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cover my crawl and ultralight it comes with it's very own device you see amazing isn't it this is the air selfie the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover micro and ultra light it comes with it's very own device for storage and charging with an easy one-hand control from its own where did the idea come from well I'll show you look at this what an epic day out a bonafide selfie time as they say just need to squeeze a teeny bit no oh never mind ah more manageable group just two guys actually they want to take a selfie to remember this wonderful place well I guess they can just describe the view to their friends back home right okay one more try this time a good old barbecue outside on a sunny day with lots of friends let's try the selfie stick strategy still can't fit everybody in annoying situations am i right we've all been there buddy that's how air selfie was born a perfect team gathered together working in London Milan and Shanghai to combine micro flying technologies ultralight HD cameras with in flight stability systems air selfie can travel in a 20 meter radius and hovers for up to three minutes it's easily controllable from both iOS or Android smartphone apps it's only 52 grams and it slots into its phone cover and recharges so what if the guys had an air selfie with them they make it hover find the perfect angle and leave the controls finally snap an amazing photo with the selfie delay timer mode while it is autonomously flying and keeping its position in the air awesome what about the two explorers they select the classic flying mode from the three options available control air selfie through the app by holding the phone horizontally and take both memorable photos and videos and what would have happened at the barbecue enough with the squeezing just select the selfie mode use only two buttons to find the right distance to shoot and take a great picture what about an indoor location whatever it may be a party at somebody's house or a night out in a club there are no issues there selfie fly's easily it's simple to control and very safe and once you shoot a great picture don't keep it to yourself it's so easy to share it right from your phone as easy as grabbing the air selfie safely while it's still hovering in the air so this is air selfie the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover ready to explore new perspectives let's take a look at its technical features power bank inside its own custom phone cover a battery that charges itself in only 30 minutes 5 megapixel HD video camera to shoot social media optimized images sophisticated sensors and its own Wi-Fi control unit in flight stability systems to hover autonomously the smallest and most powerful brushless motors it's safe to grab while it's still hovering and of course its own 4 gigabyte microSD memory ultralight with a solid italian-designed case compact and easy to carry with you anywhere you go ready for the revolution air selfie is on Kickstarter help us to get it into production become an air selfie ambassador by pre-ordering now this is air block a one-of-a-kind programmable transport this is air block a one-of-a-kind programmable transformable drone and hovercraft think you've seen a drone like this think again air block is unlike any drone you've seen before start with individual magnetic pieces and 15 seconds later you have a drone control the drone through the app via bluetooth and take to the sky in no time air block is amazing not just because it's entertaining but also because it's educational it teaches kids and big kids about coding in aerodynamics use pre-programmed maneuvers within the app just drag and drop into action air block caters to every type of drone pilot want to try your own moves program your own aerial stunts right in the app have some cool ideas of your own air block allows you to DIY so you can build your very own creation from scratch with air block you're not just constrained for the air take to the land or sea by transforming your drone into a hovercraft and hover over smooth ground or even over water rookie killing your 5 and your drone totally fine air block is tough so you can fly and bump into obstacles without fear the engineered plastic foam makes air block durable so it's safe to fly indoors or out snap into action and keep flying so who's behind this awesome product we are and who are we make blocked we've launched and shipped four products on Kickstarter and have grown from just three people to a team of 200 people today we've got 400,000 users and still growing in the past four years we've established ourselves as the company that encourages stem-based education through our DIY robotics and products we're passionate about bringing DIY robotics and stem based programming and education to folks like you we need your help to get air block off the ground so back to the point you want a programmable transformable crash abode rone will make it easy for you back our Kickstarter campaign and the best part it's affordable because let's face it everyone should have air block support the cause and get your own air block code to fly safely and confidently maneuver and control your drone next for those piloting drones is a relatively new activity that most people are starting to explore we wanted to design a drone that introduced as many people as possible so the first person view drone experience without breaking the bank introducing a whole new flight experience the bolt is an innovative and versatile first person view drone available at a radical price it's a complete ready to fly out-of-the-box solution that's easy and safe to pilot the drone for everyone there are three ways to fly first for beginners to start flying simply turn on the drone and turn on the controller the two will sync up and pair and you can take off the drone features altitude stabilization and a beginner's mode that makes picking up the basics of breeze learn how to safely and confidently maneuver and control your drone next for those ready to expand their horizons attach the screen to the controller and start piloting the drone further away simply turn on the drone and the screen the camera on the drone will automatically sync and broadcast a live high-definition feed mount the screen on the controller and you're ready to go finally for those ready for the full first-person you experience swap the screen into the goggles and prepared for a whole new flight experience immerse yourself into the world of fpv piloting and cruise around high in the sky or try your hand at fpv drone racing and experience the incredible excitement from every twist and turn drone racing is a new and exciting sport that is quickly growing around the world using fpv goggles pilots race their drones around courses to compete for the fastest times it is truly the sport of the future the bolt can be used to experience drone racing at a fraction of the current price it's an exciting virtual reality flying experience the bolt drone was designed and tested in Los Angeles by a team of expert product designers aerospace engineers and drone enthusiasts it's built a carbon fiber frame that offers unmatched performance and durability the HD camera provides crystal-clear video and photos and the battery easily slides in and out for quick swapping the drone design is modular so that individual parts can be replaced the result is a highly maneuverable lightweight and aerodynamic drone the bolt features a unique and innovative fpv viewing system that allows seamless transition from traditional viewing on the controller to fpv viewing using goggles we're excited to offer the bolt drone at a radical price traditionally consumers purchase their drones at a high price point since importers wholesalers and retailers mark up the price of a drone up to 500% by cutting out the middleman we are able to sell directly to you and pass on the savings the bolt drone was designed to introduce as many people as possible to first-person view piloting and racing without breaking the bank with our finished prototypes ready for production we're here on Kickstarter to raise the money we need for our first batch with bolt jerome's we want to make first person view piloting and raising accessible to everyone with your support this can be the start of something big thanks for watching

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1. Air Selfie Drone.

2. Airblock The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone.

3. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone.

4. Bolt Carbon Fiber Drone.

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