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what's going on guys Billy here and today I wanted to talk about flying in the cold now as you guys may know I live in the Northeast right outside of Philly and it does get pretty cold here as of right now it's around 20 degrees and it's only gonna get colder from here so in today's video I want to talk about how to a keep yourself warm and B how to keep your batteries warm majority this video is going to be talking about how to take care of your lipo batteries especially in the cold but I do want to touch on how to keep yourself cold really quickly I think that the two most important parts are the hat and the gloves now usually when my ears are cold I'm pissed off so whenever I get a nice hat to cover my ears I'm usually happy now as far as gloves I use North Face a tip gloves this allows me to use any part of the glove to touch a touch screen so I'm not gonna recommend in North Face I mean they are great but honestly any glove that allows you to touch a phone screen with the glove still on is going to be perfect for flying a drone moving on to the batteries starting off with a little bit of background DJI recommends that you fly within temperatures of 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit now in celcius this is between negative 10 and 40 degrees Celsius so these are some pretty extreme weather conditions but again this is what DJI recommends now as far as the risks are concerned of flying in the cold there are basically only two of them first of all you're going to have a faster discharge and second of all you're going to have a faster and voltage drop basically overall you're going to have a shorter flight time and that's something that you have to be prepared for whether you have multiple batteries where you land a little bit sooner than usual really if you've used any technological device in the cold you know what I'm talking about if you take your iPhone out I know that my old iPhone had a pretty bad battery and whenever is in the cold it would seem to die faster so basically all batteries will discharge faster and colder weather so now we've gone over the basics let's go over the five ways that you can help combat against fast discharging now I'm gonna list them off right here but later in the video I'm going to go more in depth on each point now first of all you want to never store your batteries in the cold second of all you're gonna want to start your motors to let your aircraft warm up third of all you're gonna want to keep the aircraft hovering for around thirty to sixty seconds before any further flight fourth you're going to want to be gentle on the sticks and fifth you're gonna want to keep your batteries warm in harsh temperatures now starting off with that first point that is to never store your batteries in the cold this really goes as a rule thumb for most technological devices you're gonna keep them out of the harm of the cold elements so basically I store my batteries in my room in a closet I mean it's a nice controlled temperature nothing is really going to happen to them in there basically I would advise you not to store them in your garage or in your basement both of those are pretty cold places and usually will affect the discharge of the batteries so I usually keep them in a nice controlled environment whether it be in your room or another spot in your house that has a controlled temperature next up we have starting the motors to let your aircraft warm up now as you guys know to prime the motors on most of the Phantom series drones all you have to do is pull the sticks down towards each other and the propellers were will spin around while it's still on the ground this is almost like driving a car as many of you may know before you drive a car in the cold weather you want to start it up first to let it warm up this is both for your sake so that the interior warms up and for the engines sake so that it can begin to warm up before any heavy pressure is being put on it basically during this stage you're warming the battery up from a cold state to a more warm state next up you're gonna want to keep the aircraft hovering for anywhere between thirty to sixty Seconds basically from that position on the ground where your motors are primed and spinning gently ease the stick up so that you're hovering anywhere between four and five feet in the air this will allow the battery to further warm up before any strenuous flight is put on the drone the next tip is to just be gentle on the sticks you don't want to be too forceful you know flying up as fast you can flying forward as fast as you can just take it easy so that the battery doesn't discharge any faster any sudden movements will make the battery discharge a lot quicker finally you're going to want to keep your batteries warm in harsh temperatures now for those of you who may be traveling with the batteries and your backpack may be hiking through cold temperatures you're gonna want to make sure that they're warm so that they don't discharge quickly before you even fly in order to keep these batteries warm there are plenty of different ways that you can insulate them first of all they have insulation boxes that you can just simply drop the batteries into but I think that what's going to be the most efficient and the best way to carry them around is by insulation wrapping now they sell these all over amazon and probably in your local hardware store and this is a little demonstration I'm doing with a paper towel I know that it's pretty bad but basically they're going you're going to want to wrap the battery up so that it's nice and elated inside of that wrapping and then from there make sure that it's taped and sealed nicely so anyway that about wraps up this video hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you guys can take something away from this especially if you're living in colder environments or do plan to take your drone to a colder environment to film I know later in the month I'm going away to Vermont to ski and I'm bringing my drone with me so I hope that using these tips I'll be able to keep my drone batteries nice and warm so again that's about all definite leave a like if you liked and subscribe if you're new around here as I have been trying to upload daily if you guys missed out yesterday I uploaded a video I'm doing a giveaway for the DJI phantom4 polar Pro nd filters so definitely go check that out and find out how to enter but anyway that's about it and I'll talk to you later

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15 comments on “Battery Tips When Flying in Cold Temperatures – DJI Drones

  1. Reggie1951

    Great Video, Another idea to keep batteries warm in cold weather is, I spend a lot of time outside in the winter and use hand warmers to keep my fingers and feet warm in cold weather I would think you could wrap a battery in a hand warmer and put in a coat  pocket and they last several hours when I am out hunting or snowmobiling. Sold at Wal-Mart and many Stores Worldwide.

  2. teknofil007

    I live in Norway. I fly Dji Phantom 4 now In Winter. From -4 to -18 and nothing happen. I fly like I use to do. Battery hold good. I fly near same time. Last flight fore 2-3 days ago It was -8 could 13 Desember. Phantom fly fantastic. I order Mavic fore some days ago. I hope I get It soon but I understand It can take some weeks. DJI makes the best drone on marked now.

  3. R M

    One more thing….I WISH THE HECK I'D GET MY MAVIC !!!!!!! 🙁 P.S. It's gonna be 17 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning, I'm gonna follow your advice

  4. JIN WU

    Hey Billy – I'm in the Philly area too. Are you a part of any drone groups in the area? If not, want to start one so we can fly together?


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