Autel EVO 4K 60fps Drone! In-Depth Review

You know what's better than 4K 30fps on a
drone…. 4K 60 fps! I'm Ben from Authentech, and this is the EVO
drone from Autel! It shoots 4K 60 on a 3-axis gimbal, has object avoidance in 3 directions,
30 minute flight time, HD image transmission over 4 miles, and, one of my ALL TIME favorite
features I've been asking for years.. an OLED screen Built-INTO the remote control – SWEET!
Let's check it out! Massive thanks to Autel for sponsoring this
video. Starting with a quick unboxing, it had great
packaging, the drone is well protected. Lots of goodies like the charger, powerful enough
to Fully charge a battery in just 80 minutes, that's nice and fast! Speaking of, those 4,300
mAh batteries are rated to offer you up to 30 minutes of flight time which is awesome.
This way just ONE battery could easily last you a full shoot, OR pickup a few spares if
needed, they're not too expensive. Also included is a spare set of props, assortment
of USB cables, last but definitely not least is the remote control.
It has a great compact foldable design. There's a cellphone clamp, plenty of dials and buttons
which I always appreciate. It's comfortable to hold with nice ergonomics. Let's check out the main EVO aircraft. It
has a nice black and orange design, definitely stands out in the crowd of competition.
It folds and unfolds just like the DJI Mavic, very portable and compact.
They even sent me their custom carrying bag, and it's probably the nicest one I've tested.
It's really well made, good quality materials, perfectly sized, well padded. I appreciate
the zippered pouches on both front and rear of the bag, plus one inside… even two elastic
pouches on the ends. All is this perfect for carrying spare cables, micro-SD cards, protect
your phone and other valuables.. If you end up picking up an EVO drone, I'd highly recommend
considering this shoulder bag. Let's check out that camera..
It can capture 12 MP still photos, with a wide angle lens at a 94-degree FOV.
The photo resolution is 4000 x 3000 pixels, with sharpness and clarity looking good.
I feel the colors, white balance, and saturation look nice and natural.
Even low light shots good too, not too much noise or grain, without looking muddy or soft. Jumping to video, this camera can capture
some stunning 4K video, max bitrate at 100 Mbps, and 11.5 stops of range!
Again, the sharpness and clarity of that 4K image looks splendid, and I'm really impressed!
Colors, dynamic range, saturation… the straight out of camera footage looks really good! I'm
shooting everything in normal, default settings. The contrast is great, as there's still room
for color grading in post if you'd like, or for me personally, cranking out a couple videos
every single week, I normally don't have time for color correction or grading, and this
video looks so great I wouldn't need to modify anything. The auto exposure and focus does
a great job as well, even the tiny details like leaves in the trees look crisp and clean. I can't stress enough, the 4K 60 is awesome
to shoot in, here's a great example, at normal playback speed, there MIGHT be a little wiggle
on screen, maybe there's a strong wind, well with 60fps, on a 30p timeline, we can literally
double the length of a great shot, offering us not only more on-screen time, but the half-speed
slow-motion often takes any little wiggles or wobbles out of the equation, making the
shot feel a lot more smooth and stable. Plus, these are all landscape pretty-b-roll examples,
this isn't even considering the creative control this gives you when shooting action sports
or other subjects moving around. One item I wanted to note, I really, really
dig that wide angle view, it's super helpful with squeezing a ton of landscape or much
of your subject into the camera frame, but I noticed there was just a tinge of pinching
or stretching effect on the edges, this is only noticed in certain shots, and honestly
isn't bad in my opinion, just something to be aware of. I don't want to forgot, the low-light video
samples turned out really fantastic as well. The details soften up a little bit, but footage
still looks great, with again, great colors, saturation, dynamic range, and low noise.
Overall, the EVO shoots some great video and photos. Moving on to one of my favorite features as
I mentioned in the beginning, this Evo remote control has a video screen built right in!
I can't tell you how many times I've flown different drones over the years, always pull
out your phone, fiddle with cables and plugs, launching apps, waiting on updates.. sometimes
there's just NO time or it's kinda annoying and inefficient to always use your phone as
the primary FPV screen. With the press of a button on the RC, the OLED screen show me
a high resolution LIVE HD video feed, right at my fingertips. Plus, we can still toggle
through the menu's and camera settings right here as well. This is a game changer and I
love it! Of course, we can plug in our phone as well,
launch their Explorer app, and here it provides a live 1080p HD camera stream, which they
say you can maintain a a live feed up to 4.3 miles away, or 7km! That's insanely far, and
of course I didn't get to test that distance, however in all my testing, the video feed
never cut out and maintained a strong and reliable signal which is very important and
crucial for safe flying. From their app, you can also enable smart
shooting modes, the Dynamic Track, which autonomously follows your selected object.
Orbit mode, lets you select a point of interest, and the EVO will auto fly in a perfect circle
capturing a nice and easy cinematic shot. There's Waypoint routes and VR display…
lots to play with and explore. As for flying the quad, overall its very smooth
and stable mid-flight. The controls have great precision, and the EVO has dual GPS and GLONASS
for hands-free hovering, fail-safe features like Return to Home. And, it ALSO has obstacle
avoidance system, in the front, bottom, and rear. This gives you great safety and confidence
when flying, whether you're a Pro or First time pilot. Last up, I also wanted to mention a pretty
key feature that often goes un-talked about… this EVO drone has NO geofencing built-in,
this is great for first-responders as an example, there's no forced firmware updates, like with
what we've seen other drone manufactures implement over the years. For SOME people and certain
industries, this is a tipping point to seal the deal for the EVO drone from Autel. Price is currently 1,000 bucks, which of course,
isn't cheap by any means, however when we compare to another similar drone, let's say
the DJI Mavic 2, you'd be saving hundreds of dollars, plus this one shoots the 4k 60
which Mavic 2 does not, and it has that built-in OLED screen in the controller. If you guys
want to see my comparison test between this and Mavic 2, be sure to Subscribe and turn
on notifications for that one coming soon! All links to check out more info will be down
below, and let me know what you think of the EVO down in the comments. Thanks so much for watching, and until next
time, let's live Authentech.

