Dji Inspire meets Hubsan h501ss meets 2 Race Drones

wait a minute look Chris brought my hubsan back to me man she's been out there solo naproxen done got a faded dude if that dreams still out there I would be actually see what it looks like ups in H 501s SS this this is the first time I've seen a hubsan since I lost mine pretty much and in the flesh oh you got the advanced transmitter – oh yeah now is that is that the antenna that came with it or do you modify that and say looks modified oh yeah MD doing doing the hubsan dance do a little dance fly a little drone get footage tonight oops and dance you know it and it's see I try to like do I thought it doesn't like home wins no oh yeah look at that parabolic dish on that the inspire the leg chopper that sucker right there look at the size and motors on that thing t magic them motors right there on a race train G oh yeah your voice used to keep me warm the call off the nine sure such used to be the the truth young to kill [Applause] to walk the your voice used to keep me warm under call off the night sure such used to be the color of the truth in said young – Kim ready to walk alone the you

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5 comments on “Dji Inspire meets Hubsan h501ss meets 2 Race Drones

  1. Suazzz

    Some people have problems with there hubsan 501s drones but I have had mine for 2 1/2 years now and never had a problem only a new battery and still running strong


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