DIY drone repair and tips for beginners

hey youtubers it's John here again from John's DIY playground and merry Christmas to everybody out there I hope Santa was good to you all and it's video finds you all in good health today I'm talking about something that probably Santa may have brought many of you or your sons or daughters um these are some very small quadcopters some people call them drones I don't consider these two drones because to me a drone has to have some level of autonomous control with GPS so these do not these are drones or quad copters that you can buy in let's say the 50 to $75 u.s. range at this time in calendar year 2015 so I've been flying this syma x5c for a month or two now it's about a hundred gram weight total with the battery installed it also has a camera onboard not for real-time video but for taping and then watching later and it's okay for outdoor use it's also okay for indoor use but it's a little bit big for indoors but it's good to Train indoors in my opinion with this again weighing 100 grams fully loaded it falls below the new FAA ruling where if you have a drone or quadcopter that weighs 250 grams or more starting by the end of this year and running into the early part of February this year there's going to be of 2016 there's going to be a mandatory registration of all quad copters and drones at 250 grams and above I'll include a link in my information below so that you can see more about this new rule so please do that if your quad or drone is above 250 grams because it can mean significant fines if you are caught operating without your drone or quadcopter being registered now the other quad I have is a fairly new one I got it's called a quadroon VC I'm not sure exactly who the manufacturer is of it but it's very lightweight drone way under 100 grams smaller lithium-ion battery 500 milliamp power versus 300 milli amp power and I just want to make some general statements about drones in this category for you that may be new to this hobby number one it's easy to crash it takes a while to learn you will crash a lot so don't feel bad if you are crashing no matter what your previous radio control experience might be but it's all fun and part of the game I highly recommend if you have prop guards on your particular quad that you install them at least while you're learning also a lot of quads have what's called either a low control mode or a high control mode for example this switch on this smaller one has a middle position and a high position for slow or fast control that's how responsiveness the turning is on this on your drone another thing to know is props will break even with the prop guards on so my recommendation is to be ready with spare props usually the quads will come with spare props but it's a good idea right now to order more spare props so go to some of the sites that I'm going to link in my information below and try to find props for your helicopter you can get them from China very cheap but the downside is the shipping takes of a really long time and we're talking three four weeks or even more but when they come in at 50 cents a piece or so then it's worth it it might be even less than that depending on your make and model so try and get some spare props another thing to know about props on quad copters the propeller spin in the same direction on opposite axis so this one and this one spin let's say counterclockwise and then this one in this one will spend counterclockwise so really important when you're replacing propellers that you note how the blade looks as far as its pitch sometimes they're marked with a and B and the propellers in the molding so you look really closely you'll see small letters in the molding of the marking on the prop so that's really really important otherwise your drone won't fly properly when you put in the new propeller and try to take off it won't take off correctly another thing is if you're going to buy motors same thing you need to make sure your motor if you're going to replace it is turning the same direction as the previous one that you're replacing and DC motors which is pretty much what all these use are reversible if we reverse the wire so you need to replace the wiring properly and you need to make sure again this is a spinning in the correct direction is intended originally so that it performs as it should I can do videos out there for you on soldering technique I think is not covered very well for drawing replace a motor replacement but there are some motor replacement videos out there so look those up by miu tube otherwise if you request it I can take one of these apart when I do a motor repair and show you what the basics are of that okay finally I want to let you guys know after a while it's possible with these cheaper drones that a motor is going to burn out let's say if you're using it every day for a few flights a day could be a couple weeks could be a few weeks they're just not really great build quality so order those motors too if you do have the skill to solder and replace the motors and get more motor sent and shipped now so that when the motor burns out you'll be ready let me demonstrate on my cyma s 5×5 c1 which does have a currently a burned-out motor in the lower right I'll turn it on I'll get my controller my hands out of the way so and get chopped here but here's what it looks like when a motor is burned out it wants to spin but it just won't you can even try to help it but it's not spinning at the speed it needs to be so even though it's spinning it is a burned-out motor so I will be replacing that motor so one last tip I wanted to give everybody is if you think the motor is burned-out please check one other thing on the quad if you're quite a setup like mind on the syma x5c there's a small gear that it's attached to the motor here the motor shaft that gear can pop up and disengage from this larger wheel that's actually spinning the prop so before you go out and sale I got to go and replace the motor check that gear you might just have to push down in that tiny little gear a little bit and reengage the bigger gear and that could fix your problem so check that as well so hope this all helped for you today I'll have a lot of links and information in the box below this video for you if you did find this helpful please like or subscribe to my videos so you can see when other ones come out please leave your comments I'll try to answer them as best I can and thanks for watching John's DIY playground

– Demonstration / diagnosing a faulty or “burned out” motor
– Motor gear check vs. faulty motor
– Propeller spin directions and the two prop pitch types
– Prop guards, flying indoors, control modes
– About the new FAA drone / quadcopter registration rule

The drones I featured in this video are:
1. Syma X5C-1
2. Quadrone VC (Voice Control)

FAA Drone / Quadcopter registration web site (required if flying outdoors in the USA with a quad / drone over 250 grams or about 0.55 pounds or more):

Sources for inexpensive propellers and motors:
1. Bang Good –
2. AliExpress –
3. DX Soul –

45 comments on “DIY drone repair and tips for beginners

  1. William Pompa

    I have a Falcon 2 Pro Drone, but after it taken a hit from a tree limb, its starts acting crazy and flips and crashes at the same time, it still works though, but its starts spinning slowly once it took off and i think something went wrong.. i gotten the hang of it… but how can get it to work like it was before?

  2. Dusty Creator

    One of my propellers is not working not even moving I just got it flew it for about 5-8 minutes then charged it then flew it then out of no where it falls because one of the propellers is not working I just got it this drone!!!!

  3. edison Beard

    Can you blow out the battery in one day because I got mine yesterday I crashed it once maybe twice now it doesn't turn on at all even when I switch it on it just sits there…I've put the battery's in a cold place for 30 mins I've charged them for 2 hours each.

  4. garden guitar

    When I push in the battery one of my propellers just keep spinning even when it’s off and not connected to my phone the only was to turn it off is it take out the battery

  5. Sergio Rodriguez

    thanks helped alot im new to drones…i spent about 3 hours watching YouTube to find out why my drone wouldn't take off turns out i had the wrong motors running the wrong props thanks for pointing out that its important to remember what motor was spinning what prop

  6. Emma Carroll

    I hAve an xdroneHD AND MY DRONE IS FINE BUT but the controller won't turn on, I just put in my new batteries and it won't turn on, even though I dropped the controller. Can it be fixed, or not??


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