Drone Programming: Fly a virtual drone through 3D Maze

yo I'm gonna be teaching you guys like their own today all jokes aside let's change so this is a drum has four rotors which reads the quad bomber what happens to be expensive start to assemble like this one in a soccer game and right now Kirby fragility the worst you're gonna cost a lot so we developed a soft whiskey to help you fly a drone virtually in some blur you can crack as much as you now let's get money so now we're going to talk about the software you can program it in an environment called snap made by Berkeley and it's simple it's as simple as a drag-and-drop environment we made it so that you can crash a lot and you can system plea restart the simulation the first exercise is very easy all we do is add a thrust block to make the drone start flying up a hold altitude block to make the drone stop flying up and hold its current altitude go forward block to make the drone move forward after 5 time units we added go black red block which allows the drone to stop moving forward another position hold which allowed to join to stop completely so now I'm going to show you exactly what the drone does in the simulation as you can see the simulation has now started the drone flies up holds altitude and then pitches forward so the drone moves forward Joan is now flying forward it pitches back to cancel its forward momentum and hold its position now we're gonna go for a more complicated course the maze in this we start the simulation the quad rises up hold its altitude move to the right to Center it in the maze all the tality again begins to move forward hold its position so we can stop moving move to the right once more and last again you go left and then we set down the quadcopter at the end that's it

18-year old Geek in Residence from Camp K12 ( teaches you how to code a virtual quadcopter to navigate through various obstacle courses in a 3D Simulator using a visual, drag-and-drop programming language.

Camp K12 teaches app development to school kids in India — we’ll be launching our Drone Programming courses shortly. Stay tuned!

4 comments on “Drone Programming: Fly a virtual drone through 3D Maze

  1. GetSmart Paul

    Hi,Wow so cool, almost 2 years old this video !
    Can you supply more details on the 3D Simulator and all the hardware needed ?Ardrone Http ExtensionNode.jsHow to install the Ardrone Http Extension for Scratch Offline ( not available on GitHub right now ).
    Best, LA Guy


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