Drone License Test | How we got a commercial drone license in the U.S.

we are studying for Sam to take the whatsit Club part 107 drone tests we recently got a drone we own a small travel company that helps people playing trips and thought it'd be fun to get a drone to be able to show people more about where we go and what we do to help them decide where to go on vacation next so Sam is gonna take the test to be able to fly it for commercial use okay kilo Lima okay so I have to make a quick disclaimer here Sam's in the living room still watching youtube videos to study for the test he would never admit this but he's actually really really smart and a really good test taker don't know much about drones you may be wondering why I'm studying to take this test basically do you have to have a license to fly a drone depends on what you're doing it for so quick answer is if you're just looking to get a drone for fun to fly around to get some cool videos and cool shots of your friends or family while you're on vacation no you don't need a commercial license to fly the drone but if you are flying the drone for any purpose associated with a business then that technically falls under commercial use and there'll be a chart to so you wanted to use this visual diagram it won't apply 33 times 1.1 and that will get you to about thirty-eight pounds she's the one that made me take it she made me schedule it today I would have studied at least one to two more weeks I don't how many more weekend's left start my ICU rotation so it's probably a good thing that were gonna give it a go but likely have to do it again we'll see wish it was free though I wish it was free too how are you feeling about Tess hmm give myself 50% chance maybe 45 Ella it's just luck over the past we kept probably listen to a couple hours worth of podcasts of watch probably a couple hours worth of YouTube videos and I've read the first five pages of the FA provided study guide material I helped him schedule the test and we haven't talked about that yet so really quickly what it was we just looked on the FAA website for testing centers caught around until we found one that had availability today in our area and then we they gave us a 1-800 number to call we caught them paid over the phone showed up took the test super simple and straightforward Sam's inside right now taking his test he was a little bit nervous but don't tell him that I said so so I am just hanging out making new friends at the what is it called at the flight school the air spaces are what are important Francis will surface here indicate different forms of controlled airspace he paths are you serious just kidding 1088 he's gotta wait 24 to 48 hours for his results the post and then he has to fill out a form then Sam passed so now we actually get to fly the drone and shoot videos and post them on Instagram for you all to see and YouTube I'm excited next test will be to try to fly one of these plans

In our first vlog, we are sharing our experience getting a commercial drone license in the United States. Here are the links to the study materials and test centers referenced in the videos.

Sam’s favorite study guide was Tony Northup’s Drone Certification Study Guide:

FAA study guide:


Test Centers:

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