Amazon Prime best drone deals 2019: Be Quick !

Wow how much that's right how you doing the flying friends and before we get on to the incredible deals that seem to be online at the moment through Amazon and their Amazon Prime day but before we stole that I just like to say hi to super Johnny Adventure pants we contacted me through Instagram yes that was me at Liverpool Street Station London on Saturday apparently I just look straight through him and gave him my thousand-yard stare so Amazon Prime day now word of warning this could damage your wealth and your health by doing this but it is the time of year when I seem to stick my hand in my pocket pull out my wallet and start spending some money and there are some incredible deals out there for drone flyers and videographers and anyone used to using cameras and stuff like that jump on board because they do have these annoying timer clickers running down so you do need to jump on there and get in there but do your background research first make sure a deal is a deal and a deal is only a deal if you really really really really really want it or need it that's what I keep telling the wife anyway anyway but the first one is blow me away a bit and this really goes out to anyone that's looking to go and fly drones in drones one's a backup drone for you potential dry flies cinematic gods out there on Amazon Prime at the moment and I believe there's only about 12 hours going so by the time this goes up there's only probably a few hours left to go for it if you want it there is the DJI maverick Pro platinum fly more package so that's the drone three batteries the car charger the man bag the controller the spare whisperer props that they have on those ones that is an incredible 849 pounds I have never never seen it at that price with the Mavic pro combo platinum so that's an awful lot of drone for still an awful lot of money but it's an awful lot of drone at eight hundred and forty nine pounds just under fifty quid you do need to be a Prime member nap to put it in perspective at the moment I looked on eBay this morning just as a quick comparison the cheapest fly more package I could find from an authorized dealer was 995 pounds so it's about one hundred and forty five hundred fifty pounds cheaper there are people selling their used DJI Pro platinum fly combo packages starting their bids off at 850 pounds and they really want eleven hundred and ninety pounds person perspective this is a really good deal now I know it's an end-of-line model I know there's the Maverick two pro out there but this is the Maverick Pro platinum the slightly improved motors on it the quieter blades is supposed to be a bit quieter I know it's a bit of a wash but for 849 pounds you getting a 4k fly machine good flight time with the batteries foldable drone that's all I'm saying to is always my favorite the time of year when I go out buy my SD cards signed this extreme 64 gig a – that's the new model fast microSD cards that you need for all Europe Mavic flying stuff your DJI Osmo actions and your pockets fourteen pounds 99 for a 64 gig card not the cheapest I've ever seen it I think at launch II was about 1112 quid but I haven't seen it at 14 pounds 99 for a long time and I don't know if it will be down to that again may be a good time to go out and stock up on SD cards likewise 128 gig card as well they're doing for 2459 2459 limited time and there's a limited number on that last time I checked there was about 14% had already been claimed and there's about another nine hours to go so jump off on it have a look and see if it is on interest to you if you're looking for something to put in a stocking filler for Christmas getting the kids something or for someone that is a drone flyer you could never go wrong as a training drone than the rice / DJI joint project Tello I think it's an amazing craft for the money and now a 79 quid you can get this for 79 quid on Amazon Prime today or saving you over 20 quid that's 20% saving on that that is one of my faves if you want to dip your toe into Adobe either Photoshop or Lightroom which is a very powerful tool they have on there at the moment the prime deal of the day is the subscription for a year with 20 gig storage of $69.99 now the cheapest I've seen it before is just around about the hundred quid so that would be 100 quid a year now this is a yearly subscription so be careful $69.99 obviously that's for one year after that that price could go up to the usual thing I don't know but there's normally offers around but I have a look if you're inquisitive at 69 pounds 99p I think this is a good offer for 12 months to see what Lightroom and Photoshop can do and do to your drone flying images it really does up your game and very powerful suite for manipulating and processing those raw photographs that you can take with the craft out there today likewise now these are running quick and I missed one bit gutted buyer but harddrive storages always the bane of my life I'm always running out the Western Digital 30 to give my cloud pro series this is the PR 4100 in black down from 1500 and 18 pounds to 830 pounds now I have seen it about a thousand pounds mark having not seen it at hand in 30 pounds 99 it's one of those things that if you're on the edge and you are taking seriously your drone images and your video images storage is essential so good deals for the coffee lovers up there if you like coffee as I do there's some weird stuff I've already seen I got really close to buying an inflatable jacuzzi ya gotta be careful gotta be careful but one of my favorites is law Express it coffee pods I live on them for my espresso machine ten pack a ten so it's a hundred that they're doing for about I think it's about sixteen quid online good deal puts them down to about 1 pound sixty a pack I'd I don't see many shops for that let's just buy the buy but let me know if your Prime member what is your best deal for today but you do have to be quick it is only for a day and these offers do run down very quickly but again just make sure you do want them before you step in and buy them but let me know what you think your best deal of the day is and whether you bought something from Amazon Prime and have a look I'm still waiting things get released in sort of 9 12 hour intervals so just watch out and see but there's things like ND filters out there there are accessories all sorts of stuff for drone fliers we use all the time anyway I hope that helps please share like and subscribe don't forget first time watching this channel too notification button to let you know the next time there is a video that may or may not help you become a drone flying cinematic god but so the next time my flying friends please play safe take care and I'll see you on a sunny side bye

