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I've had this product for about two months now and when I first got it nothing actually worked I had to wait for them to update the firmware just to get the pieces to talk to one another even now several versions later it is still heavily in beta what you're seeing is an unfinished product even some physical attributes will change before the final release before going further there are a couple of other disclaimers I need to point out first of all there is a table of contents in the description below feel free to skip around this video you probably don't have an interest in the entire video the second half of this video was shot several weeks ago within an older version of the firmware when I hadn't fully formulated my opinion of the product or fully tested the product and it didn't even work properly because it was in super beta now the firmware is very different the first half of this video I recorded on on the 26th of the month there is a newer version of firmer which I have not updated yet which is supposed to update a couple of the issues that I had along the way this is a very impactful product from a very well-known company and there is a lot to talk about with this product however I'm gonna focus on what I think is most important about the product what I think you guys want to hear upfront and first so the first half of this video is going to be probably more informational than the second half was just over the goes over a bunch of details and again that was recorded weeks ago and things did not work properly back then so I may not have reflected the accurate information back then I just didn't have time to record it again this is 1080p footage recorded directly from the quad itself there's a little box that sits on the quad that's called the air unit the air unit is not only an HD DVR it's also a video signal transmitter as well as a control signal receiver the whole system runs on 5.8 gigahertz it's pumping out around 700 milliwatts or 25 mil what's to be raced compatible now in a moment here you're gonna see it switch over to the goggle view because the goggles also have an HD DVR built-in 720p 60 frames per second now I'm not running the most recent version of the firmware my air unit actually has a glitch where sometimes it decides to stop recording that's why it's switching over to the Gaul view they tell me that this has been fixed in the most recent updates and I'm sure there's a lot of other things that were fixed as well I just haven't had time to update it on that same note I would point out that this system only runs up to four s to run six s you have to use some sort of a power management something which I didn't have and I also didn't have the patience deal with so I just ran my 6s motors on 4s because I don't have any 4s motors anymore the end result is a quad that's just relatively underpowered but it's still totally fine the quads olive weight is around 500 grams with a 1500 million 4s battery so it still performs relatively fine another thing I would point out is that the version of firmware that I'm using does not output s bus it's supposed to and it has been up fixed and updated in the most recent firmware version but I don't have the most recent firmware version so I had to use beta flight 4.1 which is in super beta and it is horrendously bad at everything so beta fly 4.1 is just not ready for anything and the quad fly is just awful it took me weeks of just tinkering with it with the help of two developers to get this quad to fly decently well and by the time I got it flying half decently they had come up with the update that fixed the S bus and I just haven't had a time to update everything as well as back update my quad to make all that stuff work so something you'll notice is first of all this is a ten minute flight and I couldn't even believe that this quad flies for 10 minutes on a 59 million battery and something you'll notice is that I the quad still perform is fine but when I have such glorious video I mean when I first flew this thing I kind of shed a tear because I was just so in such shock and awe and how clear and beautiful everything was now this isn't the first low latency HD DVR system that I've used I've used connects plenty and I've also used the fpv blue system which were both great but we're both also very similar the view from this set up is significantly better than conics it may be comparable to the most recent connects camera before they kind of shut down everything but overall other than the HD feed like as in the fact that it's HD and digital there's pretty much nothing else here that can compare to connects connects wishes it was just 10% as good as this system this is a DJI product and it does work like a DJI product which means there is some magic in there it's crazy so something you may have noticed is that my flights are not really like super fun acro craziness I'm really just scouting around and looking at things because it's just so darn clear it's so fun to just look around and see what you can see especially when the quad flies for 10 minutes and I now have so much confidence flying the quad because the firmware works fantastic I can I am currently as confident with this system as I am with any analog system now I wouldn't fly this system in place of analog in every situation but it's suitable to be flown in every situation in place of analog and right now I'll show you the my signal retention test and compare it to analog something you probably already noticed is that the sides of the goggle feed look a little blocky whereas the center is totally clear and I'm assuming they did that to reduce the amount of information that needs to be encoded transmitted and decoded shedding is a great way to go because we need to see that entire center section vertically because we're constantly working in the pitch axis the children kwasind going forward to fly forward quickly so what I'm doing right now is that I'm