Destiny 2: How to Get Izanagi's Burden Exotic Sniper – Mysterious Box Quest

We can finally make some progress on that Mysterious Box from Black Armory launch. Turns out Izanagi’s Burden, a sniper was in it. Just all crammed in there real tight. Technology is amazing. Sorry for the delay on this one, the game did not want to bless me with a rare bounty.

To get to Bergusia Forge, bring up the EDZ map and go towards the southern most part of the map via the Outskirts.

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36 comments on “Destiny 2: How to Get Izanagi's Burden Exotic Sniper – Mysterious Box Quest

  1. Datto

    Current Pin: As of patch 2.6.1 (October 29th, 2019), this quest is bugged in a new way. Players should refrain from turning in their rare Ada bounty until this new issue is resolved.

    Previous Pin from October 2019: This quest is currently bugged and/or not as easy to complete with the release of Shadowkeep. Updates to come whenever Bungie has them.
    Previous Pin from January 2019: Heroic Public Events would be 20, but as it's been said, you can speed run Lake of Shadows for your completions.

  2. Hieu Nguyen Trung

    All the exotic quests take forever to complete. But I have no idea if those guns worth your time. No solo-able at all which I fucking hate at this game because I also hate asking for help. No one is always willing to help you there

  3. Dark_None Yt

    I’m not a new light player and played ever since we had to grind from 0 to 750 and originally I got the quest I never did it because I had to a lot to do and I didn’t really care for it at the time

    I realized I fucked up because now because they made the stupid ass game free for everyone the quest is fucked up

    Let me explain this clearly for everyone until they fix it even if you kill the drones at the forge it won’t drop let me repeat that


    Basically if you get maximum temper and you get the chest at the end you won’t get the key’s

    Simple explanation before we had power caps and you actually had to do shit everyone thought

    “Hey because the game is going to be free there’s not gonna be any consequences”

    Well guess what my guy we were all wrong the only way to fix this is if we wait for them to fix it

    In my opinion they should’ve never gotten rid of starting from zero and grinding not only does it mess up the narrative point of losing your light, It also messes up the fact that you are so fucking strong you can beat every DLC final boss without even having the DLC

    Everything up to forsaken you are stronger if you’re telling me I got my ass kicked off of the fucking ship at the beginning of the game and lost all my powers to only then get 750 Light like bro


    It makes no fucking sense and it got rid of the replayability

    Originally because of power caps you had to make a new character and start over and even though you had to do all the stories all over again it was fun and rewarding

    Do you honestly think it’s fucking fun to start at 750 The only enemies that can kick your ass are the ones in shadowkeep and all the new light players won’t buy the DLC until they’re much higher which makes it fucking pointless

    It’s cool that the games free and you can be at the same level as your buddies but it’s not fucking cool that the new players don’t have to get the DLC‘s listen it’s OK if you don’t have enough you’ll eventually get it but at the same time you guys are the reason this shit doesn’t work let me explain

    Before since we had to grind everything out the game was completely fine

    New players don’t need to do that shit except complete the story basically you guys don’t have to do the shit we do which fucks up the quest

    And until they fix it we’re Not getting this weapon ever again

    I’m a chill dude and the only reason I got A little fucking irritated is because of the whole 750 shit but now IM FUCKING PISS

    Look I know the new players aren’t the main reason you just got the game and you probably think it’s fucking boring because you can’t do much

    But come on it fucked everyone up

    They don’t need to add power caps back they should because it will actually makes the replayability and the new players be/ have fun

    Because let’s be real no one wants to make another fucking character after starting out at a god tier lvl

    All they have to do is make sure the new players can’t do whatever the fuck they want

    I’m sorry but if you guys don’t buy the DLC you’re fucking us all over and even if you do get it it’s too late because the games fucking free

    Hell they can keep it free just make it so new players CANT DO SHIT THE NORMAL ONES CAN

    You telling me a new guy with white gear can just pop into a black armory mission with me 😑

    Bruh…like wtf and for some of the new light players I’m sorry but some of you guys are fucking stupid

    Not all of you but a handful are like bruh but why are you getting destiny 2 and not playing the first game and if you’re an old returning player well at least you have experience and I can respect that

    As for the rest of the new guys honestly just get with the system and with the other new guys who know wwhat they’re Doing you are the real ones

    The whole free thing was a good idea but because how bbad they planned it. It just went to shit

    One of my buddies who just got the game told me it’s fucking boring and I had to carry his ass and convinced him it gets better

    It really fucking doesn’t anymore

    Now everyone wish they got the game when it wasn’t free

    But if they fix the quest then so be it

  4. pnp072000

    How rare is it to get a rare bounty from a daily bounty? Also, I can't find that forge on the EDZ, only a different one by a a different name. Today it has a different name than yesterday. Do they rotate what forges are available in the EDZ?

  5. Petra Art

    I completed Ada bounty everyday but I didn't get any notification at all. Is this a bug? Or do I need to empty my inventory first? My inventory full with Ada's rewards.


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