CLS drones for maritime safety

CLS with our partner tech IVA has developed new drone technology to complement our satellite to maritime surveillance services these combined solutions help governments fight against illegal fishing smuggling trafficking and pollution as well as search and rescue missions at sea our customers can now ask CLS to fly a surveillance mission over a specific zone of interest the pilots payload operators and mechanics in our drone teams work hard to make sure you have the accurate actionable intelligence you need the 150 kilogram drone flies at a cruising speed of 100 kilometres per hour and has several sensors onboard with its infrared cameras and lasers it can fly both day and night it's flight autonomy of more than eight hours means lower operating costs and risks for our customers while significantly optimizing operations at sea state agencies can see all the data in real time thanks to a web interface developed by CLS the drone can detect boats of all sizes ships in distress and pollution with the Chaplin web platform authorities can guide operations remotely all the data is archived in CLS's operation center which works around the clock every day of the year CLS continues to innovate with this new drone service offering maritime surveillance agencies the decision-making tools they need innovate to provide our clients with the latest technology intelligence leader in maritime security you

CLS use drones to offer a maritime safety complete solution

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