Drones and Privacy "The Real Truth"

hi everyone Adam Andrews with arrow works productions now today we're gonna be talking about a very sensitive topic and that's drones and privacy more importantly drones and the invasion of privacy so it was just this week that we heard of a story in the news of a 47 year old man named William Meredith who went outside with a shotgun and he said he saw a drone hovering over his backyard and he blasted out of the sky now we've heard more information from both the drone pilot and the neighbors and come to find out that the drone wasn't quite as close to his house as he said it was either way he got in a little trouble the drone operators out of a drone and so what we want to do today is hopefully educate people that are concerned they've seen these flying around the neighborhood or at the local park or the neighbor has one they don't really know what they can see but they assume that they can see through walls and into your bedroom and and take close-up pictures of you and your driver's license and everything else so what we're gonna do today is we're going to take three drones and we're gonna basically simulate what happened earlier this week with the shotgun or the drone Slayer as they call them in the news so let's go ahead and get started with that all right let's talk about a few of the UAVs that we have here today are drones the first one we have here is the 3d robotic solo this is what they call their smart drone it retails for about nine hundred and ninety nine dollars it requires you to put your own GoPro camera on there and that gives you the ability to shoot 2k and 4k video as well as high resolution stills the middle copter here this white one is the DJI phantom 3 professional model this copter here retails for about thirteen hundred and fifty dollars it shoots 4k video as well as high resolution stills the third copter here is a little bit outside the hobbyist realm and this is more of a law enforcement Fire Rescue Search and Rescue that sort of thing this is made by the Aryan labs company in Canada and it's called the sky Ranger this particular copter here retails for over a hundred thousand dollars configured the way it is but it does a few things that these don't it flies in any weather rain sleet snow 45 mile an hour gusting to 50 50 minute flight time it also is equipped with a dual Leo and I are lens this gives you both optical images as well as optical zoom as well as a FLIR camera or infrared camera for looking at night time seeing hot or cold images so we're gonna take all these out we're gonna run through this experiment the same one that happened earlier than day we're gonna put these in an in an urban environment take them up to the altitude the copter was actually at and show you what you can actually see and what you can do with these coppers so let's go ahead and take it outside all right we're out here in your typical suburbia area we're gonna go ahead and take a flight with the 3dr solo and we'll go ahead and take it up and see if we see you okay we're actually at 198 feet we're actually way down here in this house and you can see the winds even blowing us around but you really can't make anybody out there you can see a house you can see maybe a couple bodies standing there now this is about ten feet off the ground one thing you'll notice is it's very noisy it'd be really hard to conceal the noise let alone the lights that you're seeing on the copter alright guys then we're back out here with the Phantom 3 professional we had to let the wind died down a little bit we had some pretty strong winds earlier so we're gonna go ahead and give it a shot now with the Phantom 3 this is the same copter that the drone Slayer shot down so we're going to actually get an actual one-to-one comparison here so let's quiting it started it's a little easier to see the lights here at night too okay now you can see here this this copter actually has a stabilized gimbal so here we are again right here and even though I'm moving the copter the camera is very still now we're currently at 247 feet so I'm going to go ahead and bring that down a little lower because we want to have a fair comparison hair I believe it was 173 feet 193 feet is what my assistants telling me okay so there is 193 feet right there and you can see that we have a great picture here we really can't make out anybody but we have a very stable image and we can see exactly what the copter is seeing we're gonna go ahead and bring it back down around 10 feet and again you can see that it's fairly loud alright let's go ahead and try out the sky Ranger all right and like I said guys this is the Aryan labs skyranger and we're luckily we lost some light because we want to actually show you the night capabilities of it for search and rescue purposes so I'm gonna go ahead and step back I'm gonna go ahead and take control using our ruggedized tablet I'll go ahead into a flight blown up all right so we're currently at 62 meters our copter is located right there we want to go ahead and see the image from that there's our live image and we're currently right around that hundred and ninety three hundred ninety seven feet altitude I want to zoom in I can zoom in you can also move the camera around I can tick a still let's say one of I want to flip the FLIR imagery go ahead and switch to our FLIR camera and you can see and do white hot or black hop there we are down there take it down a little closer I'll walk around a little bit you can even see the footprints in the grass take our camera off there and I'll go ahead and fly to a new location oh by the way we've set a target right here where we're at so even though the copter is moving away the camera will stay put on that location there again this is used for commercial applications search-and-rescue law enforcement fire rescue let's go ahead and take a look out here in the street and see if we see any vehicles or any thing that might have heat on it or we can use our FLIR cameras you can see the vehicles down there take a snapshot alright guys I hope what we were able to convey today and some of our demonstrations is that the typical hobbyist drone it's not a surveillance machine they don't make good spy machines they're noisy they have lights on them and really if they're down at ten feet which we know in this case they were not in his case they were up at 197 feet or even higher 200 feet you could see from the video that I demonstrated today that you're not going to pick out details on a person you might be able to see us stick figure down there you're obviously gonna see a house you're gonna see yards but they're really to capture wide-angle beautiful cinematic shots they're not made or designed to do surveillance on people even when you get into the expensive drones like we did a little bit of a demonstration here with the sky Ranger even this has its limitations so just know that if you see somebody out there go up and ask I'm asking what they're filming have them show you the view that they get from the copter and don't freak out and you know shoot it definitely don't shoot it down with a shotgun or any kind of a gun because again you shoot something in the air some that's coming back down whether that's the bullet or one of these drones so you know there's a lot better ways to spy on a neighbor than using a drone I mean you can look over the fence you can look out your window you can look at their post on Facebook one of the things I tell a lot of people in our classes is the same people that complain about privacy and drones are the same people that are on Facebook posting what they had for breakfast with a picture themselves and a selfie so you know if you don't want to be you know you don't want your privacy invaded you know stay off the internet because that's just where we're at with technology nowadays you know the what people don't realize is in America today the average American gets filmed about a hundred times a day on CCTV cameras and that could be everything from a traffic cam the ATM machine department stores the Starbucks the McDonald's your kids school and the list goes on and on and on cameras are everywhere they're commonplace and while some of them there are there for surveillance these were not designed for that so guys thanks for tuning in check out the links below we're gonna have a lot of different links about different things like FAA regulations the AMA which is the Academy of model aeronautics which is not a governing they are a private organization that you can become a member of and they have their own rules at their own clubs they do not regulate airspace they don't regulate anything outside of their clubs the FAA does that and that's what they're working on creating regulations for so check out the links below we'll have all kinds of different information stay tuned for more great videos subscribe and like the video and leave a comment and we'll see you soon

