F15 Elves Micro Training Drone Flight Test Review

This inexpensive little indoor/outdoor drone is an excellent flier, and great as a first learn to fly drone. Find it here and use coupon code rc18off to get it 18% off

– It’s cheap
– Very well protected propellers.
– Very good flier, stable at low rate, yet maneuverable and sporty in high rate.
– Automatic takeoff, landing, altitude hold, and headless mode.

– Descends slowly. Beginners, don’t send this up high.

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10 comments on “F15 Elves Micro Training Drone Flight Test Review

  1. CRYSTAL lensed

    no it is not my first drone to fly I want gopro drone can this drone is good for gopro or not.But I have seen that mgx is not only company to make bugs 3 becoz I have seen drocon,each ine also make bugs3 so which is suitable mgx or eachine or drocon and which company to first make bugs3

  2. Bill Somrak

    Pretty decent for a $15 quad. Much better for beginners than learning on a nano, like the CX10, as this is more stable and not as squirrelly. Not sure the altitude hold is a benefit, or 'headless mode', since those are crutches which should be avoided if you really want to learn how to fly. But, it is what it is, and it will occupy a kid for a few minutes. Doesn't look like you can replace the battery with another charged one, so, depending on your USB charging source, you're looking at 30-60 minutes between flights (which is why I like replaceable non-proprietary batteries). There are a lot of little brushed 'tiny whoop' clones out there which are of similar price and have replaceable non-proprietary batteries .. they would make good stocking stuffers as well (Perhaps not the "Santa Whoop" .. which would drive any adult bonkers after having to listen to that tinny Christmas music for hours on end). When I see the cost of these decent flying quads at $15, and remember what I paid for a Heli-Max 1SQ (which was basically in Acro mode micro with variable rates) .. I think over $100 at the time .. its amazing. These are good times for the hobby. Thanks for the review. Cheers.


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