EMAX drones don’t like me… EMAX BabyHawk-R Review and First Flights

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I don’t know why EMAX drones don’t like me. I had a lot of problems with the original BabyHawk. I didn’t necessarily have problems with the BabyHawk-R, but I could barely get in the air and it was time to land again because the battery was dead. I have some new GNB batteries on the way that will hopefully perform much better for me.

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21 comments on “EMAX drones don’t like me… EMAX BabyHawk-R Review and First Flights

  1. James Swanson

    Here's a possibility of why your batteries weren't working. How cold was it outside? That can have a tremendous affect on the battery. I'm sure you know that already but just thought I'd throw it out there.

  2. Bobby Fillettcky

    At binding process why is need to have some consumer connected, like this light bulb is? So it's not O.K. to connect drone directly to battery?

    Why is also important to set it flip over after crash?

    I'm asking this for common not just at this drone. Thank you. (Y)

  3. Jan Domingo

    I see in your receiver tab the low stick, mid, and high threshold are 1000, 1500, 2000. Normally its 1050/1100, 1500 and 1900. Does it make a difference? I usually have the normal.

  4. JohnnyD RC

    GNB are the best batteries in my mind but like we say it's our perspective , I have 2 3s 550mah and a 3s 850mah on my massive droner and there GREAT, GREAT VIDEO, THANK YOU JohnnyD RC

  5. Tims fpv

    I hate that you had problems with yours bud. Mine is a 3" but I'm getting 3 and a half minutes on a tatu 450 4's and I'm not a racer but I stay in the throttle. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the flight controller or escs or something


    You aren't getting full potential out of your batteries. You are landing way short of there limit. You can run them down to 3.0V per cell under load and they will rebound back to a resting voltage around 3.5V. Under load the voltage usually sags about .4-.5V per cell. So if you ran it out more you maybe would have gotten about a 2 min flight which still seems kind of short.


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