Adam from demonstrates and explains some of the real truth about civilian hobbyist drones and what they can actually capture after another recent story about one William Meredith shooting down a drone with a shotgun that he said was hovering outside his window and above his house.

For more information about UAV, sUAS aka Drone rules and regulations, checkout the following links-

Where can I fly-

FAA Regulations-


23 comments on “Drones and Privacy "The Real Truth"

  1. gedgar2000

    I have a Phantom 3 Pro. Awesome. And if someone shot it down, I would have my revenge. 4am hovering by his house. Chasing him in his car in the mornings. With caution, you'd never get caught, and he might have a stroke or heart attack from anger!

  2. Ryan P

    I see a house I like when driving or walking by. I got your address. Your town probably already has an eGIS, library or a courthouse with public records, and so I have your name for sure and your wife’s name now. I google and use “Fast People Search”… now I know everyone that lives with you, your phone numbers and your email addresses… Actually I don’t because I don’t care who you are, but funny enough you’re worried about losing your privacy to my toy UAV…. Google already knows more about you from search inferences than your own family does. 🤣

  3. Da Str

    So what if it was 193' AGL! You make it sound like no one should be alarmed by any drone. You don't talk about the idiot operator who hovers 15' over your head while you're taking a walk down the street. Or the asshole who hovers outside a window looking in someone's house. Or!…the complete asshole who flies over an out of control wildfire and, by their actions, grounds fire fighting planes and helicopters (Durango, CO). Don't say it doesn't happen. Don't tell anyone it isn't an invasion of privacy. It isn't panic or paranoia or hysteria when something like this happens. It IS an invasion of privacy or a danger to others when these drones are flown recklessly or without consideration of others. How about the recent, factual stories of airports being shut down due to drone activity? Ol' Adam isn't exactly an objective observer/reporter of events. He's trying to sell drones.

  4. adrian arias

    Lmfao!!! Usually people get mad when you flying in the beach… I laugh ! Why? Because meanwhile there is a cellphone always pointing at you!!! Lmfao. Eagles eye. ☠️

  5. Keith Williams

    You know I commented on this a while back and I've been looking at the hundreds and hundreds of comments on this board. And I didn't realize till today how many people have no respect for Law and Order. Shooting down a drone is against the law. Point Blank. You don't own the airspace above your house( above the area you legally allowed to build) above that the FAA has jurisdiction. it is United States airspace they can say, and make rules and laws that apply to every citizen of these United States, of what aircraft can fly in United States airspace. But most of the comments here give me the indication that nobody cares about the law their privacy is the end-all-be-all of existence here in the United States that can't be further from the truth. It is completely irrational that someone would shoot down a drone firing a gun in the sky and they don't know where that bullet is going to fall or shotgun not knowing where the pellets are going to fall and they justify that felony based upon their privacy. Wow what happens when you miss the Drone and you hit an airplane or some other aircraft that happens to be flying in the path of your bullet or the downward path of your bullet you can't possibly know it's Reckless and people are just not thinking this through.

