Cinematography with a Crazy Beast-Class FPV Drone, Part 1, the Maiden Flight

recording all right say hi Maggie no you're maybe we're out in the park today to an exciting thing we're going to be doing the maiden flight big bird here that's hard we're gonna in a 570 it's a big big big fpv drone FPV racing john like these 5-inch guys that I've been flying except the idea of being that you can fly in the style of fpv the kind of flowing lines and high speed and proximity and distance from the where you launch an online aside all the advantages of fpv pilot in but with a much wider range of cameras for payload so we could fly by SL ours or Blackmagic cameras there stone user blue makes Fuji Canon someday daddy alright so that was the the first flight get a crazy amount of power it doesn't take much to shoot it right up it's kind of uncharted territory flying something with x-class power train and electronics and like a half sized frame like this so I gotta have to play us some tuning but I think I'll go into goggles and a do the left evey for now we're just gonna run a GoPro on it okay cameras rolling Wow hi mothers are warm but not hot it flies very smooth very strong acrobatic but it feels more steady than a five inch in a lot more power [Laughter] this thing is deadly stable at least in the goggles it almost looks like a like a gimbal it's stabilizing the camera its deadly smooth very fast looks like according to my GPS hit 58 miles an hour without drying and that was just cruising never pushed it hard so without even without even trying it's a faster than me DJ I've never flown so I'm super excited I think there's work to be done what do you think of that big drone buddy know what it's like all right boom that's major success I think seems to be okay that motors are a touch warm and then there was a little bit of a jiggle jiggle when I was trying to recover after gonna flip a roll or rather so the tunes not there yet not for crazy stuff but definitely already I could see getting some smooth footage

After a lot of research, testing, soldering, programming, and bench testing, I’m finally heading out to the park to fly this crazy new drone I’ve built!

It’s roughly the size of an Inspire 2, but, with a 12S (50V) X-Class power train, packs a whole lot more speed and lifting power, not to mention the acrobatic chops of an #fpv racing drone.

FPV-style #drone #cinematography is a great way to create some uniquely kinetic shots. My hope with this build is to translate the look up to larger, more cinema-friendly cameras.

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7 comments on “Cinematography with a Crazy Beast-Class FPV Drone, Part 1, the Maiden Flight

  1. MaartenFilms

    Super cool man! Epic of you to be sharing this. Did I see correctly that you have an ND filter on your GoPro? Placing the standard protection glass in front of it will most likely help the quality in low light a bit. Looking forward to seeing more of your aerial work with this rig!

  2. PaddleDogC5

    nice video it shows what it's all about. I like to show people and it's great to give them a feeling of what is flying. Grss blowing up on takeoff is cool also.


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