F/A-18F Super Hornet Flight Simulator

my name is Nicolas tavern I'm here because I won the competition to fly an FAA team simulator at roughly assembly I won the competition by going on the defense jobs website and I saw a competition and I entered it and I just told them why I think I should win it in 50 words or less and I won I'm – one minute Steve Florentin of an ACO and six crew namely with the super hot vixen Stauffer pretty much a general overview of what the super one can do so we'll go through the systems that carries basically how we operate the aircraft and then it will pretty much be operating the aircraft itself like I'm from England a few circuits and landings that annually as well as general area familiarization trim Brisbane the Gold Coast area and we'll go through some of the profiles and techniques that we use operate a new company I've always only become a pilot because you just often the end you're afraid you just you can do whatever you want up there is it's just great well I think you can expect to get a pretty good understanding what the aircraft is capable of and how we operate that aircraft both the other front and back seat when the pilot an ACO and I think you should be able to get a pretty good feel of how the aircraft flies and you should get over at the appropriate proficiently by the best thing and I think you did really well he lost Hamas or he was landing on the aircraft carrier so that was pretty good flying from what I could see Cindy flying the aircraft well and you pretty much navigate his way around Brisbane and Gold Coast quite well this is the best experience of my life it was awesome fun and I've aware of tapes about the fa-18 so he's a certificate for you to say that you successfully flew the Australian super hornet simulator on the 5th of May so well done thank all yours I feel really good because it's my dream to do this and when I get older and I can do it now and it's really good

Nik was a lucky winner of Air Force’s 2011 radio and online competition where he took the controls of the F/A-18 Super Hornet Flight Simulator for himself and received 15 hours of private flying lessons.
Nik lives on the Gold Coast, in the simulator he was able to fly from Brisbane down to surfer’s paradise and manoeuvred through the gold coast hinterlands.
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