Arduino DIY Transmitter & Receiver For Quadcopter/Drone/UAV

Flight Test:

Maybe this project will inspiring for those who want to build autonomous drone, but dont know how to write PID control system code. This code just need little bit modification to turns into autonomous drone.

This is super simple transmitter and receiver that i’ve make using Arduino Uno and Nano.

This idea comes when my Radiolink AT9’s main board not working during robotic competition last year at beijing. So i decide to change the main board on transmitter with Arduino Uno. And use Arduino Nano as receiver to replace R9D.
i will post flight test with this TX&RX later.

This TX&RX run on small current and volatge. I power up the TX using USB port at 5V. its also can run using powerbank etc. Dont mess with wiring, its just temporary.

This TX&RX can use on many flight controller board as long the fc support PWM signal. In my case, use SP Racing Deluxe and setup the PID in CleanFlight Configurator 2.0.3. its also can run on other configurator, like Betaflight and many more as long i flash the firmware that compatibles with the configurator.
I already test with Multiwii + Arduino Nano + MPU6080. its run smooth just like i run on cF & SP Racing Deluxe board.

How i set the Subtrim Trim & End point?
I set them in Arduino IDE.

How fast the transmission?
As fast blue LED blink on the receiver!

How long the control distance?
NRF24L01 with antena (range about 1000m). But mine around 50meters. I will fixed this problem later.

How many channels?
In this video i just use 4 channel to control pitch, yaw, roll and throttle. its can be more, as long you know how to handle the data transmission. i will be add more channels later.

This project still young, i plan turn this quadcopter into autonomous drone later. Add more sensors or camera function. Maybe also run with android. sorry for my bad english 😀


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