BUSTED with a drone by Airport Police (Chicago) KEN HERON

Ken meets some fans, then meets the Airport Police!

Please Note:
This flight was LAANC approved. All proper precautions were taken, and George is a Part 107 certificate holder. I wouldn’t recommend doing this however, as you might upset airport employees. My advice would be that non-towered regional airports like this one should be geo-fenced to prevent loopholes like this from being exploited in the future.

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Ken Heron is a holder of an FAA Part 107 Certificate
This flight complies with the rules set forth by the FAA
for UAV flights within The United States.
Register your drone with the FAA here:







48 comments on “BUSTED with a drone by Airport Police (Chicago) KEN HERON

  1. Dennis Mcg

    @ken the next time you're in that area, head north up to the chain of lakes, largest interconnected fresh water water body. Amazing area up get some shots. Plus some of the best food

  2. BatMan 23

    Hi Ken ! My name is John from California. We are going to the Philippines next month and I'm bringing my Phantom 3 standard. Am I going to have issues in wi-fi or signal flying overseas? Pls. Let me know. Thanks!

  3. Vinetii

    Hey ken, How do we know if your in this area again? I co-run the Chicago FPV Freestyle Facebook page and group! We would love to get some FPV pilots together here in the area and show you some of our spots! Were about about 20 minutes from St Charles. Inbox me if your interested! Thanks

  4. Antony Coreas

    Men i love your videos. I wish i could fly next to you but im to poor.
    I have phantom 3 standard from 5 years ago 😅….😭
    But still fly like a champ 😎
    If you ever come to NC please let us know.
    Thanks for sharing your awesomeness.

  5. chandolomite

    "Note to viewers….NOT ME DOIN' IT!!!!" I actually laughed out loud on that one! I can feel your anxiety in this video. Love your videos Ken!!!! Next time in Illinois, if ever near Springfield, please send me a message, I'll bring my P4Pv2 and XPhase Pro 360 camera!!!!

  6. Rob Hodges

    I'm assuming that the LAANC authorization was for another nearby airport. I'm sorry, but I think flying there was very irresponsible, and very risky. I don't think the FAA or the NTSB would have been very amused if he had a power failure over one of those aircraft and damaged one.

  7. Titus Nixon

    Saint Charles is not Chicago. I'm from Chi St. Charles is west of Chicago. But Ken you still funny as hell Comedy Central should give you a call. keep up the good work my friend

  8. JoeMoe Moe

    Damn those fly aways always look great. My friend bought an Autel they are cool looking. You have to not fly there, too close, too risky. I cant blame the security requesting landing. He cant be sure you might do something foolish. I am sure you guys were not going to. But you have to be on safe side. Just too close.

  9. I'm Me

    Ken, love your videos. But, a small suggestion: Cut the volume on the music portions to about 50% of the voice volume. A little background music is nice, but after a bit it gets annoying and I find myself turning volume down. I find many YTers are now reducing the music volume where they alternate narrated sections with non-talking portions of video. Thanks.

  10. Frank Crispo

    Love your channel, love your work and I mean no disrespect but come on, Ken! Would you walk and jump on your own bed at home with your shoes on? Show some respect for other people's property. You're the second Youber this week I've seen doing this.

  11. David Webb

    In the UK, you would be going to jail, directly to jail, not passing go, not collecting $200, for this stunt. The country is still in national mourning for the tragic mass loss of life due to the imaginary drone attack at Gatwick airport last year….. And if here, you would be regarded as the same, or greater, threat level to national security as Osama and Saddam both were.
    God bless the Land of the Free…

  12. Robert Arnott

    Ken, I recently purchased a Mavic 2 zoom and love it. I have searched the internet high and low and have read and watched a lot of Utube videos. Ken, you bring the highest level of enjoyment of ANY drone video I have watched. You are truly funny and obviously drone smart. Please keep up the kentastic work and keep those videos coming. Thank you,


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