Awesome Google Earth zoom in with drone flight – Heijmans

With Google Earth we start high above Amsterdam. We zoom in where our drone, the DJI Phantom takes over.

Drone Addicts, located in Amsterdam, is a group consisting of experienced filmmakers, tech-heads and certified drone-pilots who reach altitudes that are inaccessible to others. Our video productions meet high standards. Like no other we’re able to translate the artistic vision of our customers into impressive visuals, whether it involves a promo film or the reporting of an event. Next to creating video productions we also provide workshops for individuals, companies and schools. (Much is possible; tell us your ideas!) We also give educational lectures and we gladly advise on purchasing a drone.
Check out our compilations of aerial photography and cinematography full of spectacular locations and objects.

4 comments on “Awesome Google Earth zoom in with drone flight – Heijmans

  1. J Vst

    This is incredible. It'd be even better if u locked the footage to the Google earth zoom (if the drone stayed still long enough) and then it could be totally seamless!


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