Building a new frame and flying waypoints – YMFC-32 Arduino drone

In this video I’m trying to fit the YMFC-32 flight controller in a pretty small frame. With my own YMFC-32 flight monitor program it’s possible to fly waypoints and show the location of the quadcopter on a map.

Links to the parts can be found on my website:

The YMFC-32 flight controller project page:

36 comments on “Building a new frame and flying waypoints – YMFC-32 Arduino drone

  1. andre luiz Amaral

    @joop_brokking. following your channel for a long time, this project is amazing. I learn so much with your videos, but i have one question: why attiny25 in the schematic? Is it connected via I2c? make a video about this!!! thanks for such a well great channel in youtube.

  2. Mustafa YETİŞ

    excellent sir, it worths to redesign the layout which sums all seperate modules in one PCB, it would be great in terms of space in the frame and making the drone more lightweight, if i find enough time, I will do it.

  3. Araf Erw

    Hey joop, I'm a fan of yours, I already did the autonomous drone and the only thing that fails me is the telemetry system.

    Any advice for the APC220 to work properly?

    As you did the pcb board, I also noticed that on the board you put an integrated circuit and 2 capacitors.
    What is the function of the IC and the capacitors?

  4. Yashar Yasrobi

    How can I find out what is the optimum distance I need to avoid noise on GPS?
    And how come DJI can put their GPS into their frame and not have any problems?
    As always great and informant video! I relly enjoy and learn alot watching your content.

  5. ttkoh123

    Hi Joop, I suspect DJI bottom camera is for dead lock hover using digital image stabilization like the digital mouse reading the surface or the canon camera digital image stabilization except in this case, it's not for the image but for gathering the movement vector that the gyro or the acc cannot compete. I declare, I don't know any about it or how to do it. I am learning a great deal from your videos. Of course, it's not going to be easy and most likely commercial secret. When you do complete it, please allow download. thanks for sharing.

  6. Agustinus Baskara

    The video release is just in time, Right now I'm trying to build a Pi HAT version of YMFC-32 (kind of Arduino shield for raspberry pi), the goal is to make the YMFC-32 have more expandable feature with the power of companion computer for example, a camera aided landing or a drone swarm communication. I have worked for a similar feature by using Ardupilot before, so I interested in making a "DIY" version of it with YMFC-32.

    However, there are several problems, my goal is to make a board that is easily assembled by everyone so no SMD component. The problem is the GY-521 and GY-63 is too big to fit in the PCB, so I plan to replace it with GY-86 (Which include MPU6050, MS5611, and HMC5883L Compass), I guess there will be no problem with the MPU6050 and the MS5611, but because there are 2 compasses at once (The one from GPS and the one from GY-86), some of the code needs to be changed.

    The second problem is the lack of RX/TX pin of STM32F103C (Even the telemetry using a "simulated" TX pin), I plan to use UART as communication between the Raspberry Pi and the board, at first glance I plan to use the FTDI assigned RX/TX pin as the communication pin to Raspberry Pi and only use it to upload program once (Alternatively maybe to make a custom script in the Raspberry Pi to upload the program, so no FTDI needed ). In this video, I guess that you don't use "simulated" pin for the telemetry (Because a bidirectional communication is needed for the GCS) and this is maybe the solution for the lack RX/TX pin. So I think I will have to wait for your future videos update 🙂

  7. Shoaib Akhtar

    I wanted to ask you whether I can use the teensy development board as I am not able to program my stm32 and the forum for it is also closed now. Please help me. Hoping for a fast reply from your side.

  8. JMC

    Hello Mr. Brokking. I am working on a interface that should be able to manage with the test sketch of the YMFC-32. I would like to send it for you and ask if you like it. I am following your work since 2 or 3 years ago and I successfully build the YMFC since the arduino version. Make it on learning proposals. I am still work on it but I would appreciate if you allow me to send you the GUI and know your opinion about it. My English is not so good.


    Mr. Brokking great time to see you around ! You done great work one more time, i have done this quad and it flies really good but i have also to make some improvements really tnxxx

  10. Raymond Michael

    Watched the full video, impressed and subd with notification ON, looking forward to more videos and explanation.
    I would like to diy it, is the arduino code available on your site?

    Greetings from Tanzania 🇹🇿


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