Drone Crash in Saltwater while chasing Boat Race – Not Pilot Error

hi guys today is a very sad moment for me because my DJ I'm not a drone crashed into the sea water you know our fatal salt water is the electronics my DJI Matic drone crashed while we were filming the bunker area or boat race it forced landed itself on the scene disabling the pilot control we did check all the details why it crashed and found out that it was not a pilot error there was something wrong with the drone it could be a software malfunction a software bug or hardware malfunction we were flying the mafic drone to chase the fast boats in bunker error or both ways we might be pushing this drone to its limits roughly these fast boats can run as fast as 70 kilometers per hour especially if the sea waves are minimal well this DJI maverick air drone is only capable of speed around 68 km/h and sometimes it can hardly catch up with the boats especially if they are in full speed and the wind direction is against it so we flew the drone in sports mode to maximize its speed as you can see the firmware on the drone is up-to-date so it's not a firmware issue we are also using an updated DJI go for app so it's neither an app issue we have four batteries and more or less they're in their 21st charge cycle so battery might not be the cause but it could be the trigger because the cost of the drug crash its voltage related we have a theory that the constant drone crash was at software just our theory the DJI maverick drone might have detected that the drone motor is consuming too much battle even the high-speed maneuvers in sports mode to the point that it's software detects this abrupt change of battery voltage went beyond its tolerance level this might have triggered the critical low voltage and made the DJI drone execute its forced landing routines that could be the drone safety crashing routine but the problem is we were filming above sea water it was too fast and we're flying the drone only 10 meters above the sea water I was so shocked that a drone by itself disabled my control and force landed on the water it only took like five seconds and bam the drone was done it was so painful well it took around 45 minutes before my dad was able to ask for help they rode the boat and went to the last location of the drone before it lost its connection from the remote control and the phone app my dad died 6 meter deep water and tried to search the area within 25 meters of radius from the drones last-known location they have to search that wide because the secret might have swept the drone away it took about like almost 15 minutes before they were able to retrieve the drone what a relief it was sitting there at the bottom of the sea around 6 meters deep and 250 meters from the shoreline it was found by one of the local rescue swimmers next to them from the bottom of my heart well I'm a bit relieved that the drone was found but the very big question is will it survive will it still work that was sea water survival of most electronics turbulence for a long time in salt water has a very slim chance also I've never heard or found on the internet any Mavic drone that survived salt water immersion for more than one hour and six meter deep salt water subjected to water pressure of the deep sea and with turned on batteries well let's see if this drone can survive if it can then this could be the first DJI Matic drone to survive with a crash scenario as faithless that I will post an update on my next upload watch out for it and hey friend if you're not yet a subscriber please hit that subscribe button so that you will be notified every time I have a new video I promise your watch time will be worthy well we were able to extract the flight log details from the phone and the complete crash video recording from the drones memory card it was very painful of watching the drone diving into the water while recording few seconds of its life underwater slowly drowning its electronics and everything with saltwater I'm sure you want to see it too on how it's crashed again it's not the pilot error here are the complete details and footage of the drone crash including the complete flight log our first red flag was the warning strong aircraft interference the drone disconnected from the remote and executed its return to home routine it did not cause an alarm for us because this normally happens when we fly the drone too far away then after 30 seconds the drone Rica next to the controller then you have another red flag warning video car has stopped well this is just for the recording so it's not really that much to the cause of the crash then we have forward and backward sensors issues we didn't find it that much because we were in sports mode I think the forward and backward sensors are not being used in sports mode but we did fly the girl near the shore [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so here after seeing the drone still has 75% of its battery we decided to proceed filming the Beaudry's approaching the finish line then at exactly 3 minutes and 45 seconds of five times we received the killer red flag the critical low voltage but as you can see the battery is still at 68% and it suddenly dropped to zero [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you

DJI Drone force landed by itself in saltwater 20 feet deep. The drone crash is not caused by pilot error. The Mavic drone crash in the beach while filming bangkarera or boat race. The drone rejected the pilot control.

In this video we dig, investigate and check all the details why did it crash. This will show you the complete details and the actual recording of the drone including and the complete flight log from the phone and the memory card.

Watch the full video and comment your opinion on what could be the reason why did this crash happen.


16 comments on “Drone Crash in Saltwater while chasing Boat Race – Not Pilot Error

  1. Martin

    Hi my friend I am back from the vacation. Sad news about your drone, I am so sorry. Hope you will find a solution to get a new one or maybe the drone can be repaired. However, as usual you did a amazing job with this video. Beautiful footage, good background music and well explained what is going on. High ✋ outstanding!

  2. PEPEtmalu

    my theory is that your battery has been lying around for more than a week or so, then you didn't bother recharging it before since it is still showing 90-100%. I've experience such problem before, biglang critically low yung battery since I was did not recharge it after not being used for more than a week.


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