DCL Turin 2019 Finals Big Heats

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just one big heat is all we are allowed to fly for you now the drones are ready we have to bring you this big final here it comes this is the final we will make your champion right now for explains racing any White's but apex is take it all right now and so Brett Collis will tow up to the front and two maybe three James heads out into the water already and it's not down a video pictures as it is all clean on everybody's feed halfway through lap number one and we start making our way back with apex and experts still in this looks like it's white and then blew up front its apex racing you look like they've done the lead through I time and around the southern second lap it looks like it is Eric hoping he might have the lead of this brick Hollis on board with Brett Collins who is going Holden's catch you see him entering the tree nodes are ahead of Brett Collis area the bureau's entry as he completes generates is right now it's getting away from him holding his leaving toys behind and Sally Nicole College dissolves in the straight win holder there's a big gap now and he's gotta get that graters in this fight two behind them to the championship points but that is a win so Eric holding the new pilot of Apex racing and that is going to be a win for them on our stage here into it [Applause] what explains needs to do now date effects are coming first and second first second and third and they're two champions first and second it'll go to finish a points apex need to do what explains have done many times in a big heat and just upset their party but I can see that Timothy Trowbridge would quite like to pleat them for it as well it's right at the front it's a scrap now Bannister and College trying to pass their old teammate Timothy Trowbridge down the straight we go again to the first lap this is it now the final race of our time here in cheering Bannister's got the lead trackage is winning versus cotton as well and jeongsuk come down around the Torino Tower explains has to get first and seconds it is looking like they've got first Bannister is well away the grace might be stopping and getting the second and so Mike the fact that the rest of the grounds are down faster not mucking around absolutely secure that win but there's nobody to come in second 4x plates racing Gracie's in hold it is sad [Applause] apex right now look to be the champions back-to-back in Italy and beating out the reigning world champions to do it

When the props are spinnin’ it all comes down to the final big heats. Two teams, eight pilots – simultaneously on one track. Check out the mind-blowing performances of the finalists at the Drone Grand Prix Torino 2019.

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Since 2016, the Drone Champions League (DCL) has each season brought together the world’s best drone pilots who compete in eight international teams on race tracks around the world. Among others, events have taken place in Germany, France, Belgium, Romania, Liechtenstein, Spain, China and Switzerland. Each DCL race is broadcast live and worldwide on TV in 100 countries and can also be viewed online. DCL partners include Red Bull, Breitling, Tencent Sports and McDonald’s.

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