Best Auto Antenna Tracker Gimbal for Drones

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Best Auto Antenna Tracker Gimbal for Drones. Perfect Compatible with mavlink systems like Pixhawk. Works well with VDC-7/VDC-15, S1+, RB20, D04. With high gain panel antennas, transmission range can be extended 2-3 times.

Foxtech Archer is an antenna tracking system designed for long range data transmission, which allows the high-gain panel antenna on the ground to be always pointing to your drones, greatly improving the transmission range.

Archer antenna tracker gimbal features good directivity, 360Β° tracking, and has a Mavlink interface through which the ground unit of the data transmission module can be connected to the antenna tracker, so that the antenna can be always pointing to your drone and adjust automatically to get a better signal and ultra-long communication distance.

Foxtech Archer antenna tracker is compatible with flight control system that supports Mavlink like Pixhawk, and can work with data transmission module like VDC-7/VDC-15, S1+, RB20, D04.


Voltage Supply:12V-15V
Data interface: Mavlink
Power Interface: XT60
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3 comments on “Best Auto Antenna Tracker Gimbal for Drones

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