Bilmuri – Drone [UNOFFICIAL VIDEO]

      43 Comments on Bilmuri – Drone [UNOFFICIAL VIDEO]

Watch the original music video for “Drone” HERE:
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I’m a 25-year-old Tennessean, wannabe comedian, try-hard filmmaker and scene metal enthusiast. On this channel you’ll find music from Sunrise Skater Kids, Amidst The Grave’s Demons, Canadian Softball, CrazyEightyEight and many other projects. Check out my Warped Tour vlogs and sketch videos too. Follow me on social media to stay updated, and support me by streaming my music or buying merch!

43 comments on “Bilmuri – Drone [UNOFFICIAL VIDEO]

  1. ryan cohen

    Your a fucking fagget! i hope parker cannon breaks your face! the story so far saved millions of kids lives! your a bitch for throwing shade there way! talking about all parker does is sing? he writes fucking amazing music u bitch! i hope u die

  2. TikiKiti

    Hey, liked your video.

    Great cinematography, camera moves, special effects, production design, interpretation of lyrics, acting, interpretation of music , cutting to beat, and lip sync.


  3. HAN

    I just imagined the person you made this for being so fking confused with what the fuck your thought process was… Great video, 9/carrot


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