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eh I'll have done it again two years ago I thought they stole UPS's thunder very nicely with their parcel copter three ups had been making lots of noise and then up popped DHL with news of real-world testing that has repeatedly delivered parcels from a tiltrotor to and from an automated distribution center DHL today announced a medical delivery trial in Tanzania one that has been quietly operating on the shores of Lake Victoria for several months this time it's not UPS that's taken a hit but ziplines product for two reasons reason number a in 2017 zipline announced that they were starting a service in Tanzania but to the best of my knowledge it's not actually started they seem to have been picked at the post and the second more important reason the DHL parcel copter for is a VTOL vertical takeoff and landing it's a German wing copter fpv world champion luke banister recently set a VTOL speed record with one what does this mean it means that unlike zipline which is a one-way service the passive copter fall can return samples to be tested or any other cargo that fits into its pod furthermore the wing copter does not need expensive launch and recovery facilities DHL seems to be the only delivery company actually during the working gathering days are about real use cases they don't make as much noise as say Allison but when we do hear from them it's another leap forward well done everyone involved I can't wait to see what's next our people need medicine if they cannot give them it means they're gone especially in the areas that I've got geographical challenges like a gorilla island which is at the Mid East of Lake Victoria we have about more than 400,000 people in our district and we face a number of diseases such as malaria typhoid schistosomiasis in the life aquatic okay so any query America acaba had him Baraka sadawa was about to her tuna with rock Fukasaku hironaka ba da da we are responsible of distributing medicine in the Lake Victoria region the last mile supply is so difficult because of the infrastructure our roads are still very poor especially in the rural area we can go by lick but they vary in the like manner in lab don't get the diagnosis result sometime you don't get the necessary medicines on time there is a threat of death we thought of how we can improve the Rivoli of his supplies especially to those hard-to-reach island areas so that's where the puzzle copter come into play the pasta copter can overcome a number of challenges especially in the areas that are not easily reachable the puzzle copter always flower autonomously and we see we're drawing T's just in case we can make any decision at the right time the water technology give their drone to go vertically and then change the Mora to transition they can land at a very small area where you don't have runways the technology itself is innovative in the sense that it really addresses the challenges that we have in Tanzania there is a case of snakebite tetanus patient we need a quick delivery of drugs not only acceptable deliver communities quickly but also can help in the cold chain we will make sure the temperature is not compromised the production will get to the patient with the quality is superb so we design a mission then we upload the mission to the Tron we send autonomously to the place where we want to go like here we sent from Monza to appear away Islands samples are collected in this is hospital and then on weekly basis they are taken to Colonel Munro center and with the asik of the project they can be taken after every two or even three months they need to get their results as erysipelas was a patient and start the treatment I should take this opportunity to thank VHL the GI is a under the german ministry for economic co-operation development and they will cope the team we had tough times when we started but now we see light ahead of the italian information beyond a bad day you're upon on break it is difficult oka came to make way possible can observe a sec knowing you know know who appear or okinawa now side is improve if this can be scared throughout the country that would be so not this is a project that is going to save a lot of life it will change the whole equation this is going to be a big achievement an icebreaker into the drug technology in tanzania and probably in africa you

DHL seems to be the only real serious legacy delivery company. Every time they announce something new they advance the cause of drone delivery.

I’m very impressed.

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