Betaflight 3.2 Setup for Micro Drones ๐Ÿšฉ

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hey guys in this video I'm going to be covering how to flash beautiful a 3.22 your micro drone now some of the instructions in this video may be applicable to also larger 5-inch drones but I'm making this video specifically for the micro drone audience also keep in mind that this is a beautifly 3.0 release candidate for and I'm not expecting any of the features to change drastically once the official 3.2 is released but just keep that in mind so I'll be flashing this to the grasshopper 94 which has the Omnibus f3 twenty by twenty board and the 10a up for and won ESC okay go ahead and plug it in and what you want to have the latest beta flight configurator from from the chrome store it's currently 3.2.1 as of late August 2017 if you have an older version or haven't updated it and you flash beta flight 3.2 then you're going to get some weird stuff going on basically could corrupt your setup it could just mess it up just make sure that you're on the latest version of the configurator for this I'm going to go to the firmware flasher and you want to select the board you have in this case I already have the omnibus selected and you want to have full chip select full chip array selected and show and stable release is selected no not all the boards have 3.2 release candidate available so the omnibus has it the omnibus f4 also has 3.2 but force micro guys that are on the Pico BLX you can see here that the latest version there's only three point one point seven they have not made a release candidate version for 3.2 for the Pico plx I'm not sure if that means that they're not going to or not but at this point in time that's not available so just keep in mind if you're running the Pico be like this video at least of this at this time is probably not applicable to you although maybe down the road it might be okay I'll just look the board that I have the omnibus and we're going to select three point two here and we're gonna click on load for more online it's gonna download that and then we just hit flash firmware okay so if some of you guys have had trouble getting the comport to show up or if it doesn't go into DFU move it on your board when you're trying to flash it you get a serial port air or something like that that means you've got a computer with some sort of a USB driver conflict or it's got an older driver or something like that I'm going to be having a video here in a corner that you can click on have a card here it will cover basically a couple different tools that you can use that can help fix that problem for your computer because everyone's computers a little bit different so I'm not gonna be putting that in this video just click on that card if you want to get out of trouble and get your USB port fixed so that you can connect and finish your flashing and configuring anyway so after you've completed successfully flashing you can go ahead and connect to the board and I'm not going to go through everything here on the configuration because there's just a lot of stuff here and I want to make this a video kind of quick I will link some videos or in Joshua bard Welles channel in the corner here you guys can check those out think he's got like an initial preview video somewhere I'll see if I can find it and put that card there and then maybe I'll update this video later when he comes out with an official 3.2 video I don't think he actually has on that covers everything yet so but when he does all update this video anyway the thing that I'm gonna cover here just for the micros and just specifically for things that are gonna be typical for a lot of these micro so first thing one to do is gonna go to the port's tab and you want to a lot of these people have serial receivers my grasshopper 94 has its to diversity over New York three you should remember which one yours is on it might be different on your board so make sure that you've saved your previous configuration and made a note of the settings in your previous configuration so that you can do cleat them on the three points you set up so go ahead now I'll select CLR excellent Newark three and but– and then we'll go to the configuration section here and things are a little bit of different but I'll just and also the same I'll go ahead and here under ESC and I'm going to select d schat 600 that's what I had before and then I'm gonna turn off barometer and leave accelerometer on your on the receiver I'm going to change that to 0 RX and then you have to obviously pick your whatever receiver you're using so if you're using free sky you're gonna probably select S Plus here if you're using DSM X you have any selects spectrum 1024 or 2048 I am using a flat sky receiver so I am going to be selecting IBUs and then here are the features section and I usually have most of these off again yet remember what you had previously set up on yours you might have an LED strip set up for example you had forgot to enable that I don't on this one so and not enable that I'm gonna turn on air mode I have an OSD so I'm gonna be turning that on I'm going to enable anti-gravity and the dynamic filter this is the major feature of 3.2 that everyone is been talking about and it supposedly makes tuning a lot better although honestly I can't tell much of a difference between 3.17 a well-tuned 3.7 micro and 3.2 you on the dynamic filter so just take that for what it is and then down here there is a section called beeper configuration and you'll probably notice that if you don't have a battery connected that when you after you flasher your buzzer will just be going off constantly and that's because this this is select it's called bat low that means a your your V bat here which is up here in says 3.3 volt estes from the USB port is too low and you're just gonna constantly be pings so you probably want to go into this tab first and turn the buzzer off here if you're plugging it to a USB port and it is beeping at you so this is what I did there's a whole bunch of different things here for the beeper I'm not going to go into all these you could probably look at these and figure it out for yourself just which ones you want the beeper to go off on which ones you don't go ahead and I'll stay in reboot okay so under the power and battery section I usually you will change the minimum cell voltage to 3.0 and the warning to 3.1 that's just because a lot of the micro batteries especially the ones that come stock on the radio flies tend to Sag their voltage quite a bit and you will just have the buzzer going off very very early when it'll still be able to fly for maybe another minute or two so I usually do this and then even when the battery goes down to below even below 3 tends to recover to three point three three point four which is totally okay with me then under the failsafe tab the only thing that I'm going to change here is that throttle to hold so that if there's a glitch and of the signals recovered I can then not crash and I can actually keep continue flying ok so then under the pit tuning this is the thing that is really important I'm going to leave the default pits here for now I I think the DS probably gonna be a little too high of it you can only fool I'm only gonna be able to know once I fly the actual craft here and see how things behave the thing that you want to change here to get the dynamic filter working at least working optimally is go to the filter SEC filter settings section here and then you want to change the determine low pass filter to PT one and then you want to turn off these two gyro the gyro notch filter one and two and you can turn them off by setting them to zero like this technically you're supposed to turn off the D term notch filter here I think that's this when your insist 260 I usually turn these two off first and then I'll fly it for like thirty Seconds to a minute and see if the motors are hot or not if it's a decent setup balance props and such you can probably go ahead and turn off the D term notch filter as well but I usually do these first fly it around for 30 seconds to a minute see if the motors are hot if they're okay then I'll go ahead and I'll turn this off as well and then that will basically turn all the filters off and only the only filtering up going as the dynamic filter at that point but I leave that on just see if the motors I have there but they're hot for whatever reason if you've got bad props now or the motors are unbalanced whatever something's wrong with your frame then it'll save you from smoking or murder so just keep that in mind I usually do this one last after I see with the temp motor temperatures like so we go ahead and save it and then here on your receiver I change my I stickman to one zero zero five and then my max – mm a lot of these used to be in the CLI now you can just do them right in the configurator and then I usually put a dead band enough – and – for these yeah I think that's all I doing here and then under modes I typically set up a switch for arming yeah it's on for me it's on aux 1 it might be different for years so keep that in mind and then here you can also set up your other modes for angle horizon etc I also set up my beeper here I was at on aux 4 and I can trigger that from my translator if I crash and need to locate my micro in the tall grass and can't see it ok so here is the OSD tab and you can see you're going to want to turn all this junk off otherwise you're not gonna be able to fly this is a giant mess and I typically only fly with two things here something to trump pretty much everything off I only fly with the time or two which is the flight time and I main battery voltage I shirin everything else off now you can obviously leave whatever you feel comfortable on if you tend to use them but I don't use any of this stuff so I just turn them off you know usually select my video form on here I don't like to leaving it on auto and then I will move my a lot of time down here and my battery voltage over here then to save and then I usually upload the digital font I like that font better okay so that's all these settings that I usually change in beta flight 3.0 after I flash it obviously is not comprehensive you still have to do some tuning and again you want to turn off that gyro notch filter if your motors aren't hot but for the most part this should get you up in the air and and then obviously you can change your PIDs in the OSD if you have an OSD any of you guys hope you found this video helpful let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below and I'll talk to you guys in the next one

