mr. cattle here from drone film guide to the channel where we learn to fly like filmmakers having a bit of fun up north in the Scottish Highlands with the drone teleporter effect more of that in a second now because our channel has grown strongly we are attracting the attention of brands that want us to use our influence to bring your attention to their products or services so what you're trying to sell us to taste your I hear you ask if you're in the US and you want to make some money with your drone and fly commercially you need to pass your part 1 or 7 that requires a fair bit of preparation now there are different routes you can go down but one of the best is a good-quality credible successful online course like drone pilot ground school 20,000 people have been through their system and you can see the reviews independently verified on their website they are universally positive their system is so proven and so credible that they underwrite your success in other words if you fail your part 107 having been through their program they will refund the part 107 test fee so if you're thinking about doing any of this and making some money with your drone check out the link in the description below to drone pilot ground school there's a $50 discount code embedded in that drone teleporter effect is probably best demonstrated by example so let's jump into final cut and take a look at how we did this we need two similar rocket type selfies essentially so if we look at this one we're flying up with tilt down and we gradually transition into a bird's eye view point now strictly speaking we could start this teleporter effect here so we have to bird's-eye self is essentially an up wiggle we keep going up I'll speed this all the way up because this gets speeded up as I'll show you in a second so we speed up and until we get to the top we start to tilt up and we keep tilting as far as we can go tilt tilt tilt start to reveal that big blue sky keep going keep going keep going and that is the end of the first clip now that was pretty straightforward wasn't it the second piece you could say is where the magic happens the second piece would do exactly the same so here's the raw material in fact we start with just a simple birds out here speed this up we fly all the way up keep going keep going keep going and when we get to the top we start to tilt up and reveal with a big blue sky we keep going keep going keep going big blue sky two identical shot tapes where the magic happens is we take this second clip we flip it upside down by going to rotation here and we put that to 180 degrees there it's upside-down and we reverse it so in the case of final cut we go to modify rename reverse clip now look at this the end of the first clip finishes with the big blue sky the start of the second clip begins with the big blue sky and down we come upside down speed this up a bit and down we go down we go down we go down we go down we go and there's a leaner at the bottom it's as simple as that we can know do some finessing which I'll show you but that's how it works you have to rocket type selfies one of which is reversed and flipped that allows you to merge those two blue skies create seamless transition as the drawing can it goes up and over and comes down to meet you on the other side a couple of things to note here the second clip which you flip upside down has to look good upside down so this is why lying on the ground works particularly well if we flipped upside down the first clip that just won't work because the grass will be at the top of the screen and the sky will be at the bottom of the screen that's just not going to work so there's a reason that clip is at the start and the one that is flipped upside down is this one where quite frankly it doesn't make any difference whether it's upside down or not it's aleena lying on the ground so that's the first thing to be aware of second of all the technique works best when you have a blue sky with no clouds because you have to blend these blue skies now here for example we have quite a clear jump between the two clips even though we have a blue sky the way we got around that was just to add a simple cross dissolve in between so you can just add a short cross dissolve doesn't after your second law just bring that in and that blends the two in nicely so even playing here at real team that looks pretty nice as we go up and over and join the second clip now as it happens we're going to speed all that up anyway which blurs that transition even further so let's do that now we don't want this clip to last two minutes so we go here now in final cut the way we speed up smoothly as we press select the clip and press shift B and that creates a time remap speed ramp I should say if we speed this up and go fast 20 times zoom in a wee bit there this gray bar means that you have a nice smooth transition between real time and fast way there we go it's nice and smooth now I want that to be even faster actually so in this section at least I'm going to boat here do another one press shift B and I'm going to take this middle section up to 4,000 percent speed [Applause] and let's see how we get done with that we go up and over and down Oh pretty much done depending on your clips will depend on how much you speed up and where you speed up and all that kind of stuff you need to play around with it so please do let me know how you get on in the comments below and link to any work that you've done there's one finishing piece of the puzzle that we need is a little bit of motion blur and all that speeded up section I'll put a link in the description to a motion blur plug-in that we think works fantastically for final cut I can just find it here in the titles that is motion blur and I'm gonna put some moderate motion blur on here and you just put that on the whole section that you've done all the speeding up on and if you take this piece for example this is without motion blur and this is with motion blur and it's so essential to create a nice smooth cinematic look thank you to one of our viewers for bringing our attention to the droolin teleporter technique I've linked to his work in the description below so you can see what he did with it a very nice example indeed if you really want to get into drone cinematography learn to fly like a filmmaker do check out our it's our drawing cinematography masterclass version 2.0 we're in our second incarnation now second year it's been tremendously successful so I definitely recommend that you check that out and as I was saying for us drone pilots we're planning on passing their part 107 do check out and draw pilot grounds come linked in the description below as I say it they underwrite your success with the quality of their course do stay tuned we've got lots more content coming in it's an exciting time here at drone film gate so we will see you next time you

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  1. Hawaii RealMedia

    Great idea. I would just add one thing. At the dissolve transition, I would have zoomed in and out of the sky. The dissolve somewhat breaks the effect a bit. Or rotate while zooming, thus giving the look of the quad doing a flip.

  2. Rupert Lawson

    Stewart, excellent as ever…. but oh so frustrating trying to replicate your stuff at home here.
    I see from your video when editing in FCP you also have the β€˜render’ grey bar on top of the timeline, as do I. But pre-rendering I can’t smoothly play back the edited result, makes it so difficult to assess the success of the edit. Using a 2018 MacBook Pro here with FCPx and current operating software….
    Where am I going wrong?!

  3. Gabriel Z

    Alina is the real MVP…..she puts herself in dangerous situations (sometimes) while Stewart is off camera fiddling with the control sticks to get he epic shot lol


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