Dropping Dangerous Drones Out Of The Sky

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for just eight hundred dollars you can buy a drone with an incredible camera and fly it just about anywhere sounds like a good deal but in the wrong hands it can be deadly and destructive Isis has been using commercial drones to drop small IEDs on our troops and cartels they're using them to smuggle drugs but a local company has developed game-changing technology that for a lack of a better word acts like a drone killer who knew this little device could be such a problem paratis but this little box may be the answer to the problem and it made its official debut today in front of Border Patrol agents Coast Guard Special Operations and congressman Duncan Hunter who was very concerned about drug cartels using drones to fly drugs over the border or to spy on Border Patrol agents for human trafficking or patrols just watching them Citadel changes that Border Patrol would no longer have to spot criminal drones with the human eye the technology in this little box isolates and detects them through wireless frequency think of it like a citadel an invisible fortress in the air for thousands years we've built walls bridges and moats and fences but we haven't really thought about the air that changes with this system this at least lets you know that there's a drone in the air and it'll stop it from getting close Meiji and his team demonstrated how citadel's technology works we had an enemy drone take off about five football fields away and fly towards us this little device scans for wireless frequencies and can identify an enemy drone before it reaches its target undetected when the drone is about a football field and a half away from us it's transmission is interrupted by the Citadelle device the screen goes black for a second and a weak transmission signal pops up within seconds the drone is completely confused and returns home this demonstration for the congressman was more than about border security this is about national security this technology is being used right now by our Special Operations teams overseas Isis is using commercial drones to try and drop small bombs on our troops in Afghanistan and Syria a lot of the people you talk to in the military will save the commercial off-the-shelf drone problem has totally changed the equation of fighting on the ground now apply this technology for other uses a drone flying over a stadium full of fans can be a deadly terrorist threat or a wildfire aircraft can't fly if someone is using commercial drones to take video over that fire Citadel technology can take those drones down and that billion-dollar border wall president Trump wants to build cartels are already using these drones to fly drugs over the border no wall is high enough to stop one you have to make sure you layer on the technology solutions along with the physical solutions if you're going to really have a secure wall right now the FAA considers a commercial drone an aircraft because of that Citadel's technology can only send the drone back where it came from it is illegal to capture or drop it out of the sky Hunter would like to change that law to protect our troops our border security and law enforcement in an emergency

Fortress In The Air

1 comment on “Dropping Dangerous Drones Out Of The Sky

  1. Michael Tennyson

    This is a good start but you need to be proactive and stay ahead of the game with AI drones that are armed to defend themselves against enemy drones with light weight lasers and even a small missile with explosive tip. And a location beacon if their ever shot down for easy retrieval to determine cause etc. They should include night vision, infra-red and heat detection capabilities for working in various situations! Drone technologies is an up and coming field that needs to be utilized now! It's almost like we're afraid to send out our six million dollar man because we're afraid he might hurt someone! Yet when technology is used properly it is for the good of the all people as it provides a standard of high level security at a fraction of the cost while doing a job on several fronts all at the same time! We need to apply the military ideal of keeping it simple yet utilize the concepts of specializing over a broad spectrum of both security and safety concerns! And while air drones are very useful as far as they go we also need ground deployed drones to cover some areas that men and vehicles are not capable of traversing for various reasons! We will still need operators to help guide and advise those drones and/or update their missions from time to time as well as maintenance people to keep the drones in tip top shape, and specialists to help continue to work out any bugs and refine our drones into more cost effective tools, making this a priority matter that congress needs to take a long, well not too long, look at! Get the lead out people because those who are not for America are against her, and an America divided will not stand! Lets make our forefathers proud! And our Lord God Glorified in our being all that we can be as his children and followers of the good! And lets take that good and spread across the globe to all four corners in order that truth justice and freedom might be the staple of all peoples every wheres!


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