going to go onto this little road that I actually didn't know existed there and just try to lose video and note that this road that I'm flying on is below the ground level where I'm standing now as I'm flying down here I'm gonna wiggle the quad a little bit to make sure I have control at this point the entire time the goggles are telling me that my signal is very low very low very low warning warning warning in the lower left corners big red light saying signals dead signals dead signals dead and I I'm really trying to lose signal here I'm like hovering right above the ground trying to lose signal and in previous versions of the firmware the control would actually kind of dull out it would kind of be a little bit glitchy for a moment but the newer version of the firmware doesn't do that at all there is no glitch or change in your control the whole way through and I'm really trying to lose video signal here at this point you'll see in the analog feed it's pretty much unflyable up to this point and so the HD system here is already doing better than analog but you'll see the analog in just a minute so I wasn't able to actually lose video signal here even though the whole time it's saying red red red and the worst blockiness that I saw in the video feed there was still no glitching there was no static there was no loss of signal there was nothing it just became blocky and even in its block most blocky state it was still totally flyable totally clear so now I'm flying over to another road that I know is way below the ground level where I am standing to actually lose signal and see what really happens when I lose signal as I'm flying so it's gonna fast forward a little bit that's the HDR did that that's not what actually happened in my goggles it kind of just glitches a little bit here and there and at this point you'll see that it decides that it's done it's not gonna be able to record any further and the goggles just stopped recording because they're like okay this is not gonna happen so we'll just stop recording now and so I'm now walking towards the quad little by little to see if I can rearm rearm rearm and I walked a little bit and I got it to rearm so I got up and as soon as I got as soon as I got close to the quad the video signal came up immediately the goggles still did not start recording again but the air unit on the quad is still recording so I'm gonna hover right now to try and restart the recording and you're gonna see the quad drift a little bit as I click the button on the goggles and that's how crappy the firmware is it I can't even Center the sticks properly properly that's how bad beta Flight 4.1 is currently there's also a record button on the controller itself I just don't know where it is I've just been using the button on the goggles and I set it up such that the record button on the goggles starts and stops recording both the air unit as well as the goggles at the same time now something really cool is that you can make the air unit record in a 1080p 60 while the goggles record in 720p 60 so you can control each one independently I just thought that was interesting I now realize that it's kind of obvious but yeah so you can have the air unit record in higher quality and just have your goggles record the goggle feed which is really nice and as you can also see the air unit does not have the blockiness on the sides it reports kind of full quality now the whole time that I'm flying here I'm flying in the low latency mode there's also a high quality mode which I am not showing and I do not show because the latency is actually a lot higher where I currently am now other testers have told me that the latency in the high quality mode is still not that bad it's still totally fine and I haven't actually spoken about latency because it's a non-issue in fact the latency of this system is significantly better than analog the entire system is running at 7 milliseconds which is fantastic that's control and video together running at 7 milliseconds so now you're seeing me run my typical quad this is my everyday quad it has a rush tank VTX on there it's running at 800 milliwatts and I'm running a super secret antenna on the quad that's supposed to be like super great at signal my goggles have a polarized as well as a X air 2 X naught 2 and X 0 1 2 RC XR 1 which is a great antenna system I'm not doing anything crazy to try and get good signal but I am kind of waving my head around to see if I can pick up a better signal and as I can you can see the signal is significantly worse than what I was getting with the DJI HD system at some point along here it's pretty much unplayable and like I said the worst signal and the worst video quality from the DJI system was about as good as the best video I was getting out of my pan log system which is incredible now I am running in crossfire and so I'm definitely not going to lose signal with my crossfire as you can see the RSSI is or the link quality is pegged at 99 that's not changing now I'm going to fly over to the other section where I lost video or lost all signal with the DJI system and as you can see the video is again significantly worse than the GI system at this point I can't fly anymore I'm not comfortable flying my video screen is rolling I can't do anything but I still did not lose my control signal at all now that is one advantage to our analog systems is that we can run crossfire which is a lower frequency which has much better penetration and you're pretty much not going to lose your control before you lose your video feed however you saw that the whole system for DJI just worked really really really really really well so now I've switched over to the video aerial systems antenna which is what I typically use on my quad and I also forgot to mention that I'm running rapid fire this is in rapid fire mode also so I'm running good stuff I'm running a true RCX air patch antenna or directional antenna waving my head around trying to get good signal and it's not really