  6. Just A. American

    I don't care about these drones, the ones to be concerned are those the government uses indiscriminately against us citizens without probable cause. Before all the bleating about conspiracy theorists engage brain and think. We have unwarranted data collection of our phone conversations, texts, shared photos, etc. Facebook along with all the social media outlets tracks and uses your activities to hound the users with targeted telemarketers, spam in our email that pushes products. Our privacy died when the first emails were sent, and the last coffin nail was set post-911. And still banks, among other businesses are hacked where tens of thousands of customer's identities are stolen and thieves make purchases, buy cars and houses with the victim's left holding the debt or having to fight the institution to clear their name and credit. I know the facts of my statements because I am former L.E.O. I worked in computer security, etc.

    If anyone is so concerned…then learn Falconry. Anyone who shoots down a drone, in most states and municipalities, it is a violation to discharge a firearm in reckless manner or discharge one within X amount of feet of a building. Shotgun pellets do not stop midair but come down onto cars, houses, and people. Injure a neighbor and the civil court can bankrupt you; especially if someone is fool enough to use a rifle or handgun.

  7. D Hansel

    For all the people bashing drone flying over someone's house haven't seen the latest SpaceX launch of Satellites. These are the size of a loaf of bread. Their goal is to to cover the planet and take pictures each day to see any changes that are going on.
    They can focus down to an object 4" long.
    People don't have to worry about drones World Governments are watching you each day.
    Start looking for those "Stand-A-Lone" telephone poles in your neighborhood.
    They are there for 5G and have cameras on them, microphones (triangulate gun shots), WIFI harvesting information on your phone.
    We have 1,500 going up on our side of town. There is 1 every 2 blocks with fiber cable running to them.

  8. yogis Hicksville

    I'm glad you put this video out it's very education spokesman was very explainable I thank you very much for this information it gets a lot of people the right stuff to know that they're not being invaded like they think they are I have neighbors have drums and now I'll look at them a lot different thank you for the video have a great day

  9. AL Parish

    Public privacy aside, you should have the right to privacy in your own backyard. Take your drone to a public place and play to your delight. Over someone's house it deserves to be shot down.

  10. Chris Bradley

    I think we are probably genetically predisposed to aim projectiles at low flying or moving targets; my wife discharged a 410 at the dairy truck that happened to passing on one occasion a long time ago, accidentally of course. We don't have any firearms now but a drone in range must be very tempting. I can't imagine that folk would really be interested in spying on their neighbours, but what does the average pilot go looking for once they've mastered the actual flying. Quite an informative video I thought.

  11. Jon Alonzo

    It's amazing that people think they can shoot other people's shit and not get in trouble. Your shooting a firearm in public at a toy! Grow up and join the fun. Nobody is iterested in you. Just enjoying a cool hobby. I hope all you Fuckin Drone shooting DUMBASSES get what's coming to you!!!! Shoot my mine, and you'll be pulling your Gun out of your lil o Butthole!!!!! Have a good day DICKHEADS!!!!!!

  12. Tim E.

    This is a problem that would be so easy to solve I can't understand why it's not addressed: that is, to define "private property" in three-dimensions. If a person's property is defined to extend some distance into the airspace above his legal property, then any object penetrating that airspace is also subject to the same laws that pertain to an object or person that intrudes upon his property without his permission, and that person can legally apply any measures to that foreign object on, or "in" as this case may be, that local codes and ordinances allow him to apply to it.

  13. Matthew Vaughn

    9 times out of 10 the person flying the drone is flying it because it's fun or for the scenery. Nobody gives a shit about what your doing in your yard or home. No one's sitting on the other side of the camera beating off staring at you. Your just paranoid

  14. Aurelia M

    People can also spy with cell phones. I remember when camera phones started coming out. Everybody was freaking out about it. Nowadays, it's the norm, and nobody worries. People are always afraid of new technology until they get used to it.

  15. James Johnson

    look folks dont blame any tech. blame the people who will use any and every thing they can to do evil. look at the ceos of networks. how they use tv to plant images in the mine of every body. people on the internet. people in bussiness. law . finances. music. every day life. peoples influences people in their inner circle. schools. religion. jobs. positions. of power and authority.and Number one MONEY.

  16. Bow Hunter

    So, correct me if I'm wrong you " Drone People"
    If I fly my drone over my next door neighbour pool and film or photograph his 16 years old daughter sunbathing – it's legal.
    If I put ten feet high step ladder and film or photograph across the fence his 16 years old daughter sunbathing – it's illegal.
    So which one is gonna be?


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