Best Backpack for Drone, Camera, Gimbal & More!

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hey filmmakers today I'm gonna show you my favorite backpack that can fit your DSLR a gimbal your drone and so much more this is the Thule covert DSLR roll-top backpack yeah it's a mouthful but this is a completely unbiased review of the bag I've actually had it for about six months they didn't send it to me or pay me to say any of this I just really love this bag so I wanted to share it with you let's start with the most important pocket obviously and that's here on the side and this is a special compartment because it's actually padded and made specifically for your camera equipment and it's kind of separate than the rest of the bag because it has all this extra padding and everything to it so I'm gonna pull out the largest item first and it's my favorite and that is my new DJI Mavic 2 pro if you have a DJI Mavic the Mavic air the spark you know any of those smaller drones it's absolutely going to fit and you're never gonna leave it behind again because you needed like a separate bag or something for your drone of course you can fit whole bunch of lenses in here and your camera so if you don't have a drone you can put your camera into the bag with the lens already mounted so you can pull in and out really quick now when I go on shoots where I won't be using a drone I bring my 70 to 200 millimeter lens instead because obviously it's a beast and it fits perfectly in that Center pockets there's this little zipper at the top and it allows you to put all kinds of stuff in here I usually just keep batteries and memory cards and stuff in the front I've got the remote for my maverick and then we've got two pockets at the top here and this is where I keep my ND filters I've got the main nd for my lenses and then the drone ND filters always bring my rocket blower with me when I'm traveling because you never know when you're gonna get that little speck of dust or dirt on your sensor and it's just gonna ruin everything so I always bring that with me there's also a whole nother zipper pocket here that you can put stuff in too show you that it's got a little clips you can throw your keys on there I've got the batteries for my gimbal in it but there's a whole bunch more pockets in here we can put little accessories and things or even pretty large items let's get to the roll-top part of this back and I love this compartment because it is just very versatile and this is where I keep my gimbal it was hard for me to find a bag that fit my drone my camera a gimbal and a whole bunch of other gear but this one has just done such a good job of it first I want to pull out my rode mic of course you got to have this when you're traveling here's my gimbal and I keep it in there disassembled because you know it just fits best if it's not assembled but I'll show you later how you can carry it with it all completely assembled – that's a little mini tripod and the rest of this stuff for the game ball inside of this bag is huge you can fit a ton of stuff in here if you don't have a gimbal there's so much more you can put in here honestly one of the best parts about this roll top is that you can fit your clothes in here and actually quite a few times when I'm just going on little overnighters and short things I'll just throw some clothes in there and my toiletries and it's just enough you know to have my clothes in the top of the bag and then the rest of my gear that I need camera stuff in the bottom seriously it is the perfect bag for traveling like you can obviously put a water bottle or you can put like an entire monopod it has these nice clips so that you can clip your tripod on to the side and secure it and fasten it down but what I like to do is once I have my gimbal all set up and ready to go and I put it in this side pocket cinch it down and clip it right here and then I can walk around with my gimbal ready to go whatever it need is and I don't have to totally disassemble it and take the camera and everything apart it's just ready to go as soon as I need it has this nice zipper in the back and a padded back so that you can put your laptop in there I'm carrying my macbook pro 13 inch in there but it can fit up to an entire 15 inch laptop and it also has a second layer in there so you can put an iPad in there or another tab this thing is seriously a quality bag I really really like this material it's water-resistant so it's not going to be completely waterproof but I feel totally comfortable walking around in a light rain in this and I know that my gear is protected so I've got all the gear laid out that you can fit into this and like I said you can pack even more into it this is kind of like a light load for it the cool thing is once you get this thing all stuffed up and you take it on a plane it'll actually fit underneath the seat in front of you so if you want to travel with this and like a small roller carry-on bag it's perfect if you are interested in this backpack definitely check out the link in the description below if you want to learn how to light and shoot better videos hit subscribe right now I have so many more videos coming out on shooting editing everything like that alright I'll see you in the next video

This is the best backpack for your drone, camera, gimbal and more! Having a good camera bag for your DSLR, Mavic 2 Pro, Zhiyun Crane or Ronin S and other camera gear is so important. I review my favorite camera backpack, the Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack. There are an endless amount of camera bags out there and I’ve owned many of them, but the Thule Covert Backpack is by far my favorite one I’ve used so far. It fits all the great I need for traveling and doing shoots, and still leaves room for personal items like my clothes. This really is the best backpack for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

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18 comments on “Best Backpack for Drone, Camera, Gimbal & More!

  1. Detelj

    A while ago I had commented somewhere in here about a ronin m fitting into a bag as well as a cine lens, camera, the stand and more and have purchased and successfully achieved this with the lowepro 450! both these bags are great but thought this was important enough to share. and I can still fit my mavic 2 pro as well!

  2. DAr00d sandstrooom

    How big is the "max size" for the tripod? Aaaaaaaannnnd is it like a manffotto bag where u got to have wide shoulders to fit in? Because as a student it's a pricey bag but Idm investing if it can meet the requirements

    Once again, stellar review 🙂

  3. Detelj

    Can you fit a ronin M gimbal though? Desperate to find that bag that can fit my mavic 2, sony a7s, carry a tripod and bring a ronin m as well as one or two lens

  4. PG Tips

    Thanks for the review, is the bag waterproof material? Also, do you not think it might be a bit risky to carry a gimbal/camera exposed on the outside like that?

  5. Glenn Upgraded

    Been checking this bag as well, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit inside my g85 + 2 prime lenses + telezoom + drone + weebill lab gimbal and other small accessories like rode video micro, power bank and other stuff.
    Would love to have it all inside for safety reasons walking around town.


    hello i wanna buy this bag but want to ask; i have canon 5d mark iii and 2 big lenses and one small (tamron 100-400, tamron 70-200 and canon 24-105) want to ask camera cube fit for all my lensess and camera body? thank you

  7. 9Tech

    Hey dude! This bag looks promising. What gimbal did you use? Do you the lil beast Ronin s would fit in there? If yes, how protected is it in the area you stored yours? Thanks for the awesome video!


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