Adding Frames of Drone Foundation as Mite Protocol | S3 E9

hello everyone its Emmy it is May 21st beautiful Tuesday and it's been about six days since I released my new queen in mine hive number three I split off the clean from there to start a nuke and then I added a new queen I was at first I thought it was queenless but I did end up finding that Queen she did not swarm so then I added a new queen there I'm hoping that this is not initiate any swarm instincts but of course I won't know till I get in there so that's what I'm gonna be doing today this is my third season of beekeeping so I am still learning a lot but it is a beautiful day the bees have had a couple days to forage April was the wettest month on record here in Rhode Island it was very wet the bees haven't had much opportunity to forge and they've been very cranky so I am gonna be wearing just my veil today if they get cranky I'm gonna get suited up but hopefully I won't have to get suited up and then later today I'm gonna go check in my other hives and see how they are doing but again the first order of business is just to check on high of number three and see how the released green queen is doing how she's laying and then I'm planning on putting queen excluders on my other two hives and then i'm also going to add a frame of drone foundation as part of my might protocol I'm gonna be adding a frame of drone foundation and what the bees do is draw that out Laser ohm in there and the Queen the Queen lays drone eggs in there and then once they cap over you remove that entire frame all the drones get taken out and I'll feed that to my chickens the reason being is that the mites prefer laying into drone cells drone cells are the males and they are larger and they take longer to develop so the pupae are larger and the mites prefer those so this is a way to reduce mite populations by having the bees create more drones have the varroa mites lay in there and then when you eliminate the drones are also eliminating the varroa as well okay so let's get there right so here we are nice sunny day this is a good day for a hive check there's a bit of wind hopefully that won't affect the audio too much but let's get in there so the last week I put a queen excluder on right here so my queens can be down in there that should help things the last few days if they forged a lot I will be putting on another super that's heavy teach down here and see what they're doing in terms of collective that's a full frame and nectar great nectar of course will soon become honey that one's nice and full – I'm getting drawn out sweet so they're drawing all that up these girls are very busy good it's got some good weight to it as well so there's the cleanup scooter that keeps my clean down below also keeps the drones let's smoke so again I'm just looking for my clean signs of laying and porcine swarming first thing we'll do is separate these two hive bodies put this one on its side and down below see what I see it's a good way to look for Queen cups that's anything that's good so I heard that if you turn the entrance that confuses the bees if they're being a little bit cranky and to put a frame of bees in front so I'm gonna work this frame okay nectar nectar he's a foundation frame not a lot going on this box did to light fill this up with nectar oh yes I saw backfilled too so I'm gonna have to give these I'm going to take these frames up top because this is all filled with nectar so the plea is not going to have any room to lay and that's not good so these girls have been very busy just inning two days of good foraging and to make up for lost time okay there's some brute oh and I do see uh supersede yourself or an emergency cell right there that's not a good sign that's a sign that the bees are not happy with the current queen or that the current queen is not there I do see developing brood that's good and it's important that I see eggs this whole frame has recently hatched brood I do see some eggs up top here so this is awful of jelly and developing brood I see some eggs up here so this must have been laid by my new queen because we took the old clean up but there is a super seizure or emergency cell here she doesn't have much room to lay so let's keep looking I'm gonna tilt this one up so I know that there's that super seat yourself there let's find more evidence of her laying definitely need to make more room in its nest for her oh yeah still lots of so what's going on here it's all filled with nectar these girls I've been so antsy for nectar for drink this is all filled with nectar she looks like you might be one more clean cup right here so I'm going to look for my clean please definitely need more room she had room but it is all filled with the nectar see if we can find her in here hopefully looking more signs of her laying so I've turned the vibe on angle I've heard that that's a way to calm them a bit just orient them so they'd be angry yeah this is outside the bird nest it's all stores no swarm cells at least at least yet but after a week I'm should be seeing some production from this new queen this is a foundation frame they drew it out and they're filling it with nectar Mott's backfilled frames here Oh nectar oh wait let me see what I see brewed in here see some eggs and sindelle elane at least but not with the density that I would have hoped immigrant brand-new although I just did install her less than a week ago so maybe sure but I would like to spot her before destroying that supersede yourself so seeing my clean but I have given them more space up here because this is all filled with nectar that they've collected so they are getting honey bound she doesn't have much room to lay so I've given them some more space I have seen some eggs so if they want to proceed with super Seager there are still eggs that are here for them to continue there is some developing brood here there are eggs here and this is where I had the pushing cave last week when I introduced her and this is where she lived last week and in those spots that haven't been capped are developing brood so she is capable of being a good layer that is evident but I haven't seen her but there are eggs here so what I'm going to go ahead and do is destroy this supersede your cell that I found and let them do what they're doing and if they wanted to proceed her next week when I come in here that will be a sign but I am going to give her another chance so there is supersede yourself right there whoa he's not capped and I'm going to destroy it so just gonna check to see how these girls have been collecting see if I need to add another super here and of course always looking for the queen and I'm also gonna add a queen excluder to this as well let's keep the queen down below but as always we're gonna check for signs of lying before Queen and signs of swarming so you take a peek down here does it look like they've