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hi I was calling I have to schedule like my second surgery with dr. Alvarez dab screws removed out of my foot I don't really think that there has ever been anything in my entire life that I have procrastinated as much as having this second surgery on my foot for anyone watching this that doesn't know what I'm talking about I'm gonna put a picture right here and then a picture right here this is before and after I actually was it was last November I wrecked a UTV got ejected the roll cage crushed my foot I had a Liz Frank fracture and had to have an emergency surgery like three days later we're basically mid-foot and these are your metatarsals they all were broken off at the mid-foot and dislocated here they put them back into place and then they put screws in place to hold it there I've had those screws in now for you know ten months and since I'm 25 and your mid-foot doesn't flex just this way it torques a lot they said that the screws needed to come out pretty much all Liz Frank fractures have the screws removed especially for younger people so when they tell me hey you have to have another surgery to take their screws out and there's always that risk that one breaks or something happens and your foot gets broken again and you might be in a cast that's not something I want to do because I finally accepted being back to normal but my wife is persistent she's also a nurse practitioner which makes her even more persistent and the phone call you just heard was me scheduling my screw removal surgery which happens in about a month I'm not excited about it I mean but in all seriousness I am I'm pretty freaked out about it I really sleep them in I'd hurt anybody they're good screws they're nice yeah they they helped my foot back together don't you think it's a little rude of me to just take them bag out and throw them out into the wild they're friends pie don't even like them anymore they're welcome here there's gonna go back to Lowe's and ever but he's gonna make fun of them anyway we can now continue with today's adventures hey you two be good okay cool thank you our house literally looks like a bunch of amateur robbers went in there and just made a mess of things looking for the expensive stuff in reality we just have four dogs that refuse to play with one toy they have to play with 37 of them oh you know just another trip to the bank I actually do really like my bank it's like a small credit union and like I don't even have to know my account numbers all the ladies that work there know who I am and all I have to say is oh it's in my checking or to my business checking they don't ask me anything else that's pretty cool now I get to go in here and see how many things that poodles ate and/or broke while I was gone hi Joey hello big fellas who do I was going Wow nice work so that had some Captain Crunch in it a very little bit left and this was pancake mix you guys are probably never gonna guess who did that Ricky was that you did you make that mess Rudy Rudy did did you help make that mess four times is the number of times that I tried to get a poodle that was smart instead I got four absolute jerks who are only smart when they want to eat cinnamon toast crunch or pancake mix out of a container on the kitchen counter now I'm packing up to take the boat out and it's not like I'm not going out to party it's not not anything super exciting okay so here's the rundown what's going on last summer I did a media update package it was this video and photo for lakeside dock sales here in there in McHenry and I had a Western Digital hard drive that thankfully the video and the photos were in separate files and I had like four folders not Justin not just the lakeside dog sale stuff but other people's stuff it was other work for clients and thankfully the projects were already done and I didn't need to go back it but anyway the folder is corrupted and I lost all the photos for the lakeside dog sales finish the video and I talked to AJ the owner and we just said hey let's just wait till next year and once we have he has all his new docs in the water I'm gonna go around and get those and we'll be good to go and now that like the lakes calm and I can go out and not have to like fight other boats and do all that kind of stuff that's where I'm going tonight okay so I need to get all the drones and camera gear and stuff on the boat and uncovered and that's pretty boring so okay let's get out of here the most difficult thing about finding these docks is that I have street addresses and not docks so I'm gonna have to use the GPS on my phone and hopefully just be able to like figure out which ones they are I mean it is unbelievably windy out here I'm sure you can hear it in the microphone and I even have a muff over the microphone right now so but yeah the drone things not super fun right now because it's just drifting the whole time and I mean it takes a lot to get one of those to drift cuz the GPS holds them pretty still but anyway we got our first one so I'm not gonna show you every single one of these cuz I don't have time I've only got like an hour and a half left to sunlight so maybe like set up a time-lapse or something so you can see but uh yeah I got I got to get moving you so you're gonna see this in the time-lapse here's what just happened I was flying the drone and when I'm on a boat I always you're not supposed to catch them but if you catch underneath of them where the cameras are at they automatically shut themselves off I have no idea what happened and when I caught the drone it freaked out and switched itself into return-to-home mode which was like two coves over from where I was I was following the boat and it hacked the absolute crap out of my finger you'll see it on the time-lapse I had to hold it full throttle while it was spinning until the battery went dead so I didn't fly itself away I got it back I could I cleaned all the blood off the seeds because these are white seeds and there was blood all over the place I'm pretty sure my finger needs like skin glue or stitches or something I'm sorry if the audio sucks too I don't have the microphone on here what do you think man good one Heather I ruined my favorite shorts can you get blood out of these you sure we're gonna be able to get this out of these shorts I like these shorts they're gonna they're gonna kill me in here nobody cares about the well-being of me all they care about is that they get to poke me with needles you will be my favorite patient of the day look at this I think it's fine I think we just let it go seems dunking it in there young kid how bad is it gonna hurt one day thing Heather it doesn't hurt it stings for like two seconds just put your finger in there I've seen six-year-olds do this mmm it's that nasty stuff mom and grandmom used to make us do holy Heather Wow have I told you that this really hurts my finger is like cold let's take a peek hurt ain't you purple what is that well that's the glue mm-hmm there's topical skin adhesive we will turn you into Barney holy is that sting you guys really like don't tell me how bad is this do you put a finger now nobody wants to say bye to me that's fine I'll see myself thanks Shannon okay see you at home baby oh let me get my sweatshirt it's cold Heather hey sorry I break stuff all the time so I feel like I have to kind of like