doing a whole lot better the super speech secret super special antenna that's coming actually is notably better than this antenna that I typically run on my quads so already you can see that the digital breakup characteristics quote-unquote break up because there is no actual breakup is significantly better than the analog snow or digital breakup especially with my goggles that sometimes I get that rolling screen effect thanks to fat shark and it's just awful and so just disorienting so yeah I can't even believe I'm saying this but I would prefer to look at and see the digital quality distortion of the DJI system over an analog system but like I said there are instances where I would prefer analog primarily being long-range if I was to run a long range set up I really would want an analog system not only because I could pump out higher higher milliamps if I wanted to but because I really don't want to lose control signal at all and while the DJI system is fantastic it still has a minor amount of real time when you do lose signal and you also lose your control if you actually go out of range so you're not getting the quad back at all if your video drops out so in those case or any case where it's very crucial for me to maintain control I still would stick to analog but pretty much everywhere else and all general flying I'm really convinced that the GI system is the way to go if nothing else mattered if the size or the money or nothing else mattered I personally would prefer to fly the DJI system now the rest of this video is going to go over a whole bunch of details about the controller and the goggles and the air unit and all the other stuff you can see the quad and all that stuff but I'll give you my synopsis of what I think about the system I don't fly with racers I don't fly didn't fly the system around anybody else I didn't even show this system in person to anybody else I don't have time to seek out other people so I'm not testing it in a race setting however it has been tested in a race setting and it performs apparently admirably well but for me from my type of flying for what I personally do I love the system however I think that there needs to be a little bit more of an ecosystem built around it for it to be viable right now it's hard for me to say yes go run out and buy the system because there aren't really frames that fit the air unit perfectly well with no problems plus the camera upfront with all the protection and everything you want there does need to be some amount of custom work done to make this whole thing more viable I also don't know the pricing of all this stuff and I do hope the pricing is good enough to be able to buy these air units for multiple quads so all things aside I love the system I love the goggles they look gorgeous they look beautiful they're not without flaw there are a number of flaws in the system that I wish I could fix and change and update and improve but as is this is a DJI product and it works like a DJI product I mean you saw how magical the digital break of quality is and this is in super beta and it's gotten significantly better and it's going to get better as well later on in this video I discuss where I think this technology could be more useful than in fpv because I personally don't think that this product is going to be initially popular but maybe down the road this might pick up and become a very well used standard because it works so darn well this is not your con X this is not your fpv blue FEV blue is a totally different category entirely has nothing to do with that with this it's made for planes and long-range and all that stuff but if you use tonics in the past it has zero bearing on what this is there's there's almost nothing about these two systems that are comparable other than the fact that they are both 720p and digital now I also know that there are a couple of other HD systems that have been in development for quite some time that are supposed to come out but I have a hard time believing that any one of them are is going to do a better job than what DJI has already done I love the controller I love the goggles the air unit could use a little bit more work the rest of it is not without flaw either but for DJ eyes second entry I believe second entry into the fpv space this is a freaking awesome product just because how incredibly well it works and how glorious the view is again there is a table of contents in the description below please feel free to jump around but now let's get to the details of all the individual components now let's move on to the actual product and talk about the various components and some information in details got it so as I've said the system is a 720p system it has as low of a seven millisecond latency the system's medium frequency medium middle frequency is 58 39.5 megahertz so as I said earlier I don't fly with other people typically and I haven't flown this around people but if you are going to be flying with analog people you want to stick to frequencies on the analog systems that are far away from 58 39.5 and that's just to reduce interference between this thing this thing runs on a variable output strength signal output strength I have mine set up to max which goes like around 800 milliwatts the race mode knocks it down to 25 mil a lot so it's compatible with all the other analog systems this will run eight channels across the whole thing and I'll actually show you that channel system right now because is really really neat as you guys know it's all digital so one of the tricks that digital can do is that it is a back and forth communication it's not just I put that noise on myself it doesn't the quadrants in the DJI quad it is eight you'll see that's how fast the signal RIA is so it took four seconds that's how fast it takes to jump to the thing and you can see the channel is changing right here so my goggles were previously set on channel 4 and so it connected and flipped to channel 4 to connect the goggles and the