Ahh that day when we buy stuff me not really need. BUT its a deal, and #AmazonPrimeday there are some #drone #deal crackers in you are quick. Here are the best ones I have found. Let me know if you come across any blinders.
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Flymore £849.00!!:
Sandisk SD Cards:
Adobe LR & PS £69.00:
Tello Drone £79.00:
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27 comments on “Amazon Prime best drone deals 2019: Be Quick !

  1. Armas Productions

    #mail How does the "Optical Flow" option in FCPX work? I have some footage (unfortunately) in 30fps 4K and using the option makes lightning bolts look better but it mixes the horizon. Please check the videos on my channel, the one with the option is the first and the equivalent is third. My own idea is the second. Thanks for your time. I love your work 🙂

  2. Nicholas Claude

    Not Amazone, however, Jessops have Mavic 2 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery normally for £109.00……use discount code BATTERIES20 for an additional 20% off! Brings them down to £87.20!

  3. Johnny Kapa

    Hi Dylan,
    A question for you I live in the states but was wondering if flying a drone
    Near hot air balloons is like flying near an airplane or are they completely
    A different rule of aviation.

  4. revb0

    You rotter! I just spent over 2 hours looking for stuff I didn’t need!!! Just because you said…
    Don’t listen to this man, he will lead you astray.

  5. David Barwick

    Why did I ever subscribe now I am in deep Doo-doo 😱🙄😉🤣😂🤣🤣
    Just ordered the drone and memory card 😖😳 🙈👍👍 nice upgrade from a phantom 3 standard 🤔😎👍
    I have a question for #mail do I now need to go for PFCO 🤔 I want to but will it be redundant soon and a waste of my hard earned cash 🤔🤔
    Keep up the good work your doing a great job of transforming us 👍👍👍😎

  6. martin younger

    Lots of fake/ dodgy memory cards on the market. Amazon often is not the seller, they are just the interface between you and the seller. It's not too much different from eBay, so be careful.

  7. Edwin Negron

    yes so far I bought the 64 gb micro card. I needed one anyway thought it was a good convenient deal. Till next time… BTW the cc cards are on lockdown!!!! LOL

  8. Mick Townsend

    Dylan I have a question to put to you if I may..!
    I was out flying on Saturday with another pilot’
    We depleted all our battery life in flying which was g8👍🏻
    But when it can to me charging them thru my car the charger just kept going on and off!!! Even with the ignition on😱
    We both have Mavic Zooms with the flymore kit.
    Do I need to buy another after market car charger!!😱
    Also have you tried inserting a 4g dongle into the smart controller via usb to gain an internet connection for updates instead of relying on tethering or outside WiFi connections🤔
    Great channel love your views and comments👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Mike Smale

    If you can get through a prime day sale without buying an inflatable Jacuzzi or an expandable gardening hose, you've done alright.  Just bought my garden hose.  Ah well, maybe next time.

  10. Skoda VRS

    First! Dylan when you were talking about the Western Digital 32TB you said 32GB. The first ever mistake I've seen in one of your videos……. that said no-one can be perfect… but man I thought you were!! Just bought the memory cards thanks to your heads up…….

    Keep it up dude, my go to youtube channel! Thanks man.


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