Amcrest OB1-M "Force" Hand Controlled Drone Review

This is a really neat little indoor IR sensor hand controlled drone that’s perfect for playing with the family on a rainy day. It does a good job of detecting obstacles such as walls and your hands. Get 10% off the listed price using the coupon code RDRONE10 at checkout at Amazon.

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11 comments on “Amcrest OB1-M "Force" Hand Controlled Drone Review

  1. Big drone flyer77

    I was asked to review this one, but I had one I reviewed at Xmas. Didnt know they were sending so many items. Great job Ryan, I couldn't believe how many views I got from this one. Have a Great weekend

  2. Tonys Rc Tech

    That's a great Fun drone, I like it, it's a cross between a UFO and a Flying cooling Fan lol, I would like to see this in the Dark, Fantastic Test video bro, really enjoyed every minute πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ‘


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