controller the host this is a DJI product it works period it just works yes it has some faults in signal range potentially at the max limit but you can expect things to just work and that's really the most amazing thing about this product and really what makes it the most usable HD product so far the views which there's only been three so this is definitely the most usable one when I change a channel on the goggles it changes the channel on the quads it's like a dream come true it's like a miracle I know that TBS is working on a goggle module that has a Wi-Fi link to the video transmitter on the quad so that it can do exactly this but this like I said is a digital link it's a back and forth link they both talk to each other so you can easily change a channel of your quad and your goggles at the same time now let's point the quad out into yonder and take a look inside the goggles so what you're looking at in the goggles is pretty much exactly what you would see if you looked at it with your eye thank you I'll point it at some other stuff so you can get some detail all right so this is literally what you see when you stick your iron here and what I mean by that is that you can't see the entire screen you can't see the entire screen and I'm sure there were some reasons why they decided to go with one big screen instead of two little tiny screens this is one big screen but you just can't see the entire screen leave it at that but they did give us a very nifty feature to be able to sort of show it to you there we go to be able to change the focus or not focus the screen size so I have my screen size almost the smallest screen size that's the small screen size and once you get smaller than that it starts to you start seeing the pixels in the video and you start like reducing the potential area of the screen that you're casting the image across so I'm I think at 50% it's pretty much exactly 720p when you're still I won that 60% I also move my screen to the top of the screen so that I can actually see everything because the dogless don't really fully fit my face great the nose space is okay but I have a huge no so the goggles kind of just sit up a little bit higher on my face so I just this is how I run my system I run it on 60% screen size with the screen all the way at the top now you can see that there is a bunch of stuff around the goggles and you can see up there on the top right that says on my quad it has no SD but on my goggles it has 91 minutes of recording now this is a 16 gigabyte SD card and it'll record in 720p the air unit which I'll get to can record in 1080p 60 while the goggles record in 720p 60 and the transmits at low latency I believe I haven't quite tested that if I'm gonna put it later on in the video because I have forgotten to record something to test specifically that I've been testing the usability of this product more than anything else so you can see there it has a no SD card in the quad there is a universal there's a universal 4 chord button on the goggles as well as on the controller here that when you click these buttons they will start and stop both the goggles and the quad 2 simultaneously or you can change the settings such that it'll only start and stop one of the two now running through the rest of the settings isn't really all that exciting I'm sure they're gonna be adding more settings but there is a back button there is as you can see preference for low latency or high quality there's also a focus mode which I'm not even gonna get into because it's a little bit confusing recording settings which you can change here the air unit format for it to be 1080p or 720p 120 framerate which is really awesome and this is I'm assuming which one you want to record when you hit the record button I haven't tested that I just updated the firmware actually so I don't know what's changing this previous firmware is that actually didn't work properly online controller you can change your controller settings right here in the goggles I'll do that right now and then you have your PID settings avian format SD card language and the device which just tells you about your signal strength and whatnot and boosts it 25 No More 7 I don't know what and then it's go back the rest of the things is just play back show you here playback and audience mode so audience mode is a way to just tune into quads that are out there in the field flying and it's not the information says that it's not quite as robust of a signal as when it's it's linked like directly for the actual pilot and that's because it's only in listening mode when the two got when the goggles and the quad are linked the goggles are talking to the quad and telling it to up the power when it needs to to maintain a good signal so all in all you've pretty much seen the goggles one thing that's really super funny about this goggle its head it doesn't have an on/off switch it actually has a plug that you just plug in and unplug and this plug has attached to a wire there's attached to up to a 4s battery so do with that what you will I think that goggles look absolutely awesome I do wish they were white and gray instead of black and gray but hey they look freaking cool this is probably the coolest anybody's ever gonna look a flying fbb maybe in the future we'll have something cooler but this goggle is a very quality goggle it is it's I mean it's a DJI product so you're gonna get a quality product out of design next let's look at the controller because that's pretty quick and easy the controller is a phantom controller phantom controller through and through and you're not if you felt the phantom controller you know what this controller feels like only difference is that the stick is you got a you got you know throttle so it's it's a throttle stick it turns arm like Fano controller they works like a phantom controller this the gimbals feel like the phantom controller however there is one minor difference from phantom patrollers actually I haven't looked at my channel