Autel EVO ➜

The EVO drone from Autel packs impressive specs and features; my top two favorites are the 4K 60 FPS video capture, which produces gorgeous cinematic video, and the remote control has an OLED screen built-in for FPV, live video feed! There’s a ton of other great features as well, like a compact/folding design, great for portability. Obstacle avoidance and detection system, dual GPS for stable hovering, RTH (return to home), flight times up to 30 minutes on a single battery, and a range up to 4.3 miles (7 km)! There’s a lot more too, so make sure you watch my in-depth review.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see #AutelEVO vs DJI Mavic 2.

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31 comments on “Autel EVO 4K 60fps Drone! In-Depth Review

  1. Will Hinson

    Nice review but bro you gotta find time for color grading. Even just adjusting the basic correction settings in Premiere Pro will improve your footage substantially, ESPECIALLY when it's wide 4K drone shots

  2. Hotwire

    One think that lacks in most reviews of camera drones is the video of tilt pan. On most DJI and other brands, this is very jittery and a tendency to create artefacts.

  3. Cap 4tennis

    I really enjoy your videos and your presentation style!! Have subscribed and liked your stuff for a while. But today I just looked at this same video, I mean the exact same video….only it's from someone named Bangla Tiger and the quality is horrible compared to this video. Are you aware that someone else is using your video? Just wanted you to be aware. Keep up the good work.

  4. Scott D. N880EP

    I have this drone on order from wellbots!!
    I hope it will be a good experience this is my first drone and I’m getting it to get into the video and the fun of flying and advice will be great very Mercer’s and spending this much on.a first drone but everyone I talked said you get what you pay for and I want an easy reliable drone so please any and all advice would be appreciated!!

  5. Thomas Kerrigan

    Hi People I am in the UK England and have been flying the Autel Evo for over 3 months now and I am so pleased with the performance of the Drone its now my go to Drone, I have the DJI P4S and I have to admit that its not been out of the Carry bag now for 2 of the three months that the EVO has been in my ownership, I have also got myself third Party Insurance and also reregistered with a Safe Fly company in the UK for both my drones, I have found that the batteries do not like being stored in my car over night as this does cause them to perform lower performances, Regards TJK UK.

  6. Alpha 6.31

    I find the colours in the shots you show somewhat blue-ish and washed out. Is that what you see on your pc as well? Ever had problems with the horizon not being level?

  7. CE-750 Pilot

    I purchased the Autel Evo Rugged Bundle, and couldn’t be happier. I am not an Autel or DJI “Fanboy”, because I own the Mavic 2 Pro as well! In all the video I have shot with both drones so far, I prefer the Evo’s. The Mavic 2 Pro has nice video as well, but I really don’t think DJI is using all of the 1” sensor that the Hasselblad camera has. I was expecting the Hasselblad camera to “blow out” the Evo camera, but in my opinion, it simply does not! Two more notes: I prefer Autel’s controller, and I am getting better range than the Mavic 2 Pro. The Mavic controller has this ridiculous little “sliding plastic tray” on the left side of the controller, apparently to guide in the lightning connector. It does not work well, and my connector is constantly coming out-bad design. As much as I like both of these drones, I prefer the Evo.


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