Battle of Los Angeles – Call of Duty Ghosts

Huge Mexican invasion of america in call of duty ghosts

45 comments on “Battle of Los Angeles – Call of Duty Ghosts

  1. Cole Nemitz

    Here’s the thing with ghosts, the reason people hated it is because at the time it wasn’t on the same level as cods that came before it back when cod was actually good, but revisiting this game, it’s fucking awesome we didn’t know what we had until it was gone lol

  2. borderline

    Ever notice how, the majority of the time, you're boxed into a tiny area with very little opportunity to move around, and just basically firing into a grey and brown target range? Occassionally they introduce a new gimmick, use it 3-4 times in a row, then discard it never to return. God, Call of Duty really is just the same game time after time..

  3. Oc Boi

    Los Angles garrison: built with massive defense and coastal cannon, assisted with 2 Burke Class destroyer

    Federation: yeet em with some bois in a hovercraft


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