Coolest Drone Game Competition Invention Ever

welcome to the world's first multiplayer race embattled Rowan game with real harm sighs drains the game which turns gamers in two pilots and pilots into gamers we proudly present to you a new generation of gaming let's race you will use mobile devices to control the drones and to connect with other players interactive bases can be used as power-ups that can affect other players bonus points to rank up or tricky traps generator special durable plastic is mixed with Stan falls and crashes with no damage the app offers intuitive tilting controls control joystick and a cool down button for boost and missiles your final results are shared with other players online challenge your friends with team battle mode steal the flag from your enemy and defend your own you every team member has different roles and powers team tactics is the key drones have an inbuilt infrared LED cannon to shoot light rays with encoded ID this allows shots to differ from each other you can virtually equip the drone with different equipment and the drone and base app adding more armor slows down the drive but allows you to withstand more hits when defending the base placing more bases with power-ups around the battlefield will make the game even more interesting base shoots infrared rays upwards which are detected by drones flying nearby the base the base can be preset works a flag will power up using the drone and base app a little bit of teamwork and the world time miss our launch can help you overcome the enemy and wind z battle your results are shown on the scorecard and shared with other players online if you want to improve your skills you can use the base as a shooting target single player games can help you fill the time and get you going before your friends come to a drone and base gaming party the complete drone and base package includes drone and base two batteries battery charger and spare props propellers are made to be almost indestructible an electronic board stabilizes the drone 400 times per second data is transmitted by a low-energy Bluetooth within a 30 meter range a separate processor is used for infrared game communication to multi colored LEDs indicate drone status hits and team color join has three infrared receivers for 360 degrees coverage the portable charger is powered from a USB port and can charge up to four batteries it comes ready to fly outside the box just plug in the battery download the app and fly

Have you ever wanted to race your friends with flying drones? Play this really awesome drone game with different modes. They having shooting, powerups and other options not unlike popular video games. I’d love to try this one out for sure. They’ve even incorporated online scoring competition.

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