give you an overview and explain myself because I feel like anybody that's ever flown a drone before or people there they're gonna see this and think that you know they're I'm just gonna catch a lot of crap for this so I have to explain a little bit of what happened and also hopefully if this has ever happened to somebody else they're gonna it's gonna help them understand so there is part of this that I understand is my fault because when I fly either of my drones off of a boat I don't actually land them back on the boat one because there's not like a flat surface to land it on and two boats moving it's not level it's just not easy to do it's possible but you're just asking to like tip it over and cut the seats on a boat or slash a prop off or something when you can just grab them out of the air so the Phantom series like this one pretty simple when it comes down you grab ahold of the landing gear the props are up here spinning you catch it out away from yourself no issues shuts off games over now the inspire series is a little bit trickier because there's so much bigger and the landing gear moves and what I mean by that is these two bars here and here actually come up like this once you take off so the props are completely out of the way of the shot and when it lands they come down and you're supposed to set it down again this drone is really big and there's really nowhere to land this on a boat but if you see this area here these two things and this that's a camera and like sonar sensors that tell this drone how close it is to the ground and what I've found out and I've actually learned this from a few other people that fly and do like a lot of Lake videos is when this landing gears up out of the way you can actually grab a hold of this where the sonar camera sensors are that and the drone thinks it's on the ground it'll put the landing gear down and shut the props off no big deal I've probably done it a hundred times tonight when that happened I'm not sure why and really haven't figured haven't got a definitive answer from research online when I caught it and the landing gear started to come down I actually turn around to pick the remote control up and I heard a beep and as I looked down at the phone this was sitting on the boat seat beside me the landing gear started to go back up and the drone just went full throttle and it put itself in what's called return to home mode and that's when because the propeller had started to come down and I wasn't holding it tight because I thought everything was shutting down it's slipped up a little bit and actually leaned forward with the props and that's when it hit this finger a few times I immediately like duck to put it away from myself and switched over to the other hand because there was blood going everywhere right here is called return to home that's a button that when I drunk when I any of the DJI drones take off they mark a position on a map and mark that is the whole point and you can actually push this button if you lose sight of it or it gets away from you the remote controller goes dead whatever and it'll fly itself back to that position at a certain altitude and set down there it'll hit as close to it as it can to that point which is great because even if it would like come down a little rough or break some props or something it still at least came back and you didn't lose it I actually didn't push that button tonight and didn't put it in that mode and the battery wasn't low enough for it to go into automatic return to home so it just kind of lost its mind for a minute the scariest part was that on the screen of your phone it's you know hooked here it popped up and said do you want to cancel return to home so I hit yes to cancel so it would actually you know so it was would stop being full throttle because you have to remember the entire time this is going on I'm holding a drone in my hand that is full throttle trying to fly away from me and when I cancelled it on here nothing happened I switched over to this and push this button to cancel nothing happened I held this button to cancel I don't remember which one it is I don't ever use return-to-home I always fly it back to myself and land I tried both ways and nothing happened and I always remembered that is a latch last-ditch effort for any time that a drones doing something on its own or the GPS is like having issues these modes here on the top of this controller there's a switch here that you can see there those are different flying modes the one that I fly in all the time is the letter P I don't remember what that stands for but that's like the GPS mode where if I let go of the sticks it hovers itself it uses GPS signal the next one over is called Adi mode which shuts off like all GPS and you're just free flying like you're completely controlling everything which is what everybody on all the forums will say to do if something is going wrong with the GPS is to go into Adi mode and take over complete control and fly it back to yourself which in essence should have turned off the return to home mode and it didn't I flicked into every mode I tried pushing the button I tried turning it off on the screen I ended up completely giving up and I had to hold this drone going full throttle away from myself while I went up to the front of my boat and pulled a towel out from under the seat because there was just blood going everywhere out of my finger and I actually just ended up holding it until the battery was dead I understand that you shouldn't try to catch these things out of the air but if anybody's ever done this off a boat it's pretty much your only option so I mean yeah and it's just a good reminder of how dangerous these things really are as smart as they make them they can still have these little quirks I dunno there's like a firmware update available that mine doesn't have on it yet but I don't think that should be so severe it shouldn't be something that bad I'll let you know once I figure anything out or if I ever do find out what happened but it's scary it's a little it makes me uneasy but anyway I feel like I had to explain that sorry I rambled for like 7 minutes but yeah there you there you go that's what happened I mean if you have all these things be safe because they're dangerous you know you these aren't toys that's what I'm trying to say and I already knew that and I'd always have respected them and don't do dumb things and even you don't do dumb things bad things and so happen thankfully there wasn't anyone around nobody got hurt it was just my finger but yeah if you're a kid that watches this and flies around be careful they are not toys there are a lot of fun but they aren't toys

VLOG #43 – Recorded September 8, 2016




Somewhat Complete Gear List (Not every one is used every time, but this is a common question so here is full list of main stuff)

Panasonic GH4 –
Canon 5D Mark III –
Canon 7D Mark II –
Canon T4i –
Canon 70D –
Sony A7s –
GoPro Hero4 Black –
GoPro Hero4 Silver –
GoPro Hero Session –
DJI Inspire 1 –
DJI Phantom 4 –

Canon F/4 70-200mm –
Canon F/4 24-70mm –
Canon F/4 17-40mm –
Panasonic F/2.8 12-35mm –
Rokinon Cine 35mm –
Rokinon Cine 85mm –

Microphones & Audio:
Rode VideoMic Compact –
Rode VideoMic Pro –
Rode NTG2 –
Tascam DR-60MKII Recorder –

Benro S6 –
Benro Legs –
Manfrotto 502 Video Head –

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