Carrier H4 Hybrid Drone (5 HOUR FLIGHT TIMES!)

Harris Aerial is proud to announce our Carrier H4 Hybrid drone is now in production. Powered by our H2000 Hybrid Generator, the Carrier H4 is a Gas/Electric (“Hybrid”) Drone capable of 3-5 hours of flight time depending on payload configuration.

For more information about our new Carrier H4 Hybrid, visit us at

10 comments on “Carrier H4 Hybrid Drone (5 HOUR FLIGHT TIMES!)

  1. John A

    I thought of the concept about 8 years ago. My concept includes electric carsxalso. Driven by ass-kick electric motors and powered by an APU type power source. Batteries to get the vehicle moving while the turbine that turns the generator iscstill spooling. No down time waiting innotherwords. Im not the patient type.


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