controller to see if it does what I think this one does and that one might might not so you can actually change the stick tension on the controller just by pulling the grip off and unscrewing screwing these screws the other thing you'll see when I flip open this battery door is that there is a ginormous screen here and when I pull the battery out you can see that it is really ginormous it is a 49 20 milliamp battery that is 2 s that's what the patrol runs off since I've had this controller I have not charged this battery once and it is still at 3 bars so that's pretty impressive but all-in-all I mean you got these trim these switches up here you can set them to whatever you want you've got these roller things up here that you can also set to whatever you want on the quad and the gimbals really do feel good the gimbal throw is you know gimbal throw over family so it's it's appropriate throw it's not as wide as the throw of the taranis controller it is just a hair less than the trainer's controller but it is totally suitable this controller feels like an absolute quality piece of equipment it does not feel like a toy unlike everything else in our industry this is a DJI product like I keep saying it is a quality product it also charges with USBC and that's also how you update the controller I don't know what that port is for I'm assuming it's audio but I'd this thing doesn't change to record or transmit audio and now let's get to what I think is arguably the most important aspect of this entire system which is the air unit the air unit and the camera so the box itself this little aluminum box itself is about 14 millimeters by 37 millimeters by 45 ish millimeters and I say ish because there's a lot of like weird ribs and bumps and things all over you also have this connector sticking out the front of it here that's actually the connector for the control into your flight controller and then you also have the MMC X connectors for the antenna sticking out there and you have a wire for the camera that goes into the backside now this version that I have it doesn't have a connector for the camera cameras hard-wired into the air unit box they say that they are going to add a connector for the air unit box and real quick I'll go over the frame that I'm flying it on here this is my hyper light sorry glide slim frame that I've been working on that I don't think is actually gonna come out it might come out with one of the companies I'm working with and my attempt was just to get a lot of weight off this frame so I only really skinny up the body I didn't do anything to the arms and I was able to save about 20 grams off the current glide frame now is it worth it I don't know the frame is a little bit less durable I'll talk about it more later I don't expect it to come out anytime soon and the current glide is still my preferred frame at this point but moving forward the reason I use this frame is because I did have a little bit more space in my front section and this is the only frame that I had that would fit this air unit and I didn't really have time to develop and test another frame specifically for this DJI system I was going to I wanted to I just didn't have time it happened to fit perfectly fine in the system and I didn't have to print this little TPU thing to hold the camera on top because it wouldn't fit inside the frame the camera starting with the camera is beautiful the video picture is great the field of view is great everything about the camera is wonderful the camera itself is in 19 by 19 it comes in the same aluminum frame as the the air box that you're seeing in there it's a 19 by 19 mount it's a it's a micro sized camera it's not a mini it's not a nano it's not a full size camera it's a micro size so it will fit all your micro sized camera mounting areas but it does have a little bit more of a substantial wire coming off the back so you have to kind of account for that you can flip and rotate the image on in the camera sorry flip and mirror the image on the camera so you can kind of mount it whichever way you want the air unit itself also doesn't care how where it's being mounted the air the area in a box is a DVR Dovercourt in 1080p 60 as well as 720p 120 frame rate it also is a video transmitter it also is a control signal receiver the connector coming out the front here is a connector for your S bus in as well as a connection to a UART so that you can control your flight controller from inside the goggles as I showed there was a menu specifically for PID tuning and there's supposed to be menus for adjusting settings in beta flight inside the goggles in the future that's pretty cool however with the beta firmwares that I have and actually haven't updated to the newest one either yet I wasn't able to get that working I did try and solder it to a bunch of different you arts on my board to different flight control boards actually and I wasn't able to get it to work properly I also wasn't able to get my OSD information from my flight controller into the air unit to send it to my goggle so I don't have a voltage readout in my goggles I'm kind of just flying for flying and it also only runs for s up to 4 s they recommend using a B EC for 6s operation that was obviously the number one thing that I told them and you got to make this box around 6s it's kind of ridiculous only on for us especially if you're planning on racers using this racers are pretty much success as a standard at this point you really got to support 6s it is very annoying to have to use the separate components just to run success I don't know if they're gonna update it to that but yeah it is what it is now like I said I think that this air unit is going to make or break this product and that's for a couple of reasons number one I think this box is just barely suitable for people to really develop frame Styles around it for it to be compelling to use for frame styles I think it's barely small enough barely the correct size for people to fit it inside