drawn up much of anything here and these foundation frames that I gave them let's see how much connectors in here this goes our little feisty and you see nectar there's some Berko and more nectar as well so they are collecting nectar not nearly as much as the other hive but this hive is much smaller so not surprising so I'm gonna take this drawn out frame okay so there's still room in this super a certain silicon since 1 cups I'll show you what I caused a couple cups but I don't see any so that looks good they're all empty cups just check on her laying pattern there's my clean seer I'm gonna teach your up there's my queen right in the middle of the frame right there she's right there she's right there I'm gonna grab her real quick at our side so I know she's safe okay I'm gonna go down below and see if I see any swarm sounds and then I'm gonna let this Queen go brood chamber looks pretty empty there's some nectar she has not moved down the world it might be evidence fearless oh yes there's some group recently emerged ah and there's some eggs so she has gone down here and because I have this frame of your own comb should I put that right here okay so it looks like we're mostly up in hive body number to push everybody back together close this up good release my clean release clean right there she is and there she goes down this with a queen excluder that will keep the Queen down below and out of the supers still enough room the supers I'm not gonna give him any additional frames let's take a quick peek on our split this has my original blue Reba queen but I split off from five number three let's just take a quick peek on them I gave them some insulation these are still in there so they've been collecting nectar they're full oh I see a swarm Sal Cup no egg in there see some recently emerged brood hold capped brood we're good lots of laid eggs on this frame this entire section is full of eggs but I also see a couple swarm cups here let's take a look in there the bees look like they're attending to something but they're empty this is just Berk home and this frame has some resources in it but I don't see any eggs oh yes there are she's been laying in this frame so this is white foundation so it's difficult to see but this whole frame is full of eggs so I'm happy with that to spot the Queen and you're the one look on this last frame for any swarm sex okay happy with that let's just back up let's look at this tiny slip bitch I made and this has a couple of Queen cells in it so let's just take a peek on this let's just have a few frames okay that's a good sign there bees in their stores this population is so small I don't expect them to be foraging too much yep and there's some fruit in there but there are my peanuts they have not emerged yet so which is looking good oh look they've made a super seed yourself to supersede your cells so maybe those are not viable any longer so they've made to supersede your cells so we'll just let them go and figure it out so this is just a kind of backup nuke if I need a queen for hive and this queen is Ling I'll have one okay lastly let's quickly jump into this side this was the original mother hive it now has a green daughter in it this not too long ago had two queens in it but they seemed to have worked it out and now there's just one Queen one green and last week she was doing really really well and again check for signs of swarming oh I'm gonna add in I'm also gonna add a queen excluder and a dream frame for this time as well so let's see what these girls have done lots of foundation a little frisky we are on the shade I see one frame two frames look at that frame of drone I think I'm gonna give that to my chickens look at that that's all got drones in it they've made this weird comb and it's all drone comb so this is a good chance to look for varroa this is where Vera likes to lay their eggs so I'm just gonna look up at a couple and I'm not seeing any not seen any just good so I'm going to shake these beads off and then get this to me out but I just got stung so it might be a good sign to retreat alrighty so I just went to hide number one they're pretty feisty didn't see any Queen cups in the brood chamber number two I'm there in the shade right now so I'm gonna come back when it's a little bit sunnier bees are always a little bit more defensive when they're in the shade hive number three I've got some concerns about I did see some signs of egg laying although I didn't see the Queen but I did see some eggs I also found to supersede your cells that we're building the bees were building out that is a sign they are not happy with a new queen and her production nor am i but they are collecting the nectar they almost have two supers two-thirds full and they filled the brood chamber with nectar as well so they're definitely busy I added another hive body of frames another super I checked hive number two that hive is looking beautiful I saw the Queen they're putting up some nectar but not nearly as much as having the three my splits doing well my little tiniest heinie split it looks like they're having built out of two more supersede yourselves so maybe the first two cells that I put in there are not viable but you will see will probably have yes so right now I've got four Queen cells in there and we'll see which one hatches out first if any and hopefully we'll get a mated Queen in there pretty soon and yeah so there you have it it is May 21st 2019 this is Emmie this is my third season of BQ thanks so much for tuning in I'll see you next time bye

Lots of work to do today in the hives! First I will be checking on hive #3 to see how my green queen is doing. Then I need to put queen excluders on my other two hives. Finally, I’ll be putting frames of drone foundation in each of the hives as mite protocol. Okay, let’s get in there! πŸ‘

Welcome to my third year of keeping bees, where I plan to learn even more about raising pollinators and maybe even get a little honey in the process.

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  1. Aoudhubillahi

    Fascinating to observe your relationship with nature, and these sacred creatures of nature honored by God in both the Holy Bible and Holy Quran. I have observed your relationship and fascination with Bees as peaceful, tranquil and therapeutic. It has been consistently a delight to see.

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    If the current queen is underperforming and the bees want to replace her with a new queen of their own, why destroy the supersedure cell? Or why not sell the new queen if you don't want her?

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    This is probably a question you've answered before, but I'd be terrified of accidentally squishing some bees when moving around the hive bodies. Does that happen often or very rarely if at all?


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