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I always go back to life feel again sorry the blossoms a little bit shorts just adjusting my camera that's it back at the man cave where everything sort of more that's become we've changed over time anyway but yeah just really catch up I'm talking about yeah I've got no drones now all my stuff was sold off so anybody out there seeing same questions bats that buying parts of the fence in 2003 or either the fence and for all my parts was sold off last year I did a whole bulk deal in a box and a guy in the UK brought X yours is going into repairing drones Department his name top my head now it's been quite a while since last year a lot of things have been changed since then so yeah all my parts are sold off I've got nothing left with Jones I mean so my phantom fault as well because I had the original Phantom 4 we shall see now not supported by DJ no more firmware updates for it before get rid of it fine lose too much money on it as well and notice in the the actual Facebook market and eBay as well a lot of people selling their drones and there's a lot of phantom 4 deals going on so if you are in the market for a phantom 4 phantom 4 Pro and inspire one and maybe then this is a good time to buy him so do check out on the DJ's website because far as I'm aware of the phantom 4 pro and pro advanced I'll still very much supported with DJ so firmware is getting released regularly with those in that sort of minds but the any below it that this continued the phantom 4 which in itself with that while ago volt so you know discontinued completely even the Osmond market the Osmo what's happening with DJI Osmo you're right the race of all nuance may now yeah great but it's great for like these or pockets or jobs and people that generally want to just shoot and quick and get a clip fantastic but people flowers I'd like to do a bit of sort of a probe version or videoing the no smoke + and yours may pro roar has been quite good camera tech to have but now they've discontinued that off the DJ site even down to a point where I used to have six batteries for the one I was babe six batteries froze me now I'm down to two I second one in a pocket and holy I didn't realize didn't look an event and it'll dropped out because it's late I could go back and look because it was pitch black so lost a lot my batteries went by twins the other day – about a month or so ago went on to DJ to buy the batteries and discontinued oh my god what was going on in but I recently found they've put those back on their website so they're down to 28 pounds of battery maybe I get rid of old stock but are they bringing something new out hope so I really hope so because I'm like my awesomo really do you even considering the buying a second osmate isn't backup because it's a weaker product again there's no but nowhere new firmware for that one so it also definitely discontinued by DJ so I'm interested I think we'd all go to DLSR if I have to you know because it means buying all the kit the rig stabilization I mean they're gimbals are huge things you've got you've got like a dears camera and a gimbal rig that's massive and there's a lot of weight on your hands where DJI Osmo is perfect well-balanced perfect sauce type thing to get out there and it's quickly the deploy as well which I like but hopefully DJ I do think about – anyway but yeah there's a lot of things happening so I'm less about my PC and because my son plays gaming on this because it's surfers bit like gaming rig which edy does a lot of like streaming with so you've missed my desktop a little bit as well I've been gonna lift the list of films to get rid of my Plex player which they don't need – don't want to watch anymore so it's like two pages of films to remove I do have a flex pay at home which I've copied all these films over so I won't lose more so however so my mancave is that actually at my ex's house when my mom passed away I had it built here why I had working face of myself was isolated from them and the kids and stuff that's where how's my service and now I've got my own flat now I now doing my editing now for my flat I wanted to live in my flat now so this has been quite good web are back in the man cave for a little bit you know doing little bits and pieces so I'm now sort of like considered encountered on a flex play here player server here flex player serve at the flats and I do Kate films on both sides but now but because it's more for the kids really know that one of these films are growing up they're getting tired of all the old old our films so removing them off of this server here I'm still keeping them on my episode because these all Kate movies I paid for myself yeah so yeah so this channels still very much not happening alone because there's not much drone tech I've sold my dreams now but I'm looking to buy a new one this year so I really like to get back flying again I didn't do from a personal projects and stuff and not interesting the commercial side will get a pilot license not worth it at the end a day if my avid or business plan on working on the moment takes off then every month there might be money there to go and get a drone license and do it do it more commercially on that's okay so I going forward it's very much fun project stuff so I'll just be signing here have a plan face video because there's one in the car earlier and my kids come back so shopping with their Nana and stuff so when it was a very short one so follow to a nice long one I've been on the channel for ages and they were great to catch up people if there are out and about they've been a Saturday sort of afternoon you're not probably at work or busy shopping real missus is or your kids going out bring out playing or flying it's such but it's just to see if you guys are still flying actually still watching a channel are you still flying do you still have your drone more joined you have comment below let me know I'm interested now if if the market is going down is our people getting fed up with fly their drones I get to fill out all these law changes is it putting you off flying anymore let me know get those comments going down below let me know you interested so I'll come back from this channel from time to time and I'm looking at speaking to unique so if unique you are you watching