frames you don't have to make too much extra accommodation to make this system work inside any given acro frame raised frames might be a little bit more wonky a little bit more of an issue I also don't know how the durability of this thing is but that's another reason why I think this air unit system will make and break make or break the product I don't know the cost of any of this stuff I keep asking they won't tell me a retail price they just say that it's competitive I don't know how much the goggles are I don't know how much a controller is I don't know how much the camera is I don't know how much arian it is I don't even know if the first versions at ship will have a connector for the camera to be separated from the air unit in the event that you smash your camera and you have to replace it so that's really going to matter a whole lot I hope they have something very genius and store for that or some sort of like DJ eye care product or something for that because that really does matter all so if you have 25 quads it's not really practical for you to keep switching this air unit and camera from quad to quad core use so you're kidding it's really got to be cost-effective for you to use it in a number of different quads something else I would say about the goggles is that I really do wish that they allowed the goggles to receive 5.8 analog I think that's a really big missed opportunity for DJI these goggles are awesome even if you have to shrink the screen to actually see the whole video feed I think they are some that it is some of the best fpv screen in goggle viewing experience that i've ever had with any goggles that i've used it's better than any box toggle it's as good or better than any Fatshark product i haven't yet used the orca product i really wish they cake this goggle receive 5.8 it would really really sell well especially if it's gonna be a competitive price it would sell really really well and I bet P you guys would figure out amazing ways to use all the features of this goggle for a regular analog systems what do I think this product is best suited for so this is the DJI product and DJI started out as sort of a DIY company they did make the Phantom one they made flight controllers they made all sorts of stuff I mean the Naza was just all that junk back then but they kind of made a hard fork and transition hardcore into the consumer space and they are freaking excelling at that consumer space like crazy they do have professional products in the super high-end category as well there are also companies that are above them in the super high-end professional space this product I personally I've tried to discuss this with D Drive I I'm in contact with their engineers their engineers don't speak English very clearly they do have a local office here in Santa Monica actually right nearby me I haven't seen them in person but I have talked them a lot about the product they don't they don't nobody can give me like a cohesive clear roadmap of what they plan to do with this product and that's kind of where I have to leave it and then just kind of extrapolate based on my own opinion where I think this product is best used I personally don't that this product was created with full DIY in mind I think that they're going to launch it in the DIY community in the FPV community however I think that they're also going to make a number of quads with this technology built-in I mean I personally would it just be shocked and just love to see a Mavic with bigger motors and this fpv system built into it alongside all the automated systems as well and an fpv gimbal like software for the gimbal that will do fpv well which means it kind of just smooths all your movements out it just kind of smooth everything out it's like real-time Hardware smoothing that would be freaking gold mine for videography for long range for everything and you'd never lose it because you know is it return to home but still I don't think that's its best use I think that market is actually very small I think this products best use is going to be at events at live events either car racing or automotive sports like drifting and whatnot that you can broadcast with real-time video feed to a massive screen or BMX or snowboarding or X Games or skateboarding or any of these industries I also think that they are missing a massive market by not going after the NFL or Soccer World Soccer Cup the worldwide soccer like actually talking about football they can also go after basketball I mean you could build this camera into a helmet you could build this camera into a shoulder-mounted little strap you could build this camera anywhere and how awesome would it be to watch the NFL field in real time from goggles in the stand or real time on your TV or be able to flip through the players in real time what if the playbacks were in real time like you can flip through and watch the play backs you could review what happened on the field after the fact I mean just think of the amount of content that would be available to people that wanted to go through a sift through it and see what happened play-by-play think of the amazing plays and things that would be caught on camera and be able to be studied in the future this system has so much more angel than FPV than what they are potentially marketing it for that's it it's all I've got for this product for now I'm gonna make more videos about it but for now this is all I've got for it I hope it was helpful informational interesting and I'm sorry that I don't go through every single tiny my new detail there are going to be other reviewers that do that I don't feel a need to do that and I also don't have the time to actually test every single tiny little menu detail like I keep saying I focus more on the big picture the usability the where the product falls in the industry what it could be used for and all that stuff so thanks very much for watching floss your teeth because flossing your actual teeth is very important and take care bye

