Drones in the sky. Gaza. The sound of terror 2

I took this video during last Israeli military operation called “Pillar of Cloud” (14-21 November 2012).
This is the sound of the drones. It is possible to hear also some explosions.
During that period drones were flying 24 hours every day.

26 comments on “Drones in the sky. Gaza. The sound of terror 2

  1. Amber Metz

    Hi Rosa ~ May I also use this audio in an art installation about drone warfare. I want to bring awareness to U.S. people about the anxiety and hardship this is causing to many families in countries far away. I don't think people realize the impact and I feel a strong urge to share the things I've learned.

  2. Mookron

    Hi Rosa

    We are putting on an event at University of Sussex in which we are analysing from a decolonial perspective the relationship between sound and war. Would you mind us making use of this recording?

    Best wishes

    Malcolm James

  3. Cheri Jacobs

    Thanks for posting Truth. Let's pick a day for National Protest Against Military Drones and stick to the date and organize.  Who's In?  The President just killed more good people and more Americans with them.  The US. is operating outside of the Constitution now and we must Unite for Liberty and to Save the Grand Experiment called the Constitution.

  4. MrChanakkale

    …ad esempio bush negli usa è stato eletto 2 volte….
    l'arabia saudita, come legge dello stato, ha la legge coranica però nè israele nè gli usa hanno mai protestato per questo, anzi ci fanno dei grossi affari.
    go figure…..

  5. Montium Custos

    again beside the point. the world was very much in disapproval of Berlusconi too, which does not mean he wasn't elected (god knows why you crazy Italians 😉 ; and regarding UN-Israel stuff, oh dont get me started. more often than not a coalition of the worlds juntas and dictators forms a majority at condemning israel and propping up their buddies. Iran is in the UNHRC, go figure…

  6. MrChanakkale

    …rimane un fatto…
    il 28 novembre 2012 all'ONU c'è stato un voto chiaro che ha messo Israele di fronte al fatto che il mondo, tranne pochi paesi, si è stufato della politica unilaterale di israele nell'area.
    …forse si dovrebbe riflettere di più su quel voto…..

  7. Montium Custos

    my point was: their going to war does not imply they are no democracy. you may very well disapprove of israeli military action per se, but that is another thing from them being a demcracy.

  8. MrChanakkale

    …in realtà è anche peggio….
    tempo fa un ministro degli esteri israeliano disse che è giusto usare la forza perchè lo dice la bibbia.
    se un'affermazione del genere la facesse qualcun altro cosa diresti?
    ti pare abbastanza impeccabile come logica?


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