This is a reference video for a basic Betaflight 3.2 setup on most micro drones as of August 2017. Note, this a generic setup and may not necessarily be an exact match for your exact micro drone. If you have settings from the older version of Betaflight, make sure you make note of all the settings (screen shots are good), so you can input these settings into v3.2.

If you need to install Betaflight configurator, you can download from this link

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22 comments on “Betaflight 3.2 Setup for Micro Drones ๐Ÿšฉ

  1. Mat K

    I have just got a Kingkong tiny 6 it binds up to my Spektrum radio ok but will not arm. I set up the switches & channels in my radio & still no joy. So I downloaded the latest version of Betaflight (v3.2) & tried to connect it to betaflight (1st time Betaflight user Total NOOB) & it will not connect
    I have com3. It says Serial port successfully opened with ID:1. Then it says
    No configuration received within 10 seconds, communication failed
    Can you please help ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  2. Joel Pearson

    Nice video Albert. Have you flashed BF 3.2 to a piko blx yet? I flashed mine along with trying to run Dshot on my first 4in1 (10a littlebee) and I thought motor 1 on my esc was bad. Since then I've found that it's a common issue, just wondering if you have encountered it? Thanks

  3. Odie Jasso

    Your vids are awesome! I've learned so much. Thanks! I'm hoping you could help me out… I do have one question regarding my first quad build. I'm having trouble!?! I setup the quad via betaflight and everything looked fine. The issue is that when I connect my battery, the FC beeps and nothing happens? If I connect it to betaflight with the battery connected everything seems to work? Help please!

    SPR F3 Flight Controller
    Racerstar RS20Ax4 20A 4 in 1 ESC
    DLFPV DL2205

  4. Jonas Hoffmann

    Hey Albert Kim,
    my quad hoveres at 20% throttle because it has much power.
    Is is possible to set the hover point in betaflight or is this normal?
    Because its hard to flight near the ground.

  5. Turbo FPV World

    it's USB in the beeper tab that makes your beeper go off constantly when no battery and connected to PC…lol just thought I'd add…Thanks great vid. wanted a little more if I could get it on 3.2 firmware, trying it actually on a micro first now to check it out and awesome that is what your doing! KillR! Prob put it on the 5" boys very soon but didn't want to disturb the way they are at the moment they are pretty good for my level of acro monkey! haha! Have a good one! L8r-Turbo.

  6. Sketch FPV

    I've done updates on my Vortex 250 Pro without issue. Just tried to update to BF 3.2 with ARFUN 95 pro. All flashed okay but now my reciever is not being recognised in BF. Checked I had the correct UART port but still nothing. I am now stuck. It flew amazing anyway so I just don't know why I did this this. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Jrod RC

    Thank you so much for this! I now have full use of the throttle stick and can control heights much easier. Using Dshot 600 I think made a big difference as well. It flies so much better. Now I am having a ton of fun ripping my micro around. My custom built leader 120. First build and couldnt be happier.


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