Blue Table Painting- Tau Drone Army

here's a tour of a blue table painting studio army called the tower drone army there's a lot to see so let's just dive in most of the weaponry is magnetized we've got three stealth suit drones here the drones have stealth generators modeled on to them broadsides with the appropriate weaponry on them and to shield drones this is a drone control center which is really just a terrain piece it's made out of a forge world kit 12 gun drones a shas o leader command drone here's another one with two bodyguard there are three units of appropriately marked fire warrior drones there are 25 millimeter bases they have the correct weaponry the leader types have a red dagger on them to indicate the bonding knife here's some n VPS in every game which are twin linked missile pod drones accompanied by two shield drones I love those things they hit hard from far away two more broadsides with shield drums and another set of stealth suit drones once again the weaponry is magnetized like this I have a whole bunch of extras and we could do any weapon or battle suit option relatively inexpensively and now the pièce de resistance which is a Tau hammerhead gun drone and this also has magnetized weapon options to it like this and also on the underside has magnetized weapons on and that's made from forgeworld pieces in fact there's quite a bit of forgeworld stuff in here this is a one-of-a-kind army I love it dearly it's customizable almost every piece can do triple duty and it can absolutely shred and outmaneuver an enemy army


There are a ton of still pics, including the creation process:

Note that the first set of Fire Warrior Drones was scratched and a full second set of thirty created.

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