my channel still if you are I would like to play around with your folding drone which looks very much like bit like a DJ product it does but unique and one flight indoors for outdoors it is foldable it comes to this controller as well I would like to it's a common point scored out a mouthful but anyway begins of them and and ends in queue so I'm interested in actually giving that a go and flying it so if you want me to do a review on this channel with your drone please get in touch I do have a UK contact so I will be emailing you so watch out for my email because I've lost my started a little contract with him to sort of say yes I'll test products if I break it I pay for it which worked out well that was a very first off small mini drone my first experience that was quite weird because it took off in front of me I'm using my phone to steer with it which is quite different in you and next minute it wouldn't calm down respond get hovering or anything that's gonna fly off and the the phone disconnected it couldn't reconnect the drone so I had to wait for the drone battery to go flat and eventually he'd come down and land a voice that would have flown off because I had no indication where they actually recorded this GPS position right in front of me so that click on away somewhere but didn't like enough it just landed so that was quite a risk quite a weird first flight that was is an interesting one anyway so yeah so what am i doing at the moment why I'm why not on Jack's train so I got Jack's gear channel which is all about tech stuff I also got Jack's networking channel which is all about the networking side of like what I've got here virtualization switches wireless access points I've got one in a shed here two in the house do not stuff on it on the network recycles my background is an IT consultant that's where I used to I run an IT business for over 15 years in hosting sorting out problems of people's networks installing networks sort out my dates and talks about a datacenter or my hosting and stuff like on it so yeah very much um various of all IT stuff I was doing for over 15 years made some good money met some good people working lots of nice lots of nice clients which is really great it was a good experience as well so that's the net Jack's networking channel it's growing now let's get a lot more subscribers and then you get up to three three three thousand subscribers at the moment but TP links come on board and sponsored me move some gear and links this is just me over to Gran's just over 2 grands worth equipments test out so my network here and all my wireless access points are gonna get a massive upgrade and with Linksys equipment which is greater than my bench I already got the Linksys switch in place because I've got 48 ports which under my bench replaced with links it's brand new 24 core unmanaged switch which is doing a good job good job at the moment so it's a slight improvements on the network speed which is really great I am looking for networking products that we can test 10 gig boundaries because that seemed to be the more ongoing through ongoing thing now so have any companies out there want to sponsor me then get over to Mike Jackson networking channel and let me know so ya say this I don't want to go back I've got small hobbies dubbing playing around with this is called Cammie Nets so check out Facebook for that coming at all so fun brunette and all shot net where we create videos to help promote local businesses around our area we have a lot of fun with that and so again it's free videos we provide for local businesses that sponsors them moves to do a little storylines we also sort of catch up with like events we should film events as well which promotes the town area itself and we're now looking for sponsors so if you if you're out there business we're looking to sponsor a very busy social media website that produces weekly videos that goes out every week from pretty much about 4 videos per week but we only release it two at a time so if you want wanted to be on the sponsor on the videos then you can also get in touch with us and that goes out through farm bar or shops and candy itself and now sort of like looking at going to our there's tally areas as well King quite successful so it's been pretty good so I haven't been not filming been filming loads so and the most the most acute I film is my teachers make which is my go-to camera so I think I've been woefully wrong a lot 10 minutes and stuff so I was hoping to maybe catch you some of you guys online I may come online bit soon so I'll do announcements on my facebook page which is called Jax gear Facebook so dude look me up on Jax gear Facebook if you're not sure with a is just going to Jack's geared okay okay follow the social media links to Jack's key as a Facebook page and I will put announcement on there when I come live maybe you should have a drone talk maybe a drone took one evening talked about everyone's experiences you can send messages to say what type of drones you've got are we still flying whether you've gone for the course just just send me all random questions we can have a nice little chit chat maybe a half an hour chit chat on social media and YouTube so I'll let you know on my Facebook page for Jack's gear Jack's key is now going to be the main front page for everything for my networking for my Jack's drones for my Jack's gear and if I'd ever do another channel for that it would be that central page for all those channels itself link it to galaxy and feel like I want to be running a Facebook page for each one of them as well as a separate web website for each one of them so that's one website one Facebook page for all those YouTube channels like Ron so keep an eye on Jack's gear code at UK and hopefully guys thanks for all the scribers don't describers are still following me on this channel which is really great like this video thumbs up they like to do thumbs down please do comment below let me know if you're still flying what you're flying I used to find a DJ project beginning product or some other third-party products of drone they know what you are flying are ufp racing you still do the rest of your racing sports let me know comment below so see you soon guys Cheers thanks watching

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