Consumer Drones Take Flight at CES

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but one of the things you can find here at CES drones for the average consumer this particular one shoots video and just imagine a future where everyone can have their own personal drone to take video it's it's pretty wild so this is an aerial system that's designed specifically for photography and videos it helps consumers of any level fly in the sky and take amazing photography and videos even if you've never flown before you can fly one of these it's that easy absolutely within three to five minutes you'd be up and running no problems it actually works with a remote control and in like an iPhone that's right so this model is one that we recently release it comes with a camera that's already built into the system and a Wi-Fi range adapter that allows you to use your smartphone to use the to control the camera take pictures adjust a video and you are able to line up your shot so that you get the right picture every time that's really cool i can i can see that a lot of kids and families playing with this in their backyard is that what you envisioned absolutely you know this is for families this is also for professional photographers journalists such as yourself we've seen a lot of really cool applications for this if you want to know more information about drones you can go to DGI com I'm Steve's aagman in CES coming back to you

2014 may be the year of the commercial drone, and CES offers us an intimate preview.

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