antenna mod 12dB power boost for drone 2.4ghz controller – part 2

well I was looking around the office and I found this amplifier for boosting 2.4 gigahertz so this is for Wi-Fi but after doing the antenna mod and seeing this here and the office sitting around doing nothing I was like well if you're not overdoing it you're not doing it enough so this is supposed to have a transmit 12 DB gain we'll see if I can actually I'll see what we get out of this I guess um comes with these two wires and here's the transmitter I found this extra antenna basically I'm only going to hook up one of these to the to the radio to the transmitter this is made for Wi-Fi 4G antennas so I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work out normally you like connect the two antennas on your router so how this was designed to mate you made um let's see I really I don't know what ran this is it says Made in Taiwan I think it see me selling on Amazon I'm not sure how much they are anyway before I get started I took this back apart I can unscrew this other antenna from the previous mod but one of the things I didn't do in my last video was I only made this mount right here finger tight I didn't actually tighten this up so before I get started from the deal take ratchet wrench this is actually five sixteenths and tighten up this nut on here pretty damn tight hey that's pretty tight otherwise it can it'll spin the whole wire around and it could really cause you some problems so basically just um put that back in there okay so and then I'm going to put it back together one just to show you that the antenna can be changed what can you put that together you don't have to disassemble it at least I don't have to you for this connector or the other antenna so I can just easily change this back now that I have tighten down the nut in there hmm screws back on and it's actually plate yep site and I'll show you how this is going to go before I put it back together it's going to take a wire here screw that in and this is going to be going into here so now this has a change the power for this it's actually a 9 volt 2 amp so not sure how practical this is going to be I suppose you could make a battery pack out of some D cells or maybe even the NiCad Packer maybe there's a little bit the impact that's 9 volts not sure um but yeah this is just kind of playing around so I just want to see if this would actually work see so I put the controller back together and if you want see how to do that check out the part 1 video and I hooked up the radio and the antenna I'm just the one channel I decided to hook it up on the same side as the power I'm not sure if it'll make a difference or it's going to wear it to hook them the power I see that the green light in come on but I turned the power on here the green light so I feel it again yes so when I turn on the controller the power lights coming on on there and it looks like it's going to work ah let's get the quad and see if we can get it to bind so I have the quad and just turn it on mm-hm turn on the controller and light is on on our power booster and it's plane and we're about yeah well it works not sure what the range will be a or error if I can use this practically in the field only we'll do a part three all right thanks for watching or found this useful

Powered WiFi broadband signal amplifier connected to quadcopter controller antenna for range extension. This mod was done on a Swann Xtreem QuadForce Video Drone but could also work for similar models like Syma X5C, JJRC H5C, Skytech M68R and similar 2.4 ghz RC controllers.

Part 1 –

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20 comments on “antenna mod 12dB power boost for drone 2.4ghz controller – part 2

  1. Pererinha

    Hello dear friend, congratulations on the video, can you tell what was the maximum distance between the drone and the control before and how far was it after installing the amplifier? thank you so much. Lengths

  2. Liam N

    Hi, I have a FS-i6 transmitter which has 2 default antennas. If I use a Wifi amplifier, how should the amplifier be connected to the transmitter ? Thank you

  3. Furball Kim FPV

    He is explaining stuff. It's his channel do what he like's. Anyways did you get this working outdoor's?  if you have a 110 power outlet like in some car's and trucks could hook to that for power converter. Or carry a power pack to supply the power.

  4. OokTiaopi

    LOL, u are still playing with Syma??? Why dont get a Phantom 3 Standart, they are quite cheap right now ($499) and Ready To Run. Dont waste ur $$$ to upgrade ur Syma Toy, get urself a real drone.

  5. Gemster18

    great video very informative I might even try that myself as I also have one of these Wi-Fi boosters laying around. quick question for you, where did you obtain the orange blades for the Syma?


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