wait Wow you're way off perfect one more level fire art fire fire four days huh jetpack and energy that's all I can do I've got one life it's Fire Island is what oh this is the one this is the small island oh boy okay we ready to the final level I can do it I could do it Fire Island I just got to kick some dudes off like big hammer bro no not me oh okay that was excellent that was excellent I got tons of energy left he's dead nope nope nope nope nope here to fall here to bull nice moves and that was amazing all my fire he killed me no no I've come too far this is the last level okay I got it come on oh no oh no I got a land on there right it'll land on it just right Aaron he's in the water it's not water fire water yes yes yes we did it the endless spear challenge I got to go down and I got to see I got to see my new Statue I got a new Statue also I should be able to get the fighter spear no I think where is it where is it spear only there it is I see it okay there's low Lowell alone okay now I could get the fire spirit we're gonna try it in one level and we'll see what we can do I don't know how much farther I could actually go oh wow really hey these guys are easy now especially when they're on fire no well excuse me would you see those Wow spider Tron's okay I don't like purple dude we're gonna kill purple dude nope never mind get up see dead his face got evaporated Oh what is going on here okay I need that maybe kill the archer first just gonna knock him into the saw blades it seems to be the easiest way to kill these guys are you stabbing them in the face that works too now I gotta take his leg off what House ones still alive oh he's dead okay burn your leg at work burn your legs I'm not actually tall enough to get up to you maybe I am no let's try it I just burned his face off nice oh I died the shrapnel got me and guys that is gonna wrap it up for this video go to the danger zone hope you enjoyed it if you didn't let me know and keep your stick on the ice we'll catch you next time

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