Epstein's Pedophile Island, Little St. James USVI Drone July 2019 3 (2/2)

Part 1/2 @
Drone over Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, USVI 7/11/2019
How’s it feel being the one inside the cage?
Hang ’em ALL.


Updated(ing) drone & camera photo drive dump, including boots on ground & branson’s Necker Island (later – bandwidth)


The Truth will set (you) Free.

49 comments on “Epstein's Pedophile Island, Little St. James USVI Drone July 2019 3 (2/2)

  1. valcaron

    I thought pagan temples were supposed to have amazingly intricate architecture, and yet whoever designed this was just some lazy modern-art slob who lacks the imagination to make anything without bland 90-degree angles everywhere.

  2. Nate Cochrane

    His initials are by the door, just like at his apartment in Manhattan. He obviously knows What his initials are so what will be the purpose of having them displayed on places that he owns and or lives? Maybe as a sign to other people who are involved in the same things?

  3. YaGirl Cherry

    Has anyone worked the numerology and symbolism yet? If like to see, if anyone does it would you kindly link it here? Thanks. I just noticed some stuff with the numbers of stripes on the temple, and palms around it. All 7 plus there’s more but I’d like to hear an analysis from a pro.

  4. Soul Shine

    Great video! thanks for sharing. When I looked through your footage from the Island, I don't know why I couldn't stop thinking about the movie "The Hunger Game"?! It wouldn't surprise me if they had such sick games going on.


    Did you know the writing on the ground around first building is enochian ? Crazy supernatural stuff there buddy ! Plus he was hung correct but after he was strangled and choked out!

  6. Alejandro Gonzalez

    So these people follow a really freaky religion and the get off of raping little girls (and boys surely) and sacrificing them??? Why do they even like this kinda stuff??? I mean whats the point?

  7. ObamaReally Suucks

    you can see the scaffolding and step ladders and Painters Cloth through the windows.
    Got to make sure all that SEMEN and DNA is removed and painted over.
    As the FBI watches over the workers.
    Thank You, Rusty


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