DJI FPV Syatem:
Table of Contents:
01:07 – Flight video recording
05:30 – DJI signal testing
10:17 – Analog signal testing
14:32 – What I think about it
17:57 – Goggle overview
20:27 – View inside goggles
25:31 – Controller overview
27:19 – The Air Unit
28:06 – The quad frame
29:01 – The camera
34:35 – What I think the tech is best used for
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-FANTASTIC 6″ motor:

▼ 5″ Sub $200 build that’s still good
-FC/4in1 Stack:
-FPV Cam:

-Starter goggles:
-Batt pad material:

▼ If you want to solder better:
-Fantastic solder:
-Fantastic iron:

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49 comments on “DJI Digital FPV System


    EVERYONE should watch these types of videos on a projector screen 80" to 100" , it feels like your IN the quadcopter flying inside it.

    If I had one of these , I would be in my theater room , use my lift to take off and land from the roof and put up a super large and a 200 foot antenna tower at 360 degree with super high gain for the best range and video feed. All while sitting on the recliner chair watching it on a theater screen!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Brian Mulder

    Congrats … your video has more detail than any other. The screen being single like box goggles and adjustable size as well. This detail I have only seen here. You by far have outshone others in the review of these goggles.

  3. SkyHigh FPV

    This system looks awesome. I have always bought the newest technology out there, for instance I have the rapid fire and Clear View modules as well as the Clearview ground station, so I'm sure DJI is targeting people like me who can afford these systems, but even if I can afford the system, doesn't mean that I won't wait until all the bugs are worked out and I will also wait until all the other competitors come out with their products before deciding on which one to buy and making that purchase

  4. Thirtythree Eyes

    A whole lot of people comparing this to crossfire. That's the one thing I don't see this replacing is long range. Which sucks because soaring in the mountains on a plane would be the best in HD.

  5. David Shannon

    Everything I've read says that it can only 'broadcast' to another pair of the DJI goggles, is there a way to actually get that signal to put it on a screen at a live event??

  6. Mark G

    DJI didn't release a new FPV drone because it'd be too expensive. Here in Australia its costing $1500 for the controller, air unit and goggles. Awesome!

  7. vapgames

    Hey, can you test the analog input on these goggles? Really curious if it is suitable for flying (latency, low signal handling). If it's good, that would mean these goggles could be modded with an analog receiver module.

  8. The1kafir

    OOMAHGAWD Do I really want to take a college course on how to operate
    this thing? And what about the brain frying frequency and power next to
    my head! Ahhh.. no thanks! I'll stay with my Mavic 2 Pro w/ Hasselblad,
    iPad, Titan and Mav.

  9. Peter Johansson

    The question for all EU (CE) residents is: Will DJI lock the power output to the lowest value (25mw = 0.7km / 0.43miles)?

    Or can we have the choice to disobey? 🙂

    How are they doing with their drones now?
    Do they enforce their customers to ”follow the law”?

  10. Vaphual

    Those Google's reminds me of Metal gear solid v for some reason. Great in-depth look as usual. Would it be possible to use our existing antennas with the Google or kwad? The Air Unit is too big IMO. Wouldn't it be possible to decase it to make it smaller and lighter? Also if there is a way to make atleast the exisitng cameras work it would be so better.

  11. Dr Frantz

    In my opinion, the coolest thing about this product is the impact it's gonna have in the hobby. Might not be perfect at first, but seeing a giant investing so much in a product that we've all been dearly waiting for is pretty amazing. I remember hating the phantoms back when they came out. Most hobbyists also disliked them… and look at them now. They've establish supremacy and we wouldn't buy any other camera drone!

  12. Andrew FPV

    ive watched every review of this system i can find and your video is by far the best one out right now. extremely great job putting this through its paces. 👏

  13. djfurione

    So is it totally fine to use TBS Crossfire link on Taranis and that Air Unit VTX along with gogles from DJI? Have to wait and see where it's going for some time, but look amazing.

  14. Will.FPV

    Maybe you could shrink the size a tad by taking the casing off of the air unit, but that would be a bit of a pain to do and won't be as durable. Great review as always!

  15. BADThing FPV

    Yeah people probably will get mad at you for flying after animals, this kind of crap is why Canada and countries all over the world have put Draconion drone laws in place. Great Job…

  16. iSpike

    WOW Mate! I really appreciate your narrative and flights were spot on so much so that I just had to sub you in pure appreciation #33,377. I am a Mavic Pro Drone flyer hobby film maker & still yet to experience FPV. It excites me very much the idea that I can take my brain 🧠 to the place of a birds eye 👁 and just fly around as if my Spirit has somehow been set free almost the same as “Astral-travelling” but wide awake! You Sir (in this video) have convinced me (with my limited budget) not to buy the M2P (just yet) and now buy me a good FPV Quad and this DJI FPV kit. Thank you for producing this video. Cheers from ‘outback country’ Wild Western Australia 🇦🇺 👍🏻


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